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5+ New Address Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

Our house is temporary and there may be instances that we need to move out due to safety concerns, financial instability, or an entirely different reason. Moving into a new home means you are going to have a new address. Obtaining a new address entails changes in your contact details on your business card, personal records, medical records, and other important documents that need to be updated. But other than updating the documents, you should also notify your family and friends so they can visit you in your new home.

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Use a new address postcard to tell people close to you about the location of your new home. If you want things to be easy, check out our curated list of the templates of this postcard that you will definitely want to use. The designs can cater to different tastes and you might find one that suits you. These templates are also editable, so you can tweak things up a bit to add your personal touch or you want to change some elements. Enough of this introduction and let’s get on with the list!

Boho New Address Postcard Template

Factors to Consider Before Moving Out

Moving out is more than just looking for boxes that you can fill with your clothes; it is a big decision that needs to be carefully planned through. There are things that you need to decide on before you pack your bags, and these are some the following:

1. Location

Since you are moving into a new home, you should do some research on the area that you are transferring to. In choosing a location, there are some factors that you need to look through to help you make an informed decision. You may also see moving announcement designs.

Here are some of them:

  • Safety. This is one of the most prominent reasons why people choose to move to a new home. They don’t feel safe with the lingering fear as they sleep at night. To ensure that your new neighborhood is safe, ask the locals, the town officials, or the police about it. Check the crime rates if they are low enough to be considered non-existent. If there are facilities, are they maintained well or are they left in isolation until they rust out? You can also ask your new neighbors about it. Not only will you learn something about your new neighborhood but you will also get to know your neighbors. You may also see sample cards.
  • Environment. You can choose to live in a lively city, at a quiet small town in the outskirts, or at a peaceful place near the relaxing breeze of the sea. You need to think about what environment you want to live in for a long time. Can you survive living in the city where there’s so much going on every minute? Are you up for living somewhere far from the busy life, a place where time moves slow? Or are you looking for an environment where you can feel the sea breeze or mountain breeze even without stepping out of your house? The choices can go on. Choose where you think you will be able to live comfortable and permanently. You may also see visiting card templates.
  • Geographical position. Since we have already talked about the choices for the environment of your new home, we should also discuss considering if the geographical location is safe. For example, if you want to live near the sea to enjoy the cool breeze, you also have to know whether it’s prone to tsunamis or waves big enough to swallow your house whole. There are places near a beach that are safe from these disasters, so you may want to look on that. You may also see simple identity cards.
  • Accessibility. One example is living on the outskirts. Are there enough stores to provide you with your necessities? Because you might be going back and forth the city more often than you think. Another example is living in the mountains where resources may be scarce. You can stock supplies to last for weeks, but what if there are emergency situations? Will you be able to hurry down the road and still have enough time to be treated? This is how accessibility should also be carefully considered as much as the other factors. You may also see card designs.

Clean New Address Postcard Template

Vintage New Address Postcard Template

2. Style

Houses today lean more into the simple and modern architecture and design. But, if you want to go for something more exciting, you should be meticulous about the choices for your new home. Here are some of the styles that you can choose from for your new home:

  • Contemporary
  • Colonial
  • Log Home
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Cape Cod
  • Art Deco

The list can go on since there’s a new style popping out every day. The design of the house will depend on your taste and if ever you are not living there alone, you should ask the opinions of the people you are living with. This will help you arrive at the right decision not just for yourself but everybody else, too. You may also see simple card designs.

Floral New Address Postcard Template

Elegant New Address Postcard Template

3. Size

The size will depend if you are living alone or with somebody else. If you have the house for yourself, you can opt for something big enough to have the basics, like a single bedroom and bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining area. There are houses, pads, or condo units that can provide you all the necessities for one person. But, if you have someone else living with you, you should consider going for a bigger crib. You may also see free card designs.

A two-story house isn’t necessary unless the lot that your house is built upon is small and it can’t provide you with all your needs on the first floor. And, of course, the bigger the house, the bigger the expenses, unless you have great budgeting and conservation skills then you don’t have to worry about a thing. You may also see visiting card templates.

4. Price

You can choose for a house with a clean slate or one that’s fully furnished. The former allows you to pick the materials yourself since the house will be blank. It’s a canvass that you can paint on with your personal choices. This is ideal especially those who still don’t have enough budget to buy everything that’s needed for the house. For example, if you only have money to buy yourself a mattress for the meantime, then you can buy just that. It allows you to take things step by step instead of buying everything at once, which you will need a deep pocket to do so. You may also see personal card designs.

A fully furnished house is the complete opposite. All your needs are bought and placed in the house. But since everything is already provided, it is expected that the price will be high. It may even be higher than you expected compared to if you bought the exact things yourself. If you have enough budget, then you can buy a fully furnished house. Otherwise, you should consider the first option, which is a clean slate house. You may also see personal card templates.

The pricing of the house will also depend on the points that were discussed prior to this. There are houses of the same size that offer different prices because of the perks that the location of the house gives, like the accessibility of some facilities that other locations can’t offer. So, better think about this carefully as financial matters are very crucial before moving to a new home. You may also see sample contact cards.

5. Space and Storage

If you choose to move into a house that’s empty inside, then your old things will most probably be able to fit in. To save space, bring only the things that you need and throw away those that are already beyond usable. If you have things that are still usable or wearable but you are not going to bring into your new home, you can sell them at a low price or donate them. There might be people who need your pre-loved clothes and other household tools. You need all the space you can get for your new house, and probably some vacant ones so you can give space to new things. You may also see card designs in PSD.

Other than sizing up the storage for your old belongings, you should also consider having enough space to be used for your new things. For example, you might be planning to upgrade your couch into a bigger one. So, you should leave some space for newer things and not just the old ones. You may also see free greeting cards.

Get Ready To Move Out

Now that you know some tips before you move to your new home, make sure that you do your research and create a plan. You’re already at an age where you make careful decisions. Be responsible enough so you won’t have to deal with negative consequences later. Also, there are more factors that you have to look into that are not in this article. Ask your family and friends for help and advice in moving out as they may have more information than what this article has given. You may also see invitation card designs.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect new address postcard template. You can choose any design you want and if you have a design that you like but would want to change something in it, you can freely do so by using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or another photo editing application. We wish you all the best in your new home!

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