11 Iconic Student Card Templates

Getting a proof of identity as a student is often a difficult task due to different parental and documentary concerns that need to be addressed prior to the issuance of these personal identification documents. This is also why students rely on student ID cards as their main proof of identity during their school years.

Student professional ID cards or just student cards act as a student’s proof of identity, age, and matriculation status. These cards are usually issued by schools, universities, local state authorities, and student organizations. In the United States, only documents or IDs issued by the government may be considered as proof of existence. Student ID cards issued by other organizations may still be honored in some establishments but not for official government transactions like getting a passport or applying for a marriage license.

Anyone who is currently enrolled in a school—whether undergraduate, masters, or doctoral course—is entitled to get a student identification card from their respective academic institutions. Some online schools or institutions offering correspondence courses may ask students to download official student card templates and print out the ID cards. This way, even students using alternative learning systems can have their own ID cards.

Student Identity Card Design

Student Identity Card

Professional Student ID Card

Professional Student ID Card

Modern Student ID Card


3D Student ID Card Template


Elegant Student ID Card Design

Elegant Student ID Card Design

Student Card Template


How to Create Student Card Templates

Designing student card templates is not for the fainthearted. Just like any form of art, student card designs will still require a certain degree of artistic skill. You need to create a design template that will differentiate your work from all other student cards available in the market today. Here are a few steps you can follow if you want to create an original student ID card template:

Student Card Making Techniques

Student card templates generally vary between each organization. So if you are tasked to create a student card for your home-schooled child or for your own school, we have listed a few card making techniques that will specifically apply to creating a student card.

Student Identification Card Template


Student Card Lanyard Set Template


Blank ID Card Template


3D Illustration Student ID Card Template


Student ID Card Template


How to Get a Student Card

Official student cards are released by schools, universities, or other accredited organizations. You also need to be enrolled at the institution before you can get a student card. In order to get an official student card, you may need to fill out and submit other forms to prove your identity. Examples of these forms are birth certificate templates and/or passports. Other institutions may also require you to submit a certificate issued by your college attesting that you are currently enrolled there.

Another type of student card, the International Student Identity Card (or ISIC), is issued by the ISIC Association. This organization follows a standard student card template for all the cards they issue. This card allows students to enjoy their time as students by giving them access to student discounts worldwide. The International Student Identity Cards are valid for one year. If you are a student, you may get an International Student Identity Card in addition to your school’s student card if you want to avail of different student discounts.