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Thank you cards are given to express gratitude to a colleague, a friend, or even a mentor. They can be a one-sided card or a full folded card with words of kindness and appreciation. You can find these cards in bookstores and other gift shops at a reasonable price. But, did you know that you can actually create your own?

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Do your own thank you card and save a few bucks that you will be spending for a pre-made one. You can grab ideas from samples online or you can download these thank you card templates to customize. Personalize your designs and express your thanks in a creative way.

Thank You Card Design

thank you card design1

Handmade Thank You Card Designs

Handmade Thank You Anniversary Card

handmade thank you anniversary card1Download

Handmade Thank You Card with Photo

handmade thank you cards with photoDownload

Handmade Congratulations Thank You Card

handmade congratulations thank you cardDownload

Handmade Father’s Day Thank You Card

handmade fathers day thank you cardDownload

Handmade Thank You Flower Card

handmade thank you flower card1Download

Wedding Thank You Card Designs

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

wedding thank you card wording1Download

Wedding Thank You Card Template

wedding thank you card templateFree Download

Belated Wedding Thank You Card

belated wedding thank you cardDownload

Beach Wedding Thank You Card

beach wedding thank you card1Download

Wedding Shower Thank You Card

wedding shower thank you card2Download

Wedding Thank You Card Sample

wedding venue thank you cardDownload

Business Thank You Card Designs

Business Holiday Thank You Card

business holiday thank you cardDownload

Business Lunch Thank You Card

business lunch thank you cardDownload

Business Meeting Thank You Card

business meeting thank you card1Download

Business Realtor Thank You Card

business realtor thank you cardDownload

Blank Business Thank You Cards

Baby Thank You Card Designs

baby thank you card designsDownload

Baby Announcement Thank You Card

baby announcement thank you cardDownload

Baby Boy Thank You Card

baby boy thank you card1Download

Baby Mickey Mouse Thank You Card

baby mickey mouse thank you cardDownload

Baby Thank You Gift Card

baby gift thank you card1Download

New Baby Thank You Card

new baby thank you cardDownload

Free Printable Thank You Card Designs

Printable Black and White Thank You Card

printable black and white thank you cardDownload

Disney Thank You Card

disney thank you cardDownload

Printable Blank Easter Thank You Card

printable easter thank you cardDownload

Printable Frozen Thank You Card

printable frozen thank you card printableDownload

Printable Coloring Thank You Card

printable coloring thank you cardDownload

When to Send Thank You Cards

Sending thank you cards hasn’t been a common practice by many in today’s trend. But, there are still some who continues to follow this etiquette. There are the different reasons and occasions where you can send a thank you card. To guide you with that, here is a short list to consider for the appropriate times of expressing gratitude in cards.

After the Wedding

You have celebrated a big day in your life and it would not have been as awesome as it was had it not been for the guests that attended. Because of that, you need to thank all those who have attended your wedding day. A simple thank you message can be sent to ordinary guests but a handmade card is more appropriate for those who went out their way to give you a gift. This is to thank them for the effort they have made and express to them that you are truly grateful for their presence.

After a Funeral

As hard as it is to grieve, you still need to send out thank you cards to those who consoled you during the hardest time. You can look for pre-made funeral thank you cards or print out your own downloaded thank you card template to make it easier for you. These cards must be sent to those who sent flowers, donations, notes, and other help to your side. Given that it is hard for you to do this, you can have a representative (close friend or relative) to write down your thank you message on the card.

After Recovering from Illness

People who visited sent gifts and notes, or donated valuable help has to be given your thanks personally. Although it does not have to be a physical card, you still have to tell them some kind words of thanks. An email of a customized template should suffice. This is to show them of how much they have done in terms of support during your time of recovery. If you are still not strong enough to do the card, you can have someone do it for you. Though, you have to make sure that the thank you card would actually come from you.

After a Baby Shower Party

A baby shower or a bridal shower is a party in honor for the upcoming chapter in your life. And the people you have celebrated it with are the first few people who are going to be a part of this next chapter. It would be just right for you to send them some words of gratitude for taking part in this turning moment of your life. This is especially true to those you have given the extra effort of giving you a gift. Nevertheless, all your guests should be thanked even with just a very short message.

After a Housewarming Party

Another milestone in your life is actually scoring a new place to call your home. While you are enjoying the comfort and coziness of your new house, you can start penning your handmade thank you cards for those who are attending. A simple thank you message on the card will do the work.

After a Business Anniversary Party

This should be sent not just to the guests who honored you with their presence but to the sponsors and benefactors as well. In fact, those who put forth their best effort of giving support should be sent a thank you card. You can send it over email or send a physical card to the recipient. Personalize your message to actually show how thankful you are for their help.

Cool Thank You Card Designs

Animated Thank You Card

animated thank you cardDownload

Donation Thank You Card

donation thank you cardDownload

Email Thank You Card

email thank you cardDownload

Referral Thank You Card

referral thank you cardDownload

Virtual Thank You Card

virtual thank you card1Download

Birthday Thank You Card Designs

Birthday Party Thank You Card

birthday party thank you card4Download

Birthday Wishes Thank You Card

birthday wishes thank you card4Download

Barbie Birthday Thank You Card

barbie birthday thank you cardDownload

First Birthday Thank You Card

first birthday thank you cardDownload

Carnival Birthday Thank You Card

carnival birthday thank you cardDownload

Christmas Thank You Card Designs

Christmas Bonus Thank You Card

christmas bonus thank you cardDownload

Thank You Letter for Christmas Card

thank you letter for christmas cardDownload

Merry Christmas Thank You Card

merry christmas thank you cardDownload

Personalized Christmas Thank You Card

personalised christmas thank you card1Download

Business Christmas Thank You Card

business christmas thank you cardDownload

Funeral Thank You Card Designs

Black Funeral Thank You Card Template

black funeral thank you card templateDownload

Floral Funeral Thank You Card

floral funeral thank you cardDownload

After Funeral Thank You Card

after funeral thank you cardDownload

Thank You Card after Funeral

thank you card to church after funeralDownload

Floral Funeral Thank You Card

funeral floral thank you cardDownload

Funeral Memorial Thank You Card

funeral memorial thank you cardDownload

Graduation Thank You Card Designs

College Graduation Thank You Card

college graduation thank you card2Download

Generic Graduation Thank You Card

generic graduation thank you cardDownload

High School Graduation Thank You Card

high school graduation thank you card2Download

Kindergarten Graduation Thank You Card

kindergarten graduation thank you card1Download

Some Helpful Tips for Thank You Cards

Sending thank you cards also have basic rules to go by. It does not have to be followed really strictly, but it is ideal for you to do the gesture following proper etiquette. Know the appropriate measures to follow when sending a thank you card. To help you understand, here are a few key points to remember when planning on sending a thank you card.

Write Down Messages

Whether you have a handmade card or a printed out template, it is more personal if you write down the messages yourself. Although it sounds tiresome, writing it manually makes the card more heartwarming. It shows your sincerity towards the recipient and the sincerity of your gesture. It makes the recipient think that you are doing the gesture out of your heart rather than a must-do thing.

Send It Sooner

Don’t wait until a month has passed before you send your thank you card to the giver. A week or two after is ideal. The memory of the gift that was given to you is still fresh. If sending on snail mail, calculate the duration to see when they could possibly receive it. The sooner you send the card, the better.

Mention the Present

Do not forget to casually talk about the present. Mention it in a positive light regardless of how you truly feel about it. If the clothes don’t fit you or if you don’t like the color, you can say general words of praise like “thank you for the jacket, it looks cozy.” It will make them feel like you truly appreciate their small gift no matter how much it was worth.

Skip Talking about Money

Although you want to talk about what they gave, when it comes to money, it does not apply. Never say something like “Thank you for the $40 do have given to me on my birthday.” or “many thanks for the $100 certificate at somewhere.” Some people are offended when money is brought up during gift giving.The same applies to gift certificates and coupons. Instead, you can say “I really appreciate the certificate you have given” or “the coupon is really useful, thank you.”

Mention Staying in Touch

You have to give assurance that you are not just there because of the gift. Tell them great things like “see you around soon” or “I hope to see you again.” Put this right before you close the message to end things on the best note. This will let them know that you do not just want them for their gift but your legitly happy to spend time with them.

Use Proper Closing Remarks

Lastly, do not end your thank you message directly with your name. Write something like “sincerely” or “best regards” for formal letters to sponsors or donors. Meanwhile, if you are signing it for the family member, friends, or significant others, you can use sweet words such as “love” and “truly yours.” It seals the final touch of your personalized notes.

Bridal Shower Thank You Card Designs

Retro Bridal Shower Thank You Card

retro bridal shower thank you cardDownload

Bridal Shower Thank You Note Card

bridal shower thank you note cardDownload

Bridal Shower Thank You Pop Up Card

bridal shower thank you pop up cardDownload

 Bridal Shower Hostess Thank You Card

bridal shower hostess thank you cardDownload

Bridal Shower Thank You Card Responses

bridal shower thank you card responsesDownload

Thank You Greeting Card Designs

Belated Thank You Greeting Card

belated thank you greeting cardDownload

Golf Thank You Greeting Card

golf thank you greeting cardDownload

Thank You Parents Greeting Card

thank you parents greeting cardDownload

Thank You Teacher Greeting Card

thank you teacher greeting card2Download

Thank You for Dinner Greeting Card

thank you for dinner greeting cardDownload

Thank You Card Designs for Baptism

Baby Baptism Thank You Card

baby baptism thank you cardDownload

Floral Wreath Baptism Thank You Card

floral wreath baptism thank you cardDownload

Handmade Baptism Thank You Card

handmade baptism thank you cardDownload

Thank You Teacher Card Designs

Thank You Preschool Teacher Card

thank you preschool teacher cardDownload

Thank You Music Teacher Card

thank you music teacher cardDownload

Thank You Card for Retiring Teacher

thank you card for retiring teacherDownload

Thank You Appreciation Card for Teacher

thank you appreciation card for teacherDownload

Free Thank You Teacher Card

free thank you teacher cardDownload

Children’s Thank You Card Designs

Children’s Song Thank You Card

childrens song thank you cardDownload

Children’s Travel Thank You Card

childrens travel thank you cardDownload

Children’s Place Thank You Card

childrens place thank you cardDownload

Children’s Reindeer Thank You Card

childrens reindeer thank you cardDownload

Children’s Valentine Thank You Card

childrens valentine thank you cardDownload

Ways to Send Your Thank-You Cards

Now that you have the whos, whats, and whens, it’s time to consider the hows. How do you actually send the thank you card? Which method is more preferable for you to use? Find the answers to these and answers to a few more questions as you go through this brief content below. It explains the options you have and the pros and cons if you choose the said method. Read and understand to come up with the best decision.

Here are some methods to use when giving thank you cards to family, friends, colleagues, mentors, or someone special.

Give It Personally

If your recipient is only close to where you are, you can always drop by their office or home to send your thank you card. Aside from your sweet message, your presence adds more sincerity to your words. Some people prefer to do this since they won’t be spending for the courier fee anymore. I short drive can already make a difference on the budget. You can plan your route ahead to save time when driving on the road.

Delivery through Couriers

There are express deliveries that send your letters to any place all over the country or even worldwide. If your recipient lives miles away from you, opt to have your thank you cards sent via couriers. But, before you send it to people, group the addresses all ready to send for faster transactions inn the courier shops. Organize the cards by city, state, or country.


This next option is a free one that lets you send simultaneously bulk cards. The best thing about this aside from being free of charge is that the recipient can immediately see the thank you card. However, the level of sincerity when compared with a handmade card. But when some circumstances call for it, thank you cards on email thank you notes are well accepted. You can look for thank you card templates and customize the details on it. This way, you can still add your own message to whoever you are planning to send it to.

Snail Mail

Unlike couriers, snail mails are the traditional mail that goes to the postal office and delivered in the recipient’s mailbox. It takes a while before one receives the mail. if you want to stick to the classic thank you card giving, this would seem a logical choice. In some places, snail mail is also less pricy than package couriers.

Regardless of your chosen method, at the end of the day, it is the message that you have written that matters most. It is how your gratitude was felt with the recipient that actually counts. In exchange for their kindness, give back at least a little reason that puts smiles on their faces. Be creative as you want and use the method you are most comfortable of.

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