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Most couples dream of having a family of their own, to watch a mini version of themselves running around with their diapers on. Children are blessings that some people wish or pray for, so you can just imagine the overwhelming happiness that the parents feel after those prayers and wishes are finally answered. Thinking about the little miracle that has arrived will completely change their lives. To commemorate this momentous occasion, what better way is there than to share the news with everyone else? You may also see thank you cards.

Pregnancy announcement card designs are created and sent for the sole purpose of informing your family and close friends about the little rockstar that will soon rock your world! They can be sent as soon as you know about your or your wife’s pregnancy announcement card template. Or, you could also announce it later when you know about your child’s gender. Sometimes, a little mystery will hype up those who are waiting for your child’s birth and it creates enough suspense that will make you want to see the child more. So, before your child gets out of the womb, you need to prepare those  cards Templates so you can celebrate the news with everyone. But, before we go on with the list, let us know first the factors that you have to consider before telling people about your pregnancy.

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Coming Soon Pregnancy Announcement Card Template

coming soon pregnancy announcement card template
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Size: A4, US


Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Card

surprise pregnancy announcement card template
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Pregnancy Announcement Card Design

pregnancy announcement card template
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Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


When is the right time to tell people that you are pregnant?

pregnancy announcement card designs 788x447

We know you are thrilled to tell everyone when you saw that line in your pregnancy test. But you have to hold off on that announcement as there are things that you need to consider first. Take note of the following:

1. Miscarriage

The first trimester is a crucial time as it is the period where development and changes occur for you and your child, and it is also the period that bears the greatest risk that the pregnancy might not carry to term. As what is known, 10 to 15 of pregnancies end in miscarriage and 80 percent of this happens in the first trimester. A mother has no control over the factors that cause these miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities cause half of the miscarriages. You may also like creative greeting card designs.

2. First prenatal visit

Prenatal checkups are also another reason why couples wait until the end of the first trimester before making an announcement. On your first visit, you will undergo tests like confirming your pregnancy, screening for infections, determining the general health of you and your baby, and estimating your due date. Having the ultrasound and hearing the child’s first heartbeat are also the reasons why most couples wait before announcing the pregnancy. You may also like personalized thank you cards.

3. Recurrent pregnancy loss

It may be a bit disheartening, but if you have had a previous miscarriage, there is a possibility of you having another miscarriage. In the case of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), the doctor will examine you and run tests to determine the cause/s of your losses. But do not lose hope just yet, as the chances of carrying your baby to term may increase if given the right treatments. It may give you great comfort if you wait a bit more until the end of the treatments before announcing your pregnancy. You may also see greeting card examples.

So, while waiting for the treatment to end, why not keep yourself busy by browsing through pregnancy announcement card templates? Check out the cute and charming templates that we have gathered that you can use as announcement cards to spread the news about your pregnancy.

Photo Pregnancy Announcement Card

photo pregnancy 788x565

You can put any photo that you like in this photo pregnancy announcement card. The concept of the photo will then depend on the idea that you as a couple will come up with. If you want, you can re-enact the scene depicted in the photo above. It is a cute concept that clearly shows how much you are anticipating for your baby to come out. Get the ideas flowing and decide which photo concept you are going to use in this template! You may also like congratulations greeting cards.

Personalized Pregnancy Announcement Card Design

personalized pregnancy

Stylish Pregnancy Announcement Card

stylish pregnancy 788x562

New Year Pregnancy Announcement Template

new year pregnancy 788x564

New Year celebrations give people the hope of turning their lives around for the better in new a year full of new doors for possibilities and chances. For a couple, whether married or not, it may also be a new year where they can hope to gain a new member of the family. So, to make the New Year celebration more special, why not tell everyone about your pregnancy? Your family will most likely be around at this time of the year, so it is a perfect moment to announce that you are having a child soon. Download this template now and let the countdown to your childbirth start!

Simple Pregnancy Announcement Template

simple pregnancy announcement card template

Best Friends Pregnancy Announcement Card

best friends pregnancy

Can’t wait to tell your best friends about your pregnancy? Properly inform them about it by sending an announcement card. Sending them an announcement card also makes them think that they are special to the point that you have really put effort into making and sending them one. The colorful flowers and the pink motif of the card can indicate that you are having a baby girl, but you can always change the colors and designs of this template as this can be fully edited and customized.

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Template

valetines pregnancy

Valentine’s Day is a day when we get to celebrate love all over the world. It is a common misconception that this day is only for couples. Love is not just about romance, but it is also about the love that you give to your family and friends, and most especially, the love that you give to yourself. This day full of love is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy! You get to share with everyone the love and happiness that you feel about having a child. There is so much love to spread that you need to put it in an announcement card to spread it further. Click that ‘Buy Now’ button so you can start distributing the cards!

Ultrasound Pregnancy Announcement Card

ultrasound pregnancy

Seeing your child in an ultrasound is an emotional moment for you and your hubby. You get to see your own child and you can even hear his or her heartbeat. It can make you more excited to see and hold him or her in your arms. Make the announcement of your pregnancy more personal by putting the image of your ultrasound on it. For sure, it will also make your family and friends excited once they see the ultrasound image. Also, you can keep this announcement card as a memorabilia to remind you of the time when you first saw your child. You can also show this when your child already has the capacity to understand such things. Ask for a digital copy of the ultrasound image and get started on designing the announcement handmade card design!

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Card

cute pregnancy 788x560

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Template

creative pregnancy

If you want to be ambiguous about your child’s gender, you can use this card and let your families and friends get curious. The pink and blue colors are indicative of the child’s unknown gender. The dark background emphasizes the colors of the design and text. The cute little stars hanging above look like those that are attached to the baby’s crib. It is also cute that the heart at the center is divided into two with different colors and footprints on each side. If you want to make that announcement a bit more thrilling, then download this template now!

Baby Shoes Pregnancy Announcement Card

baby shoes pregnancy

Colorful Pregnancy Announcement Template

colorful pregnancy announcement card

For generations, a family always has a family tree to remind them of their roots and this design is a great way of saying that your family tree is growing another beautiful leaf. The artistic style of this tree invokes the idea of a child’s colorful and abstract whimsical world in his or her mind; it gets you to think that this might be what a child is dreaming. If you want to make a great impression, use this template to announce your pregnancy.

Easter Bunny Pregnancy Announcement Card

easter bunny pregnancy announcement card

For Christians, Easter Sunday is the day when Jesus was resurrected from the dead. For couples, this day could also be a great time to tell people about a new addition to the family. As expected during Easter Sunday, Easter eggs are commonly used as decorations. The amount of colors used for the Easter eggs brings a happy and cheerful vibe which is perfect to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Download this template and distribute them on Easter Sunday!

If you want to invoke a laugh out of your family and friends, send them this humorous announcement card! The husband’s facial expression looks like he really was not expecting his wife to be serious about her statement, which gives you an idea that they both might probably be doing this kind of joke often. You may also like sample congratulations cards.

The excitement and anticipation that you got as you saw that line on the pregnancy test will totally get you thinking of sharing this news with everybody. Sending out announcement cards is definitely the way to go to share the overwhelming joy that you feel in knowing that you and your hubby are getting a new member of the family. But, before you get into the preparations for the announcement, there are things that you have to consider first. You may also see baby shower thank you cards.

It would be reassuring to wait until the end of the first trimester as it indicates that the baby will certainly be on his or her way until the last term. But, if you really cannot contain the excitement, no one can blame you if you go ahead with the announcement. After all, as a parent, being pregnant is one thing that you highly anticipate to happen in your life. Take care of yourself and congratulations on your pregnancy! You may also like sample greeting cards.

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