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Your wedding day is that one special event that you will always remember along with your guests. Your esteemed guests are the special people in your life who want to congratulate you on your special day, and giving them a well-made Wedding Gift Card Designs is the best form of gratitude you can offer them.

After going through a ton of process in making your wedding day—from wedding theme, to caterers, flowers, venue, invitation, and the dress—you must not forget about your wedding gift cards. Read through this article to familiarize yourself with making your gift card.

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Wedding Shower Gift Card

wedding shower gift card Download

Wedding Anniversary Gift Card

wedding anniversary gift card1 Download

Wedding Thank You Gift Card

wedding thank you gift card1 Download

Wedding Reception Gift Card

wedding reception gift card Download

The Wedding Gift Cards

It is customary for the couples to give gifts to the guests that attended to congratulate and spend their special day with them. It is a form of gratitude for allowing them to take some time off their possible busy days; however, the concept of gift cards also applies to the guests giving gifts to the couple. Guests are not obligated to give gifts, but preparing and giving one to the two lucky couple makes their special day extra special.

Here are some tips to remember when creating your wedding gift cards:

  • Special note. Add a special note to your gift card. If you are the couple giving the gift card, a small line in a nice typography that says “Thank you for spending our special day with us” would make it extra special. It is the same for if you are the one giving the gift card to the wedded couple, a small line that says “We wish you all the luck and forever love” would make the couples receiving it extra happy.
  • Design. Keep your design simple. Simplicity is always the best. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not putting your effort into it, but it can also be a form of statement that married life is not as complicated as how make it out to be but, rather, simple.
  • Color. The color of your gift card matters. It is also a form of design, but if you are the couple preparing the gift card to your guest, it has to relate to the theme of the wedding. Gift cards has the ability to make the receiver reminisce about the wedding day, so having the color concept of your card related to your wedding is the best.
  • Typography. It is important that your message is clearly readable. Make sure that your guests or the couple are able to read its contents clearly as well as understand how to use the gift card. You must indicate the nature of the gift card and what they can use it for.

Check out our Gift Card Designs article for further samples.

Rustic Wedding Gift Card

rustic wedding gift card1 Download

Unique Wedding Gift Card

unique wedding gift card Download

Funny Wedding Gift Card

funny wedding gift card Download

Vintage Wedding Gift Card

vintage wedding gift card Download

DIY Wedding Gift Card

diy wedding gift card Download

Personalized Wedding Gift Card

personalized wedding gift card

Weddings are always a special occasion where everyone who are special to your heart come together in one room. Wedding is also an occasion where you get to see your loved one getting tied down with their destined partner.

If you are still unsure on how to make your gift card, above are samples you can download for a modest price and available in PSD, EPS, and PNG format to use as a reference material. If you want to get yourself familiarized with creating cards, check out our Card Templates article.

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