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Customer feedback is very important in the food and dining industry. This allows business owners and restaurateurs to readily correct and/or improve various aspects of their business right away so that the next customer sample will not get to experience the same level of mediocre or sub par service. And to make this entire process of obtaining feedback easier, restaurateurs can use restaurant customer comment cards.

In this article, we provide different examples of comment card templates that any business owner can use for their  sample restaurant business. More information on how to choose among various comment card template designs are also included in this article. Read on…

Free Comment Card Template

Free Restaurant Comment Card Template

Restaurant Comment Card Template

Restaurant Comment Card Template

Guest Comment Card Template

Guest Comment Card Template

What are restaurant customer comment cards?

A comment card is a piece of paper that people can fill out to state their complaints, comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns about an event, business, person, organization, or thing. When used by a dining establishment to ask for their customers’ opinion about the level of service provided to them while dining at their establishment, the card is called a restaurant customer comment card.

Customer comment cards are usually printed on thick paper or cardstock. They will also include some business information about the dining establishment that provided them. Restaurant customer comment cards may also be called restaurant guest comment cards. Most often, customer comment cards will include any or all of the following key parts: restaurant details, blank portion to write comments, section to write date and/or time the form was filled out, check boxes, customer’s contact information (optional), and portion to write how the customer learned about the restaurant.

Customer Comment Card

Customer Comment Card

Hotel Comment Card Sample

Hotel Comment Card Sample

Restaurant customer comment cards can be printed out on various paper sizes. If you want a more detailed customer comment card, you may invest in a lengthy comment card format and print it out in a letter-sized paper. However, if you want your customers to easily and quickly fill out these comment cards, you may pattern your customer cards from rack card or business card print sizes.

Pick the best restaurant comment card template

What follows are restaurant comment card templates that any restaurateur can customize for their own dining establishments. These printable templates are fully editable using software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Make sure that you have these software programs installed on your computer before purchasing any of these pre-made templates. You may also check out this article for more information on how to create a restaurant comment card.

Black and White Restaurant Customer Comment Card Template


Cafe Restaurant Customer Comment Card Template


Trendy Restaurant Customer Comment Card Template


Simple Restaurant Customer Comment Card


How to choose a restaurant customer comment card

If having good customer service is one of your restaurant’s priorities, using customer comment cards is one way that you can use to accomplish this business strategy. To further help guide you in choosing the best comment card for your restaurant, we have compiled some of the most important factors any restaurateur may use.

1. Follow your restaurant theme or design.

When choosing any kind of restaurant template, it is important to first make sure that you know what your restaurant’s own theme or motif is. For example, you may a fine dining restaurant and follow a trendy Asian theme. If this is the case, you need to make sure that all the design elements in your restaurant’s stationery and advertising materials will reflect this same theme.

This applies to choosing a customer comment card template too. Pick a customer comment card template that already includes the same elegant fine dining designs and the same trendy Asian themes. This way, your comment card template will complement your restaurant’s overall look. There are different kinds of cards. You may also like restaurant place cards.

Restaurant Customer Comment Card

2. Determine your budget for creating comment cards.

Another factor to consider when choosing a restaurant customer comment card template is the amount of money that your or your small business can spend for such business practice. In the grand scheme of things, customer comment cards do not really belong to the top things needed by a restaurant to successfully operate on a daily basis. And your dining establishment will not be at a loss if you do not have comment cards for customers to fill out.

However, as we have mentioned above, if it is your company’s goal to be a customer-focused establishment, implementing the use of customer comment cards may be a non-negotiable business strategy. And as a restaurant marketing plan, you will need to make sure that there will be sufficient funds to support the creation of these restaurant comment cards.

Therefore, before you choose any restaurant customer comment card template, you should look into your company’s finances first. If you are just starting out as a restaurateur, you may need to choose a cheaper customer comment card template design. Or, you may also choose to use free card templates instead. Another option is also to use your own money in buying a printable restaurant template if your business does not have the necessary means or budget to afford the template cost.

3. Know your own editing skill level.

Before you finally decide on what restaurant customer comment card template to choose, you should also assess your own editing skill level. This means that you should determine if you know how to use modern editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. This is a crucial step since most pre-made printable restaurant templates are downloadable in PSD, AI, INDD, JPEG, EPS, or PDF file formats.

If you do not have an experience in editing, you may easily learn from Photoshop or Illustrator tutorials found online today. Most of the tutorials are free of charge and will already teach anything you need to know about image editing and desktop publishing. Also, make sure that you have already downloaded a legal copy of the software program before you purchase any pre-made restaurant template. Doing this will make the whole editing process easier and faster.

Therefore, you should choose a customer comment card template that is already available in the file download format that you know how to use. Most online graphic design marketplaces will allow you to choose the specific kind of template file type depending on your preference.

4. Find out how much time do you have before you need to release the comment cards.

The next factor to consider when choosing a comment card template is time. This criterion can be very important for first-time restaurateurs who intend to do everything by themselves. As a restaurateur, you need to carefully manage your time between the daily restaurant operations and other behind-the-scenes tasks. The use of pre-made restaurant customer comment card templates will greatly help reduce the amount of lead time needed for creating a card template design and having a finished product.

Pre-made comment card templates will help reduce the amount of time needed for creating any kind of restaurant stationery template. This is because you do not need to manually create the template from scratch. Pre-made restaurant templates are pre-formatted with layouts and graphic design elements so that you do not have to worry about creating them on your own. As the end-user, you will just need to replace text boxes and placeholders with the right details like adding a logo design or business contact information.

So, when deciding between different customer comment card template designs, make sure to factor in the time needed for you to complete customizing the template. If you have a limited amount of time to complete the graphic design project, you can choose a template design that will require minimal edits and that can be completed within a few hours or minutes. But if you have ample time to make customizations on a template design, you may choose a template that has more customization options. This way, you can try out different design changes over a long period of time before settling on a final version of the comment card template design of your choice.

Multipurpose Restaurant Customer Comment Card Template


The best restaurant customer comment card

The best restaurant customer comment card template is the one that will effortlessly blend functionality and design. Remember that your customer comment card should still be usable as a feedback survey card. It needs to contain self-explanatory questions and instructions so that any customer who fills it out can do so easily and without any issues.

In addition, a customer comment card should still also include the same identifying graphic design elements that your other restaurant stationery uses. This way, the comment cards will adhere to the same theme that your restaurant follows. Use the tips and guidelines listed in this article and you will have an easier time in choosing the best restaurant customer comment card template.

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