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Designing and creating personal business cards used to be an important part of social etiquette. But in a world where almost every thing is done online, routinely giving away business cards has fallen out of practice. Instead, business cards produced today are more uniquely designed and are also used to leverage one’s skills and/or brand.

Personal cards work excellently well as a marketing tool especially if they were designed with the end user (the customer) in mind. Salon owners, for example, may even use salon business cards that can be cut out or trimmed to mimic a hair dresser’s job. Ingenious designs like these that are applied to fit the dimensions of a small card stock truly help elevate the status of business cards today.

When to Create A Personal Card

There are a number of reasons why you may want to have your own personal card. Tick off the items listed below if they apply to you.

  • You want to tell more people about your services or business. One of the most common reason for creating business cards is for business promotional purposes. If you already have or if you are still planning to start a business, you should also include personal card design as one of the tasks that you need to do prior to launching your venture. When you have a personal card, it becomes easier and less stressful when talking about your business and the services that you offer during conversations and client interactions since you can just give them the card without going into the details of your contact information.
  • You want people to easily remember your name, job, and other personal/business details. An added bonus for having a personal card is that you have something to give people as a way or tool to remember you by. Personal cards may work as a name tag or even as a name recall tool. A personal card is also small enough that people can easily stuff the card into their wallets – making it easier to take out when they are needed.
  • You want to unleash your creative side. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, printable business cards are now more routinely used for self or business promotional purposes. If you want to showcase your creative side, you may want to try your hand at fabricating personal card designs. It can be challenging trying to find a way to squeeze all design elements into a 2 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch card while making sure that your card design stays practical and appealing to a lot of audiences.
  • You want to solidify your brand across all media channels. Brand management is something that most organizations and influential individuals rely on nowadays as a way for them to stay relevant in the digital age. Managing a brand’s image may be done through different types of media training (mostly used by top executives, celebrities and politicians), social media marketing, online content influencing, among others. For small businesses, you can help spread word about your brand by incorporating corporate logo designs or personal logos into your personal cards.

Where to Get Personal Card Designs

Graphic River. Graphic River is a rich source of free and premium stock photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, and other graphic design elements. Some of the personal card design examples included in the list below features card designs from the site. You can get ready to print card designs from there or you may separately purchase vector designs, patterns, or backgrounds that you can combine to create your own personal card design.

Creative Market. Creative Market is another graphic design online resource like Graphic River. The site hosts different premium and free vector designs, raster files and templates. Most of the sellers on the site create designs that can be customized after purchase. Knowledge in using image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign will help you when customizing different card templates.

Shutterstock. This site is one of the largest repository of premium images in the world. It works just like Creative Market and Graphic River where you can buy printable images and templates. They have pricing tiers structured based on the number of downloads and type of intended use.

Dribbble.com. Dribbble.com is an online community of graphic artists and creatives where they are free to showcase their art works. Site visitors may then visit individual designer profiles and offer them a job or ask for their services. The site also serves as a job board for those in the graphic design world.

Pinterest.com. Pinterest is an online community where anyone can curate links, recipes, images, hair styles, designs, etc and then pin (store) them in an online board. You can have boards for various topics like non-alcoholic drinks recipes to PowerPoint templates. Due to the site’s wide market reach, you will be able to find more card design options on the site. However, you should make sure that when crediting card designs (or any designs) from this site, you should carefully trace back the image or template to its original creator.

There are more online graphic design resources available in the internet. However, the few ones listed above are those that have a bigger database of images and creators. Feel free to browse through each site and sort through the different design suggestions that you will be get.

What Personal Card Design Is For You?

Embedded below are ten Personal Card Designs that you can take inspiration from when creating your own personal card. Or if you want to make your life easier, you can readily purchase a card design and make it your own.

Personal Business Card Design

personal business card design 788x699

Modern Personal Card Template

vector modern personal card template 788x788

Square Personal Card Design

square personal card design 788x524

Family Doctor Personal Card Design

family doctor personal card design template 788x788

Writer Personal Card Design

writer personal card design 788x525

Polygonal Personal Card Design

polygonal personal card design 788x610

Watercolor Personal Card Template

watercolor personal card template 788x591

Creative Personal Card Design

creative personal card design 788x591

Monogram Personal Card Design

monogram personal card design 788x790

Personal Card Design Template

personal card design template 788x525

Guidelines for Selecting a Personal Card Design

An easier route to personal card design is by using printable templates that you can commission from any graphic artist. You can hire a local graphic artist for a specific designing job or you may purchase design templates through freelance artists online. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when choosing personal card design templates.

  • Look for fully editable card designs. When you find a personal card design that matches your needs, you also make sure that the template is fully customizable. This ensures that you can modify the key card design elements on the file. You may need to change your contact number/s, website urls, or name on the card so having access to the files will mean that you can edit your cards at any time without paying for the template again. Editing a card design also allows you change the card’s color schemes – thus giving you a more unique-looking card.
  • It pays to learn how to use image editing software. Most card design templates are available in PSD (Photoshop document) file formats. This means that they may only be opened, and thus edited, using the Adobe Photoshop software. If you already know how to use Photoshop, you will not have to ask or pay for someone to edit the card design templates.
  • Keep it simple. An elementary rule in design is to keep the design clean and uncluttered. You need to be especially conscious of this rule since a personal card’s printable space is very limited. When choosing a card design, choose those simple templates that will help recipients remember what they read on the card. This is often an unspoken rule in the world of business card design that you seldom see personal cards filled with overly contrasting design elements. You may take a look at these business card designs for designers for an example.
  • Choose card designs with creative elements. Truly creative business card designs are a dime a dozen. You really need to scour the internet before you can find one that will be creative enough for your own tastes. There are a lot of these creative card designs that you can incorporate to your own personal card design to create something truly original. For this work well, you may have to consult with a graphic artist and product designer.
  • Choose a card that will include only the necessary personal or business information. There are card design templates that will not allow you to remove the design elements on the card. This may be due to the way the card design file format was constructed. To avoid having to deal with this issue, always make sure to read the seller’s product description or read through a site’s terms of service/policy before you purchase a design template.
  • Make it memorable. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, personal cards or business cards are no longer considered as an essential part of interacting with other people in the social setting. Personal cards are now mostly only used as a promotional tool. So if you want to create a personal card, you need to choose a personal card design that is very memorable – something that will surely catch other people’s attention. You need to think of ways to make your personal card standout without alienating other people’s beliefs or choices.

Are you now ready to create your own personal card? Will you follow the handmade card design route or use a printable card template? Whatever path you choose, always enjoy the process! Happy creating!

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