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5+ Printable Note Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Note cards are cards that you can use as for just about anything. You can use it to write a reminder, a checklist, a tag, a simple message, or anything that you can think of writing. A lot of people use a note card due to its small size which you can easily carry in your pocket and bag and is always ready to be pulled out in case you need to write something. The same thing can also be said on the recipient’s end. It is convenient for them to carry the card around especially if they don’t carry a bag by the time they receive the card.

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The common notion about note card designs is they don’t need to be designed that much since they are small and that the more minimal the design is, the more space can be written on. While that may be true for practical reasons, one can still design it in a way that it doesn’t take up that much space to leave for writing. And regardless of the note card is for personal consumption or be given away, it should be able to have a pleasing appeal for everyone who sees it. For that, you need templates that will make your note card as stunning as ever! Check out the note card templates that we curated for especially for you. You can easily purchase and download them online and use them to doll up your note cards.

Bow Tie Printable Note Card Template

How to Make the Perfect Note Card

Sure, you can whip up a note card without taking consideration of some of the fundamentals of designing. But, if you want to make the perfect note card that you can be proud of, then you need to take note of the following tips:

1. Choose a concept

Before you start designing, make sure that you already have a concept to work on. A concept can be something that you have a personal attachment to or just something new that you want to work on. Whatever the reason is in choosing the concept, make sure that it’s what you really want to make and that it’s doable because we sometimes get too caught up in our imagination that our ideas go beyond the realms of reality. But of course, you can still go for the impossible and make it possible. At least, if it did work out in the end, you have proven to yourself that your ideas can still be achieved even if it looked unattainable at first. You may also see sample cards.

2. Pick a color scheme

Picking a color scheme is like choosing the colors of your outfit so they would match each other. Go for a color scheme that would match with the concept that you have chosen. For example, if you are going for a vintage theme, then it would most likely go for a color palette that contains gauzy white, darkroom, independent gold, aloe, rosy outlook, and other colors that make up a vintage look. You can go for predetermined color palettes online to follow or to look for inspiration so you can create one of your own. The human eyes can distinguish about 10 million different colors, and that’s the number of options that you have to pick a color scheme for your note card.

3. Select the size

The note card is small, but there are different sizes of small. For a starter, you can follow the dimension of the most common size of an index card, which is 3 by 5 inches. Other sizes of the index card that you can follow are the 4 by 6 inches and 5 by 8 inches. You can choose to go for sizes bigger than that because even if the note cards are known to be small and handy, there are other note cards that go beyond that norm and still be called as such. Even with the suggested sizes, you can create your own personalized size if you want to. You do not need to adhere to any standard sizes as long as you are satisfied with what you have decided. You may also see index card templates.

Safari Jungle Printable Note Card Template

Bird Watercolor Printable Note Card Template

4. Set the layout

You can skip this part if you want to do things as freely as you can. But if you are the type that wants everything to be organized and laid out before you start something, then you should definitely set the layout first. Setting the layout requires you to set the margin around the border and the positions of the elements (text and images). Also, you can put some notes on the layout of the size and style of the font for a specific text or the size of the image that needs to be positioned in a certain area. Doing so would make for a faster and smoother designing later on and would make for an uncluttered look. This is like creating the skeleton of the design before you attach its skin and dress it up. You may also see index card samples.

5. Collect or create elements relevant to the concept

Now that you have selected the size of the note card and have set the layout, it’s time to collect or create the elements. The elements we are talking about here are those that you need for the design, like the images or the font styles that you still need to download. You can collect them online or create one of your own like instead of downloading an image, you can capture one yourself. This is helpful especially if you want to put your personal touch on your chosen template. Collect or create as many elements as you can, more than what is needed so that you will have a backup stash in case you realize you need more of it. You may also see printable index cards.

6. Choose a type of paper

You write on note cards, so the type of paper should be writable. Also, you need to choose the thickness of the paper. Do want it to be as thin as the normal bond paper or do you need something as thick as a kraft paper? There are pros and cons to every type of paper, so make sure that you have weighed them all before deciding which type to use. The important thing is that it is writable. You may also see note card templates.

Floral Printable Note Card Template

Wild Meadow Printable Note Card Template

Different Purposes of a Note Card

You can write anything on a note card, that’s why there are different purposes of a note card. To know more about what you can do with a note card, read the following list:

1. Reminder

Today, we use our smartphones to set a reminder with an alarm. While this may be convenient, there’s a disadvantage that comes with it. There are office policies that restrict you from using your phone, so you need to find other methods to make a reminder. That’s when the note card comes in. You can write a reminder on the note card and place it in an area where you can easily spot it. We suggest that you stick it on your computer’s or laptop’s screen so you will be reminded of the task that you need to finish at a certain deadline. You may also see thank you note cards.

In places where you can use your phone, say in your house, there are times when you just snooze that reminder and eventually forget about it. So, to avoid leaving the house and forgetting that you needed to bring something, why not put a note card on the doors of your cabinet or at the edges of your mirror? This will be a convenient spot for a reminder since you will surely be able to encounter these things as you prepare for leaving. You may also see thank you notes.

2. Checklist

Since note cards are small, it is expected that you can only list so much on it. Even so, you can create a checklist out of it if you only need to buy or bring only a handful of things. Making the note card as a checklist is convenient for you since you don’t have to worry about carrying it. You can easily put it in your pocket or in your wallet. You may also see chalkboard thank you cards.

3. Simple message

You can send your friend, family, or crush a simple message on a note card. Simply put it in a place where they can immediately see it. Or, if you want to give a gift to someone, you can use the note card to write a message. Make the message short and sweet so it will leave an impact on whoever you are giving it to. You may also see greeting card templates.

4. Flashcards

We all have different methods for studying, and one of those is using flashcards. Flashcards help you memorize things faster, given that what’s written on the flash cards are one or two words. This is helpful especially for those who are trying to memorize more than a page of terms for an exam. Also, you can share these note cards with your friends so you can study together. You can even lend some of the cards to your friends who haven’t memorized the terms that you have already stamped in your mind. You may also see funny thank you notes.

5. Business card

Although it is advised that you prepare your own cool business card, there are inevitable moments where you need to write your personal details down. You can use the note card as an informal business card if the situation calls for it. You have designed it anyway, so there’s a bonus point for the appeal.

Have you found the right design?

Creating a note card doesn’t take much of your time since you’re only given a small canvass to design on. But, even so, you need to carefully pick your design as to give life to your note card. We have templates that can cater for different purposes of the note card, so you have the option to choose more than one if you want to have note cards for various reasons. We hope that we have helped you in choosing the design for your note card and we wish you all the best! If you found this article helpful, make sure to bookmark this site in case you want to have it for future references. You may also see a sample of thank you notes.

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