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3+ Printable Anniversary Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

Anniversaries are momentous occasions especially for those who have been together for a long time. Celebrating this milestone in life does not always mean you have to throw a grand anniversary party. Doing simple things to remind your partner and allow yourselves to express gratitude for this shared moment can be done by simply creating and sending an anniversary card.

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As always, it is the thought, the selfless deed, and the unspoken act of kindness that will win the heart of others. And this applies to sample card-giving as well.

In this article, we have curated fifteen beautiful printable anniversary card template designs that any couple may use for this annual celebration. Also included in this write-up is an anniversary card selection guide to help you choose the best printable anniversary card for your spouse.

Here are the Printable Anniversary Card Templates

The following printable anniversary card templates are mostly available either as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop template files. To open and edit these printable templates, make sure that you have a compatible graphic design or desktop publishing software tool installed on your computer before purchasing your desired card template.

How to Choose a Printable Anniversary Card Template

When it’s time to choose a printable anniversary card template design, you would want only the best, right? And to find the best printable anniversary card for your partner or spouse, it is best to follow a set of criteria where you will base your card template choices so that you will not regret the template design you choose nor will you spend a long time finding the right card template design.

Listed below are the top factors to consider prior to choosing a printable card template for your anniversary. We have compiled this list to help guide you in the card template selection process. But also remember that this list of criteria should only serve as a guide in our decision-making process. Feel free to add or remove a factor or criteria if you feel that they do not apply to your specific situation.

1. Built-in Template Customization Options

The first factor to consider when choosing a printable anniversary card template is if a pre-made template is customizable or not. Templates created using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator often allows its end-users to make customizations to the template. On the other hand, card templates or designs stored either as JPEG or Word template files may not offer that much freedom in editing the template design.

This is the reason why it is important to determine if the anniversary card template you like is available as a fully editable template file or not. When you have this piece of information about a certain printable template, you will be in a better position to proceed with purchasing the printable template or not.

2. Knowledge in Graphic Design and Editing

The next factor to consider before you purchase any printable anniversary card template is your own skills in graphic design. It is very important to know your own skill level so that you can plan and carry out the different design changes you want to see on your chosen printable anniversary card.

So if you already know how to use different graphic design software tools, you will find it much easier to edit any card template. However, if you have determined that you already forgot all those Photoshop lesson tutorials and will not know how to edit a simple anniversary card template, then it is perhaps better to spend some time relearning all those skills. Or, if you are running out of time, then maybe it is best to delegate the task to another person.

The things written above are just two of the main factors that anyone should consider when picking out a printable anniversary card template. Scroll down below to learn more about the different factors that should be considered when choosing what printable anniversary card template design to choose. And feel free to browse through the site for different kinds of anniversary card templates to use for whatever anniversary event you are planning for.

Printable Anniversary Card Design

3. Date of Anniversary

Another important factor to consider when choosing a printable anniversary card template is the date of your anniversary itself. This is an important thing to consider especially if you want to make sure that you send out your anniversary card on time. Also by factoring in the amount time, you have before your anniversary, you determine if you have enough time to learn different graphic design tutorials, make a handmade card design instead, or just use a pre-made printable anniversary card.

By having this factor as one of your pre-purchase criteria, you are setting a more time-bound smart goal. And this especially applies to those who want to learn how to edit different graphic design templates first before they do edit their own printable anniversary card templates.

4. Preferred Template File Type

Prior to choosing a printable anniversary card template, you should also check if the anniversary card template design that you like is available in your preferred template file type. For example, if you only know how to use Adobe InDesign, it is best to look for an anniversary card template that is available as an InDesign template file.

By checking beforehand if any given card template is available in a file type that you know how to edit, you will save time in editing and you will also avoid any incorrect file type downloads. You may also see work anniversary cards.

The top four factors presented above are the most important factors that anyone who wishes to use printable anniversary card template should heed prior to purchasing the printable card template. And as we have mentioned earlier, use these factors as a guide to lead you to the anniversary card that will best match you and your partner’s or spouse’s personality and personal preferences.

Cool Anniversary Card Template

Printable Anniversary Sample Card

Printable Anniversary Card Decoration Ideas

Anniversary cards also work just like greeting cards. And since these cards are given to your partner or spouse, it only makes sense to ensure that they are as unique as ever. One way to do that is by decorating them.

Listed below are a few card decoration tips that anyone creating an anniversary card may follow if they want to give an extra oomph to their own anniversary card designs.

1. Add cut-outs.

When we talk about cut-outs for printable greeting cards these generally refer to any picture, illustration, or object that is trimmed to its most basic form and size and they can be pasted or glued to another surface.

To illustrate, if you have printed a funny anniversary card from a pre-made template but you want to make sure that the card is very unique, you may add letter cut-outs or photo cut-outs of your couple initials or photos. By doing this, you are personalizing your own anniversary cards so that the card recipient will see your effort in creating the card. You may also see anniversary invitation templates.

2. Add glitter or sparkles.

Another way to spice up a drab printable anniversary card template is to add golden foil textures or other shiny elements into the anniversary card itself. This can easily be accomplished by sprinkling glitter to the anniversary card cover. Or, you may use glitter glue or the trendier cut-out sparkles.

This card design technique may seem to girly for some so make sure to tone down on the glitter. But, if your spouse or partner likes glitter, then go splurge on glitter. And, of course, enjoy the decorating process. You may also see wedding anniversary card designs.

3. Create pop-up card elements.

One good way to make your anniversary greeting cards more memorable is by incorporating pop-up card elements into your printed anniversary card. This decorating technique often elicits pleasant surprise and humor into the card-giving process so follow this technique if you want your spouse or partner to laugh when they receive your card.

Pop-up card designs are relatively easy to create. You may check out this post on how to create a handmade greeting card for more information on the card creation process.

Those are just some of the printed anniversary card creation steps that most graphic design template users may follow if they wish to add an oomph to their anniversary cards. Just remember that if you wish to follow this card decorating route, you should first make sure that you already have an anniversary card template printed out. Your printed anniversary card will serve as the base for any card decorating technique you wish to apply on your own anniversary card.

Printable Anniversary Card Template

Was it fun?

Looking at different funny, formal, and typical anniversary card template designs can easily get boring and repetitive at times. That is why you need to keep yourself abreast with the different decorating and template selection techniques that are available for you as the consumer. With the help of this article, we hope that you have learned many useful things and have enjoyed the process along the way.

And, do not forget to share these happy anniversary card templates with your friends and followers on social media.

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