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67+ Thank-You Cards

One of the most common thing to do when saying thank you is by giving back either with gifts or through favors. Giving can be a great way to share how thankful you are and is a sign of appreciating someone for their effort. You can either give big or small gifts, but what will matter most is your appreciation and thought of being able to give back.

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Here, we show you some thank-you card designs to give you different options in making different thank-you cards. We also give you a brief description for some examples on when to use such designs. Finally, we also give you details on what a thank-you card should have. You can also check out our website for thank-you tags as a different way to show appreciation. You may also see Card Templates 

Travel Thank You Card Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • AI



Baptism Thank You Card

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Thank You Greeting Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 7×5 Inches + Bleed


Wedding Thank You Card Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

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Thank-You Photo Cards

Thank-You Baptism Photo Card

Thank-You Flat Photo Card


Baby Thank-You Photo Card

Digital Photo Thank-You Card

Thank-You Christmas Cards

Thank-You Quotes for Christmas Card


Thank-You Merry Christmas Card

Thank-You Business Christmas Card


Homemade Christmas Thank-You Card

Thank-You Birthday Card

Thank-You 1st Birthday Card


Thank-You Happy Birthday Card


Thank-You Message for Birthday Card

Birthday Card with Thank-You Wishes

Thank-You DIY Card

DIY Bridesmaid Thank-You Card

DIY Printable Thank-You Card


Watercolor DIY Thank-You Card

DIY Christening Thank-You Card

Thank-You Engagement Card

Engagement Party Thank-You Card

Engagement Gift Thank-You Card

Engagement Ring Thank-You Card


Free Engagement Thank-You Card

What Is a Thank-You Card?

A thank-you card is like any other greeting card you use to give someone for different events; except, this card focuses more on saying thank you or giving praise to someone for effort they may have done or just a way to say thank you to someone for being significant in their life.

You can use thank-you cards when you want to return the favor done by giving him or her small gift instead of going for something big. Your thank-you cards may contain messages either short or long if you want to say something.

Thank-You Card Examples

There are different thank-you card examples you can use for different events. The designs will depend on what event you will use your thank-you cards for. Below are a few examples of these templates that we offer here which you can also download.

  • Christening Thank-You Card – These types of designs are commonly used in baptisms. You may place a picture of the newborn and place a thank-you message within a blank area of the design. The designs this template may contain are basic to advanced designs with creative font styles.
  • Engagement Party Thank-You Card – You can use these types of thank-you cards as giveaways in engagement parties. Designs may be basic to advanced ones, but you can also alter the designs to make them more creative. These types of cards are commonly colorful and creative to attract guests.
  • Birthday Card With Thank-You Wishes – These types of thank-you cards are used for birthdays, You can either use them as giveaways or you can create one and give it to the celebrant. Commonly, a picture is always included of the birthday celebrant in the card. The designs are also creative and filled with decorations to attract the reader. Like any other template, you can also alter your card to make them look more creative and have more appeal.
  • Thank-You Happy Birthday Card – You can use these types of designs when you want to say happy birthday and send thank-you messages at the same time. Designs may be simple or advanced depending on how you would like your card to appear. Usually, these designs also contain the birthday celebrant’s face and blank space to write a simple message.
  • Christmas Thank-You Card – These types of thank-you cards are commonly used in Christmas holidays. You can give them to your family and friends as an expression of being thankful to have them in your life. You can also use these thank-you cards as a simple way of expressing your gratitude to someone for everything he or she has done for you. Designs for this thank-you card will contain Christmas-themed decorations or designs for the holidays.
  • Digital Photo Thank-You Card – This type of thank-you card focuses more on the face of the person you wish to give your gift. You can use this for different occasions as this type of thank-you card can be flexible. Designs that these types of cards may contain can be both basic and advanced to express more creativity and attract the person reading.
  • Baby Thank-You Photo Card – You can use this type of thank-you card in two ways: (1) you can either use this as a giveaway to guests for attending your baby party and (2) you can also include the baby’s face in the card to highlight the celebrant or the one to give your thank-you card to.
  • Thank-You Greeting Card – This is a widely used type of card as it is very flexible, which you can use for any event. The designs may range from basic to advanced ones to make your cards look creative. You can also alter the template to add your own decorations, borderlines, or overlays.

You can also check out our website for more templates and information. You can also search for thank-you card examples or thank-you card designs from our website.

Thank-You Frozen Card

Disney Frozen Thank-You Card

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Thank-You Card

Frozen Themed Thank-You Card


Frozen Fever Thank-You Card

Frozen Invitation and Thank-You Card

Thank-You Greeting Card

Thank-You Lord Greeting Card

Thank-You Doctor Greeting Card

Bridal Party Thank-You Greeting Card

Business Thank-You Greeting Card


Thank-You Handmade Card

Simple Handmade Thank-You Card

Creative Handmade Thank-You Card


Handmade Thank-You Card for Friends

Handmade Pop-Up Thank-You Card

Handmade Small Thank-You Card

Thank-You Love Card

Love Bird Thank-You Card


Love Heart Thank-You Card

Love Letter Thank-You Card

Monkey Love Thank-You Card

What a Thank-You Card Should Contain

It is essential that you know the details of what a thank-you card should contain. Thank-you cards focus mostly on thank-you messages and quotes of appreciation, which you can use to give your message. Other details that a thank-you card will contain are much the same with other greeting cards. Below are a few details which you need to place inside your thank-you card which include the following:

  • Date – You should include the date you will be giving your thank-you card. It is important to take note of the date as it may be worth remembering when you give your greeting card. Being able to write a date for your card will make it more special and worth remembering.
  • To and from – You should also include for whom you will address your thank-you message so the correct person can read and check out your thank-you card. You should also include your name in the card as the one who gave it. Including your name in the thank-you card will help the receiver know who sent the card.
  • Content – This is the most important part of any greeting card, which is the content of the card itself. This contains your thank-you message or any message you would want to say to the receiver. You can also attach pictures on this area and add decorations to make it look attractive.
  • Design – Your thank-you card must have an attractive design, if you plan on giving them as souvenirs for events. If you plan to use thank-you cards as personal gifts, you can either make formal designs or creative ones, depending on how you would like your design to be. Being able to have a design will make your thank you have more appeal.
  • Title – This is also an important part of your thank-you card as you need to create a title or theme for your thank-you card. This is also a basis to what your design will look like. Having a title for your thank-you card is also essential to attract the attention of the one who will be reading the card.

It is important to include all of the above details in your card so that all information in your thank-you card will be clear and concise, as well as for people to know for whom and who sent the thank-you card. It is also important to double-check for any mistakes in your designs or content to prevent miscommunication and errors in designs.

You can also include quotes in your thank-you card’s content to make the reader feel special. You can provide thank-you quotes, love quotes, or inspiring quotes in your greeting cards to add more detail in your content and make your messages longer and special.

You can also check out our website for more templates and information for your next projects. You can also download vintage thank-you cards and thank-you templates from our website

Thank-You Real Estate Card

Real Estate Open House Thank-You Card


Real Estate Agent Thank-You Card

Real Estate Business Thank-You Card


Simple Real Estate Thank-You Card

Thank-You Wedding Card

Wedding Thank You Card Template

Free Download

Christian Thank-You Wedding Card

Modern Thank-You Wedding Card


Rustic Thank-You Wedding Card

Beach Wedding Thank-You Card


Thank-You Baby Card

Thank-You New Baby Card

Thank-You Twin Baby Card

Thank-You Baby Card with Text

Baby Announcement Thank-You Card

Baby Boy Thank-You Card

Baby Girl Thank-You Card

Graduation Thank-You Card

Thank-You Card after Graduation

Blank Graduation Thank-You Card

College Graduation Thank-You Card


High School Graduation Thank-You Card

Kindergarten Graduation Thank-You Card

Thank-You Communion Card

Thank-You First Holy Communion Card

Boy Communion Thank-You Card

Methods of Sending Your Greeting Cards

Their are different methods of sending your thank-you cards if you are not able to give them to the receiver in person. Below are a few examples on how you can send your thank-you cards to far-flung places.

  • Emails – This is one of the most common methods where you can send your thank-you cards. You can save a digital copy of your thank-you cards and attach them as emails. This is useful when the receiver lives far from you or if you would like them to receive your greeting cards right away. Emailing your thank-you cards can also be an advantage as it saves you the time from going to your local post office and spending money on sending mails.
  • Mail – Another method you can use to send your thank-you cards is by mailing them over to the receiver. You can use mail as your method for sending your cards if the receiver does not have access to the internet, email, or is not computer savvy. You should be aware though that mailing letters will take time depending on where the receiver lives.
  • Giving personally – This is the most common method of being able to give your thank-you cards to the receiver. This is best done when you and your receiver can find the time to meet up. Being able to give your thank-you cards personally will mean more effort and let the receiver feel more appreciated with finding the time to give such gifts to them.

Choosing Your Designer

If you plan to have a designer make a thank-you card, you must be able to choose an effective designer that can meet your needs and your deadlines. There are different methods on how to choose your own designer. The following include:

  • Checking online portfolios – You can search the web for online graphics portfolios and take a look at what each designer specializes in and what kind of inspiration they need to create such designs. This will also be a good way to see if their style in designing their art matches with what you may want your design to be in.
  • Asking friends -Another method for choosing a designer is through asking friends who own small or big businesses. You can try to ask them about who designs their ads or posters and see if you can also get them to design thank-you cards for you.
  • Social Media – A common method is also using social media since a lot of photographers and designers are using social media to advertise their photo and editing services. Other businesses also use social media to advertise different products and services as well.

Our website also offers different templates and provides you with information for different projects that you may be doing. If you need more thank-you–card related templates and designs, you can also check out different thank-you card templates and funny thank-you cards from our website.

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