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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Steps To Make a Postcard
  2. 10+ Postcard Templates
  3. 1. Photography Postcard Template
  4. 2. SEO Postcard Template
  5. 3. Small Business Postcard Template
  6. 4. Social Media Marketing Postcard Template
  7. 5. Beach Wedding Postcard Template
  8. 6. Garden Wedding Postcard Template
  9. 7. Restaurant Postcard Template
  10. 8. Carpet Cleaning Postcard Template
  11. 9. Save the Date Postcard Invitation Template
  12. 10. Sample Postcard Template
  13. Free Education Postcard Template

How to Make a Postcard [10+ Templates]

Postcards can be a novel addition to any print advertising campaign. So if you are an entrepreneur, marketing manager, or crafter, this short guide can help you learn how to create compelling and aesthetically pleasing postcards. Multiple downloadable postcard templates are also curated below.

5 Steps To Make a Postcard

Are you ready to start making your own postcards? We have prepared a step by step postcard-making guide below that you can follow to create different kinds of postcards. Study the steps diligently so that you will have an easier time making your own postcards soon.

Step 1: Choose a card theme.

First, you must choose the main design theme or motif for your postcard. Card design themes can range from simple classic postcard design themes to elegant floral event planner postcard template motifs.

Step 2: Compile image and formatting elements.

After that, choose and download the images, font styles, background colors, and branding elements (like a business logo or letterhead design) that you want to add to your own postcard designs. Make sure that all these visual elements are sourced legally. Then, save all these files in one folder for easy retrieval later on.

Step 3: Choose the layout format.

Next, decide on a layout design or formatting style. Most often, an organized layout works best as it allows you to present information without overwhelming the reader.

Step 4: Use a printable postcard template.

If you do not have the time or the skills to make your own postcard designs, you may resort to using printable postcard templates instead (a few downloadable templates are included in the article below.) Each printable template is pre-formatted with text and image placeholders, layout design, and other style elements needed to create a postcard. Edit each template according to your preferences and business needs.

Step 5: Print on high-quality paper.

After editing a printable template or after you have created your own customized postcard design, it is time to print out these graphics templates. You may use your own printer or you may also take the template file to your local printing shop.

Follow all these steps diligently and you will have your own unique personal or business postcard designs soon.

10+ Postcard Templates

Take a look and be inspired by each postcard template embedded below. Each postcard template is available in multiple file download formats like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Illustrator.

1. Photography Postcard Template

photography postcard template Download Now

Do you own a photography studio or do you freelance as a photographer? If yes, check out the Photography Postcard Template (pictured above). With this printable template, you can include a copy of your own work and other business details. Once printed, it can be mailed out to customers or given as a souvenir for walk-in clients.

2. SEO Postcard Template

seo postcard template Download Now

As its name implies, the SEO Postcard Template (shown above) is specifically created for digital marketers and their respective marketing agencies. To make this an even more effective direct mail marketing material, make sure that you include an accurate list of the different SEO services that your firm offers combined with an engaging call to action.

3. Small Business Postcard Template

small business postcard template Download Now

Choose the Small Business Postcard Template (featured above) if you are operating any kind of small or medium business enterprise. As an editable blank printable postcard template, you may easily change the branding elements and text placeholders with information that is relevant to your brand.

4. Social Media Marketing Postcard Template

social media marketing postcard template Download Now

Advertising a digital marketing service can be more effective if you use traditional methods to target new and small businesses. With the Social Media Marketing Postcard Template (shown above), you can easily promote any social media marketing services that you offer. After printing, this marketing postcard can be mailed out to potential clients or they may be distributed personally.

5. Beach Wedding Postcard Template

beach wedding postcard template Download Now

Planning a summer or beach wedding? Check out the Beach Wedding Postcard Template (embedded above) and you will find another thing to include in your wedding stationery set. A wedding postcard can be used as a wedding invitation or as a wedding thank you postcard.

6. Garden Wedding Postcard Template

garden wedding postcard template Download Now

Make any wedding event more memorable by using matching wedding stationery designs. The Garden Wedding Postcard Template (pictured above) is best used together with the entire garden wedding invitation suite. This customizable wedding postcard template is available in different file formats like Microsoft Word, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

7. Restaurant Postcard Template

restaurant postcard template Download Now

Restaurant marketing is made easier thanks to the pre-made templates like the Restaurant Postcard Template (featured above). When editing this simple small business postcard template, always remember to add your own restaurant logo or letterhead design as they can help increase brand awareness.

8. Carpet Cleaning Postcard Template

carpet cleaning postcard template Download Now

When you operate a housecleaning service, the only mark that you should leave is the mark of excellent service. A perfect way to do that is through the use of business services postcards. Use the Carpet Cleaning Postcard Template Design (embedded above) and fill it with accurate business contact information so that your customers can easily book another cleaning appointment with your company.

9. Save the Date Postcard Invitation Template

postcard save the date invitation template Download Now

Select the Save the Date Postcard Invitation Template (featured above) if you prefer a simple wedding invitation card. Personalize this card template however way you want. Just make sure that you include all the necessary details for your upcoming wedding ceremony.

10. Sample Postcard Template

sample postcard template Download Now

Free Education Postcard Template

free education postcard template

Need a minimalist postcard design? Try out the Sample Postcard Template (shown above). This template is best printed on paper or cardstock measuring 6 inches by 4 inches. You may also add your own images or photos on one side of the card. Also, don’t forget to add the correct mailing markings on the postage side of the postcard.

Fashion retailers and marketers will adore the Fashion Postcard Template (pictured above). This postcard template comes with three different layout designs. Each template variation features a modern and sophisticated design that will work well with high-end fashion brands who wish to expand their print marketing campaigns.

Have you chosen which postcard template design you like best? We hope you have. This way, you can now start creating/customizing your own template designs according to the set of postcard-making steps we’ve shared earlier. To take a look at more postcard templates and designs, check out the rest of our website.

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