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How to Make a Greeting Card [10+ Templates]

Greeting cards are illustrated cards with seasonal or personal greetings. Creating your own personalized greeting card, whether to give as a close friend or to give to business partners and clients, is a sure way to have you remembered. Creating a customized greeting card is easier than you think. Greeting card templates make the job even easier. This article provides you the easy-to-follow steps in making your own personalized greeting card.

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6 Steps on How to Make a Greeting Card

Step 1: Know the Theme

Knowing the reason for making the greeting card is important. Is it a birthday greeting card? Is it a holiday greeting card? Everyone likes receiving greeting cards, but getting one out of season or for the wrong reason just feels weird for both the sender and the recipient.

Step 2: Choose your Color Scheme

Color is important. You will find that you can say things with color and shapes that you can quite say any other way. Choosing a color scheme that matches with your theme makes your greeting card more visually appealing. Make sure that your colors scheme does not clash with any image you may or may not add into your greeting card. Holiday greeting cards typically go with red and green. Wedding greeting cards usually go with white or soft colors. You get the idea. Just make sure it matches the theme.

Step 3: Prepare a Quote or Saying

The best part of the greeting card, at least in my opinion, is the cheesy greeting or the creative play on words. This is usually the main attraction for most greeting cards. Adding your own saying or something you are known will make the greeting card feel more personal.

Step 4: Create a Personalized Message

Personalizing a message for the recipient makes the greeting card feel extra special. Find a little space for a few lines you can write for the intended recipient. This does not have to be too long. A few lines goes a long way.

Step 5: Choose the Material for the Greeting Card

Choosing the right material to use for your greeting card is important. This will affect the overall outcome of your greeting card. Depending on the cardboard stock or paper type you use, the images and colors may vary.

Step 6: Test Print your Greeting Card

Always test print your greeting cards before sending them out. Colors and images will vary slightly depending on your materials used. Images may not look too good when printed, and colors may have a different hue once printed. This way you have a chance to make changes if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

10+ Greeting Card Templates

1. SEO Greeting Card Template


Here is an easy to edit greeting card template primarily aimed for use of an SEO company. Download this template and have an easy time making your personalized greeting card for friends, clients, and business associates. Professionally designed to make your greeting card look at its best.

2. Travel Agency Greeting Card Example


Show your clients that you remember them by sending them a greeting card this holiday. Running a travel agency can be tough. And it is important to remember your clients. Show them how much they mean to you by sending them a personalized holiday greeting card. This professionally designed card is sure to meet all the high standards you look for in a greeting card.

3. Advertising Agency Greeting Card


Celebrate the holidays by remembering everyone who helped you get to where you are. As an advertising company, it is important for you to constantly advertise. What better way than to send your own customized holiday greeting card! Use this quick and easy-to-edit holiday greeting card template to make sure that all your greeting cards look both stylish and professional.

4. Birthday Greeting Card Template


Nothing says happy birthday like a birthday greeting card! Remind your loved ones that you are there wishing them well and happy birthday by sending them a personalized birthday greeting card. Enjoy this fun and colorful template and watch as they glow in admiration when they receive it.

5. Blank Greeting Card Template


Enjoy this sleek and elegant design in the creation of your greeting card. This blank greeting card design template allows you to use it for any and all occasions. Need it for a birthday? No problem. Need it as a congratulatory greeting card? We have your back. Enjoy making all the greeting cards you could ever want to make!

6. Creative Agency Greeting Card


Show off your skill and flair by sending out creative holiday greeting cards during the holidays! As a creative company, people are sure to expect a great deal of creativity from any and all products you create. Show off that skill as well in your company holiday greeting cards! This template boasts a cool design that is quick to change however you like!

7. Congratulations Greeting Card


Send your congratulations in a cool way with your own customized congratulatory greeting card! Use this template to send your congratulations to your friends and loved ones. Customize your template to match any and all occasions! This template design was designed to fit any and all occasions where congratulations are in order.

8. Photo Greeting Card Template


We all know a picture paints a thousand words. Use your collection of pictures of friends and loved ones and use them as a greeting card for any occasion. Reminisce together as you and the recipient both take a trip down memory lane and remember all the memories that you shared through the years.

9. Marriage Greeting Card Example


Congratulate the newlyweds by sending them a marriage greeting card! Take the extra mile and send them a customized marriage greeting card using this marriage greeting card. Sweet, simple, and direct to the point. This template will allow you to send the greeting card that you think best shows them how much you care!

10. Holiday Greeting Photo Card Design


Send your seasons greeting with this sleek and cool design. We all know that the holidays are when people send each other holiday greeting cards, so why not do it with style? Use this holiday template and show your friends, family, and even your colleagues just how creative you can be!

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