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Whatever the situation, loyalty always needs to be earned. It may be proven to be difficult to do so, but the tremendous feeling of having the loyalty of and being loyal to someone or something is incomparable. The same thing goes for any business. Business owners feel overwhelmingly satisfied if they have loyal customers. It assures a steady flow of profit from a certain group of customers. With that said, as the business owner, giving out a loyalty sample card Templates will make your customers feel that their patronage is well appreciated.

The loyalty card is a symbol of a customer\’s loyalty towards a certain brand and it acts as an incentive to reward your customer\’s patronage. It is also a fantastic way to improve the sales and works well as an effective marketing tool to spread the word about your brand. Since it is a marketing tool, it is expected that its design is worthy to be presented to your loyal customers. These special customers should need to have loyalty cards befitting their patronage. So, if you are looking for loyalty card designs and templates, then you have come to the right place.

Loyalty Card Template

loyalty card template
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Loyalty VIP Invitation Card Template

loyalty vip invitation card template
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Elegant Loyalty/VIP Invitation Card Template

elegant loyalty vip invitation card template
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Beauty Loyalty card Template

beauty loyalty card template
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We have collected a wide variety of loyalty cards with designs that are impressively creative and beautiful. Read on to go over each loyalty card template and to know more about the benefits of having a loyalty program for your business.

Customer Loyalty Card Template

customer loyalty card template
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Salad Restaurant Loyalty Card Template

salad restaurant loyalty card 788x

Vintage Loyalty Card Template

vintage loyalty card

Beauty & Fashion Loyalty Card Template

beauty and fashion loyalty card

Benefits of Having a Loyalty Program for Your Business

Loyalty programs are popping up everywhere, and it\’s happening because business owners understand how crucial it is to retain customers and increase customer loyalty. The mechanics are different for every business, but they are essentially a marketing system that aims to give the customers incentives and rewards for their loyalty. You may also see invitation card designs

An example of a loyalty program is the points system. A customer is offered a points card, and once a certain number of points is accumulated, the card can then be used to exchange the points into something of equivalence within the store. The equivalence may be that of an item or service; it depends on what the company offers. As the accumulated points get higher, the rewards also increase in value. You may also like debit card designs.

loyalty card 788x

Implementing a loyalty program may cost you the resources that you have allocated for other business matters, but it certainly will reap benefits in the long run. Here are some of the benefits:

1. It Reinforces the Connection Between You and Your Existing Customers

Most people misunderstand the concept of loyalty programs. They are usually deemed as expensive, which is true if you don\’t count having to pursue new customers instead of keeping existing ones. The benefits that come with this system are often overlooked and ignored. You may also check out discover card designs

Knowing that customers want to save money makes it more reasonable to implement the spend-a-dollar, earn-a-point system of a loyalty program. The reward that comes with the points is also what makes the customers want to purchase more of your products, especially when the rewards are collectables or limited editions. But, there is so much more to loyalty cards than just a simple reward system. You may also see premium business card template designs

What shoppers want more than monetary benefits is the recognition that they get from the brands that they are loyal to. To make them feel special and to make sure that they remain your loyal patrons, why not give them something exclusive or something more personalized? It could be anything as long as it came from your brand. Let them inside the circle of your brand. Let them ba part of your story. You may also like creative greeting card designs

There are other ways in which your customers can gain points, such as sharing information about your brand on social media; inviting their friends to purchase from you or visit your store; or participating in contests held by your company. This increases awareness which in turn results in brand awareness. It\’s always a give-and-take, regardless of whatever relationship that you are in. Your customers promote your brand and increase its visibility, and in return, you give them points.

Cafe Loyalty Card Template

cafe loyalty card 788x

Modern Watercolor Blot Loyalty Card Template

modern watercolor blot loyalty card

Multipurpose Loyalty Card Template

multipurpose loyalty card e

VIP Loyalty Card Template

vip loyalty card 788x

2. It Helps Increase Your Sales

Improving customer retention and providing incentives for your customers to buy are some of the purposes of a loyalty program. To draw in customers and encouraging them to keep coming back to your brand (and keep spending money), you should give them incentives that are in tune with what they want. Know what they are interested in and try to incorporate that into your rewards. The more you know, the more you gain. You may also see corporate business card templates

There is only a small number of customers that are loyal to a single brand. But in terms of statistics, no matter how meager the percentage is, a customer\’s loyalty brings half of the sales. This small percentage of customers who bring in half of your sales should be nurtured and appreciated. You should think of a method that will strengthen your relationship with them so they would stay loyal to your business. Aside from taking care of the reoccurring customers, you should also find ways that will help you convert normal customers into loyal patrons. The more you convert, the more money comes in. You may also like Creative ID Card Designs

3. It Lures New Customers

There\’s a certain amount of simple budget that goes to attracting new customers, like promoting through traditional marketing tactics. Although this method isn\’t obsolete, have you thought of what would happen if you take a bit of your budget allocated for these traditional methods and realign them for the loyalty programs instead? The rewards of keeping your reoccurring customers are significantly better for your business than to spend so much on getting new customers.

A Brand Loyalty general survey conducted by ClickFox arrived garnered results that 63% of the consumers feel like the brands aren\’t doing much to rewards them for the patronage, which increases the chance of customers changing their purchase habits that eventually leads to subjecting their loyalty to another brand. To ameliorate this dilemma, you should find ways that would make your customers stay and make them feel like you care for them. As you start to strengthen these current relationships, not only will it give your existing customers a reason to stay but it will also give new customers a reason to come back. Everyone will be happy with this, right?

4. It Increases Product Awareness

Loyalty card programs can be a great way to increase your product awareness. It might encourage customers to try something new by simply offering them the chance to get one for free. For example, if you ran a fast food chain, you could offer one of your tasty burgers for free with every 5 stamps (1 burger =1 stamp). Customers might love the burgers so much, they’ll purchase them next time they come in for a meal. Changing the reward every now and then keeps things fresh and increases knowledge of your products.

5. It Increases Reach

Loyal customers who enjoy your rewards might encourage their family and friends to join in. You could encourage ‘recommendations’ by offering special discounts or extras for loyal customers. For example – recommend a friend and get an extra stamp on your card. This method creates a network of new customers that might have the potential to be loyal ones. You may also check out cool business cards

6. It Makes People Happy and Valued

Who doesn\’t want to be recognized and appreciated for being loyal? Loyalty card programs are excellent for making a customer feel important and relevant. Customer happiness is important as it keeps them coming back for more and telling their friends and family. You put up your business putting in mind making your customers satisfied of your products and services, aside from gaining profit, of course. A personal connection between your business and the customers will create greater opportunities for both of you in the future. You may also see beautiful greeting card designs

Corporate Loyalty Card Template

corporate loyalty card 788x

Sushi Restaurant Loyalty Card Template

sushi restaurant loyalty card 788x

Gold Heart Loyalty Card Template

gold heart loyalty card

Pizza Restaurant Loyalty Card Template

pizza restaurant loyalty card 788x

Oktoberfest Loyalty Card Template

oktoberfest loyalty card

Cupcake Cafe Loyalty Card Template

cupcake cafe loyalty card 788x

Coffee Addict Loyalty Card Template

coffee addict loyalty card 788x

The Main Types of Loyalty Programs

Are you planning to start a loyalty program for your business but you don\’t know where to start? You need to first familiarize yourself with the different types of loyalty programs that are commonly used by most businesses. Each of the loyalty programs has its pros and cons that will help you decide which program you are going to implement for your business. You may also see sleek business card designs & templates

1. Rebate/Cash Back Program

After reaching the limit of a set amount or a certain amount of time, rebate programs allow your customers to earn money back from their prior purchases and redeem them. The rebate is often a percentage of the total purchases within a period of time. This is usually done in some form of a gift certificate in order to bring customers back into the store, but can also be in the form of cash.


  • It is usually very simple to comprehend and elaborate.
  • If it is in the form of simple gift certificates, it gives customers a reason to come back.
  • Customers often feel like they are getting value from their purchases.


  • Customers will not feel instant gratification.
  • It can sometimes be expensive.
  • Its appeal may not lure infrequent customers.

2. Discount Program

A discount program allows the customers to purchase something with a certain percentage or amount off its original price. This can apply to a specific product or an entire purchase. This program usually applies instant benefits to customers during check out.


  • Customers will feel instant gratification.
  • It makes things easy for customers.
  • It is easy for businesses.


  • It gives the meaning that the regular prices of the items are too high and it lowers the value of the product.
  • It gives infrequent shoppers rewards.
  • Gives away margin.

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3. Frequency/Club or Punch Card Programs

The “buy 10 and get the 11th one free” is a program that everyone is familiar with. Many businesses still use the paper punch card process for this type of loyalty marketing program. The pros and cons include:


  • It allows the customers to easily understand the program.
  • It\’s cheap; you can just print the card and hand them out to your customers.


  • This is sometimes prone to fraud, like people cheating their way by stamping more than what they have purchased.
  • Customers will always have to carry the card.
  • It doesn\’t contain any information about the customer.
  • It doesn\’t help in tracking how much the customers spend with you or if the other items have already been purchased.

You can eliminate the risk of fraud by using a loyalty software for your frequency/club program. Also, this allows you to capture the information about a customer so that you can send texts or emails to get them back to the store. There are some cases in which you can implement a frequency/club program and still track total purchases so that you know who your best customers are. You may also check out photography business Cards

4. Points Program

This is the most common points program that businesses implement. For this program, points are used as currency in order for customers to keep track of their rewards. Customers usually earn points based on the amount they spend with the company.


  • It\’s a simple program that customers can easily understand.
  • It allows you to avoid discounting the prices.


  • Customers will not feel instant gratification.
  • Customers may need to be reminded of their status in the program.

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Cute Eyelashes Loyalty Card Template

cute eyelashes loyalty card

Professional Loyalty Card Template

professional loyalty card 788x

Restaurant Loyalty Card Template

restaurant loyalty card 788x

Black & White Beauty Loyalty Card Template

black and white loyalty card

Car Wash Loyalty Card Template

car wash loyalty card e

Elegant Typography Loyalty Card Template

elegant typography loyalty card

Simple Dark Loyalty Card Template

simple dark loyalty card

5. Loyalty Programs in General

Loyalty programs are indeed saviors of the business. But, if you are still confused as to which program you are going to use, there is an option of using some combination of all these three of the loyalty programs presented above. And as with everything in business, these loyalty programs have their pros and cons.


  • They allow you to collect information about your customer in which you can utilize for promotional opportunities.
  • They can all be measured in terms of success and real results.
  • Implementing these programs are fairly easy to do.
  • They all give customers a reason to keep coming back.
  • They make the customers feel appreciated for their patronage.


  • They will take you so much time and commitment to implement them well.
  • Your loyalty program is prone to be copied by your competition.

We now know enough about the loyalty programs, but what about its design?

Choose the Premade Loyalty Cards for Your Business

In creating a loyalty card, you should make it a point to give it the best design suited for you. But that doesn\’t mean that information is a priority second to the design; there should still be a balance between both aspects of the loyalty card. It\’s just that the design is what strikes customers first. If you put yourself in your customer\’s shoes, you would also want your loyalty cards to be stunningly attractive. You may also see visiting card template

Choose any premade loyalty cards that we have presented above. They are of standard (or higher) quality compared to everything else on the internet, so you don\’t have to worry about getting a crappy one from this list. Take your time in deciding on the final design. Remember, your loyalty card represents you and your company. A negative impression will cost you your customers. So, go over each template and carefully inspect every aspect of it. You may also like wooden business card designs

Thank you for taking your time in viewing this article. If you think this was helpful in some way, kindly share this with other people who you think are in need of some guidance for implementing a loyalty program. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and may business be successful! Good luck!

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