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44+ Printable Business Card Templates – Word, Publisher, PSD

Do people still use business cards today, even with all things slowly transitioning to the digital format? The answer is yes. People still use business cards because even though technology is evolving, the human brain is still the same. The human mind can be useful at times but not entirely reliable since it is fallible. It will definitely reach its point that it will tend to forget something, and it would be unfortunate if that something was as important as the name and contact details of a business partner.

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A business card is a map to an opportunity. It could lead you to a new stable occupation, an awesome business partnership, or basically help your business make profit. Think of a situation where you are trying to go through your network of connections hoping to help benefit your business by making contacts. All of a sudden, you see somebody that could be a potential customer. The best thing to do is to introduce yourself and describe what you do, yet sooner or later, you’ll have to share your contact information

A business card spares you time and makes you look professional. You’re not taking the moment for granted trying to write down your email address on a table napkin, and you additionally give them a feeling that this isn’t your first time. We think business cards can help you to become more magnificent with people and clients since business cards can make an enduring, positive impression for your company as well as your own image.

Minimalist Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Vintage Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Clean Black Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Printable Blank Business Cards

Blank Wood Business Card


Printable Christmas Business Cards

Small Business Christmas Card

Travel Christmas Business Card

Printable Chevron Business Cards

Black and White Chevron Business Card

Minimalist Chevron Business Card


Printable Folded Business Cards

Die Cut Folded Business Card


Horizontally Folded Business Card

Tri-Folded Money Business Card

Printable Holiday Business Cards

Corporate Holiday Business Card

Discount Holiday Business Card


What Are Business Cards?

Business cards are traditionally the essential way that business representatives present their identity and contact details to different businessmen and potential clients or customers. They are cards bearing business information about an company or organization, which are shared during formal business gatherings as a convenient means of giving contact details, or a tool to remind others of your identity.

Business cards are printed on some type of card stock, with the visual presentation, method of printing, cost, and other details heavily dependent on the standards of the culture or business, as well as the preferences of the person designing the business cards. The size of standard business cards are two-by-three-inch rectangles, although creative and unique business card designs have been done using a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, and even fabric.

The front side of a business card commonly contains the giver’s name, the position or title, the company the giver is representing or their business affiliation, and contact information such as the street address, phone numbers, fax number, email addresses, and website or social media pages. The back side of business cards is usually, but not always, empty. Some businessmen, especially those who are traveling from one country to another, have the back side printed with the same contents but in a different language, which is appropriate to the country they are visiting. And when presenting such business cards, you should present it with the side containing the recipient’s language facing up.

Business cards are normally presented by one person to another in a face-to-face trade, despite the fact that they may likewise be connected to invoices and thank you cards, or even attached to a vehicle in a business card holder so bystanders and onlookers can grab a copy if they become interested with the services or products being advertised on the vehicle.

When business cards are exchanged personally, it is usually done at the start or at the end of a discussion. When you receive a copy of a business card, you should take a look at the card and say something about it before placing it inside your wallet or card holder. It is an improper behavior to stuff business cards into your pockets right away without saying anything or even acknowledging it.

What Are the Uses of Business Cards?

  • While the front of a business card is where you can find the obvious communication details, you may use the back of a business card to carry a small business message further. You can make the most of the back of card, and you can even write your business’s private number on it. Giving potential clients inside information may help increase the value of the card
  • Take advantage of your business card’s convenient size. You may scan your business card and save the graphic on your computer. Then you can make your card a link to your website or social media page, if you have one.
  • You can make your business card as a survey tool by printing a short survey on the back side. Use the completed survey to measure customer satisfaction.

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Printable Plastic Business Cards

DIY Plastic Business Card

Translucent Plastic Business Card

Transparent Plastic Business Card

Printable Personal Business Cards

Funny Personal Business Card

Personal Corporate Business Card

Modern Personal Business Card

Printable Thank You Business Cards

Handwritten Business Thank You Card

Business Thank You Card

Printable Valentine Business Cards

Valentine Business Greeting Card


Valentine’s Day Business Card

Printable Babysitting Business Cards

Babysitting Quotes for Business Card

Babysitting Services Business Card

Teenage Babysitting Business Card


The History of Business Cards

Business cards were referred to as trade cards when it was first used in England during the 17th century. They were used both as an advertising tool and as maps as there was no formal street numbering system in old London.

By the 1870s, the trade card’s fame made it one of the most widely recognized advertising formats, promoting almost everything from dairy products to musical instruments to medical products. They were usually found inside offices, general stores, hotels, train stations, and restaurants, and the sales representatives assisted the store owners in arranging the advertisements for store counters and window displays using trade cards as well as other advertising tools.

Unlike most modern business cards, trade cards used both front and back sides. The front of the card contained the business’s name or sometimes, the name of one of the business’s products with a visually convincing illustration or design to attract the customer, while the back of the card contained lots of details about the business, such as the statistics, product benefits, details on how to order, the location of the company, the contact information, and anything that might get the reader’s interest and encourage them to avail of the product.

In today’s modern generation, business cards are still used as convenient advertising tools as well as a way to share a business’s contact details to another, and they can even be used as miniature brochures, as some people would consider. In Japan, business cards are considered as an extension of the person who gave it and should always be treated with utmost respect and honor.

Advantages of Business Cards

  • Business cards can deliver important information. A business care is intended to give vital details about your business, including the telephone number, street address, and the website. These subtle elements can help potential clients find your business effortlessly.
  • Business cards can give a positive first impression of you to the clients. Conveying a very practical and convenient promotional tool, the business card can help you make an incredible and enduring initial impression.
  • Business cards save you valuable time. Giving over a copy of a business card takes lesser time than writing down your contact details on paper or on the phone if nobody was able to bring a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Business cards are cheap to produce. Usually requested in large amounts, business cards deliver some of the most cheapest advertising tools you can find in this generation. It can either be paid by you and then reimbursed by the company, or by the company itself.
  • Business cards have been proven effective since its first incarnation. Although with the development in technology, that digital and paperless business cards are becoming more and more popular, many entrepreneurs are more inclined toward having something tangible to give out to potential clients as they meet face to face.

Disadvantages of Business Cards

  • Business cards may become costly in some instances. While it’s a fact that business cards are cheap, particularly when requested in large quantities. However, small companies don’t need that much number of business cards at one time, and requesting them in small amounts can make them costly. Also, there are circumstances when there are changes in business information. This suggests additional expenses since you need to replace your outdated business card with new ones.
  • Business cards may need you to bring a copy all the time. Another disadvantage of business cards is the fact that you need to have a copy of it at all times because you’ll never know when you’ll need to give one to a potential client or business partner. If ever you are unable to bring one, then you’ll have no other choice than to write your phone number and address on a sheet of paper, which is quite unprofessional
  • Business cards may have to make way in favor of technology. As more and more businessmen are adapting to the digital and paperless form of saving contact information, the traditional business card may become an inconvenience for them

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Printable Mini Business Cards

Mini Letterpress Business Card

Staples Mini Business Card


Printable Photo Business Cards

Graduation Photo Business Card

Rainbow Photo Business Card

Professional Photo Business Card

Printable Luxury Business Cards

Luxury Construction Business Card


Luxury Stationery Business Card


Printable Real Estate Business Cards

Corporate Real Estate Business Card

Commercial Real Estate Business Card

Fancy Real Estate Business Card

Printable Square Business Cards

Rounded Square Business Card


Recycled Square Business Card

Unique Square Business Card

Printable Transparent Business Cards

Semi Transparent Business Card

Colored Transparent Business Card

DIY Transparent Business Card

Luxury Portfolio Business Card

Valentine Business Post Card

Funny Christmas Business Card

So You’re Designing a Business Card . . .

  • Always consider the most important details on your business cards, such as the information that you want to convey. Make sure your name, job title, name of the company, and contact details are clearly displayed. Also, think carefully about which contact details to include, because you will need to balance between providing enough contact information without making your card look cluttered.
  • If you have got a lot of information to display on your card, it may become an obvious choice to simply shrink the font size. Be careful when doing this because it may be readable enough on the computer screen but will actually be smaller as expected when already printed. The general rule is not to go smaller than 8px. Another thing to consider with fonts is the type of font used. Always use a professional-looking font type, and never go with Comic Sans.
  • Bright colors, if used properly, can help make a business card stand out and look distinctive. This strategy is often use be design and creative businesses, with the goal of appearing exciting and original. However, don’t underestimate simplicity. A plain black-and-white card can be just as memorable and striking as a colorful card

Why Download Our Business Card Templates?

These templates were carefully selected from among the best ones on the internet and were designed by creative graphic artists from all around the world. You may be able to easily download these templates for a very reasonable fee, and you can choose to save it in different formats such as PSD, EPS, or AI, depending on which one works best for you. These templates are compatible with most photo editors available and are fully editable to provide you with the freedom to make the necessary changes depending on your preferences.

How to Use Our Business Card Templates

Search for the template that you wish to use on our website the magnifying glass icon on the top-left corner for faster and easier searching. Once you have found the business cards templates that you want, the sample. Open the template file on a photo-editing software and make your modifications and personal touchesOnce you’re done editing it save the finished product back to your computer, and it is now ready for publishing.

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