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People love the idea of surprises or being surprised. The feeling of loved ones orchestrating or giving out something they are not expecting translates as something thoughtful to people, which ultimately makes them feel special. And there are tons of ways surprises can be done, whether grand or not, there are just a plethora of options to go for. You may also see printable card templates.

There is the option of something as elaborate as organizing a party for someone or the more simple route which is just giving them gifts. Whatever way one wishes to surprise an individual, the thought of doing so alone compensates for the grandiosity of the gesture or the lack thereof. You may also see funny birthday card templates.

Sweet Surprise Birthday Card Template

sweet surprise birthday card template1

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Surprise 60th Birthday Party Card

surprise 60th birthday party card1

Surprise Funny Birthday Card Design

surprise funny birthday card design1

So, if you are someone wishing to surprise a family member, a friend, a colleague for their birthday, you do not have to go to extremes in order to validate your gesture. You can just simply settle for a card template with a cute design and a sincere handwritten letter, which can be already more than enough.

Although simple, it is indeed an adequate surprise as people have always said, “it is the thought that counts” and with a card, you are able to abundantly express your feelings and thoughts about the individual in a genuine and sincere manner no other material things can. With that said, if you are looking for a birthday card which you can make on your own, with customizable elements, here is a list for you that you can give as a surprise to an individual.

Funny Birthday Surprise Card Example

funny birthday surprise card example1

Why Use Birthday Cards as a Surprise Gift?

There are times when people are faced with the dilemma of what gift to give. When that happens, people commonly go for an option that simply elicits sincerity that is able to foreground their feelings towards the other person and birthday cards are just as capable. A simple and modest option compared to the more lavish and grand surprise birthday parties or luxury goods others have the means to go for.

Birthday cards highlight and showcase what you truly feel for the person which can help in making them truly feel special on their birthday. But, other than that, there are other reasons why people opt for birthday cards. Reasons that justify the fact that despite being simple, a sample birthday card is still an ideal choice to go for as gifts, maybe even better sometimes.

1. Practical

Compared to other options, birthday cards are far more practical considering you do not have to gallantly spend with it. All you need, if you are considering a premade card, are designs and templates and you are good to go. While if you wish to go for something more ostentatious, there are a lot of things to consider, especially when you are considering throwing a surprise birthday party. There are the setups, the DJs for the music, and the foods for the guest, to name a few, all of which are considerably priced nowadays. So, in the end, although makes for a great event does not make for a practical choice.

2. Creative

Since most birthday card templates are do-it-yourself, there is an ample avenue for you to showcase your creativity which can translate as an effort to the person you are giving it to. You can do whatever you want with a card, there is the option to place it inside an envelope or even design it in such a way best reflects you and the receiver’s personality. There is just a lot of different ways you can do with it that best shows your creativity and that is able to translate as thoughtful and sincere.

3. Sincere

Sincerity is when you go through the process of thinking about what and making it happen for the person, whether the gift is big or small. And printable birthday cards are commonly right up in that alley, where one has to create the card and put into words what they feel for the person, that alone is an incredible act of sincerity. Birthday cards, albeit simple, are able to just show people that you are true with your feelings and intentions.

4. Keepsakes

One of the beauties of a card is how over time its value increases to the person. Its sentimental value also increase, which allows anyone to look back on it when moments of nostalgia kicks in. It allows any individual to recall the exact feeling he or she felt the moment they read the card for the first time or all the beautiful memories that it contains. You may also see boyfriend birthday card templates.

5. Unexpected

Generally, card designs are the last gifts people can think of they will receive on any occasion. It being unexpected already makes it a unique gift compared to the obvious material things most people will shower them with. It will also truly make you and your gift stand out from the rest and be remembered for its simplicity, not to mention sincerity.

Modern Surprise Party Card Template

modern surprise party card template

Pre-made Birthday Card Designs and Templates

There are tons of ways one acquire PSD birthday cards that they can use as gifts to people. Such ways vary but ultimately share the same end-result. One can choose to have it custom-made by a professional graphics artist, buy ones at card kiosks, or simply buy designs and templates online that are readily available. But, among the three options commonly opted by people, it is the premade option that is usually chosen because of how ideal it is especially if you are someone looking for an option that is efficient and practical.

1. Affordable

The pre-made option is generally more affordable than its other counterparts. This is because the graphics designers who create these designs are not under the need to follow any demands or requirements. They simply create the ones they like at their own time. Compared to when you opt to have it custom-made, there is the inevitability for it to be costly considering the intensive process it entails, considering also that there is no cheap labor nowadays.

2. Workable

Considering that it is pre-made, it only means there is still ample space for you to work on. Not only that, but you do not need to have extensive knowledge about the different design software most graphics designer use, as basic knowledge can already help you create your own birthday card. And since it is pre-made, which means initial designs are already laid out, you can simply finish the one started by the graphics designer or use it as an inspiration to base off of. You may also see surprise birthday invitations.

3. Editable

These pre-made designs and templates are fully editable and customizable to your own preference. You can edit the texts, fonts, colors, sizes, and a few other elements on the design. Sometimes it comes with smart object layers or vector files that enable you to move around elements of the design to create a more unique and personalized birthday card.

4. Design Options

With the pre-made option, there are a lot of design variations you can choose from, depending mostly on what resonates with you the most or best suits your preference. There are simple designs, modern designs, and even fun designs; there are also designs that come with cute prints and funny phrases to make it even more different and unique. There is definitely one for every preference. Birthday cards for every different individual seeking.

Surprise 75th Birthday Card Design

surprise 75th birthday card design

Birthday cards are not the most likely gifts one gets to receive on any occasion. But, with the gesture being packed with thought and effort, it makes one that is truly ideal. It simply has the capability to make any person who gets to receive a card feel special, also considering the time it took to create one, together with its content. You may also see surprise invitation samples.

Although there are other gift options grander than birthday cards, nothing can be grander in terms of letting an individual feel special and appreciated than with a simple card. Its simplicity lets your true intentions and feelings come to the front, which allows the person to really see how you feel for them. And it also does not also blind them with grandiosity like how other material things do, that sometimes come across as superficial and insincere, which can imply as “only given for the sake of giving something.” You may also see surprise invitation templates.

If you truly want to surprise someone on their birthday, surprise them with your emotions put into words. How you truly feel for them or simply recall the beautiful memories you have created together. That will undeniably surprise them, given the cliche of material things on birthdays. You may also see invitation card examples.

Surprise Birthday Printable Card

surprise birthday printable card1

Surprise Birthday Party Card

surprise birthday party card1

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals seeking the best surprise birthday card designs and templates to use as surprise gifts to people they know. birthday.

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