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A wedding menu card is used in the company reception, especially when the food service will be plated. It allows the guests to know the menu of the wedding so they can already expect what they are to eat during the reception while the wedding program is happening.

We can give you samples of wedding menu card templates where you can take inspiration from if you want to have ideas in the design that you want to put in your wedding menu card. Other than that, we can also provide you samples of different Card Templates, which you may use in different purposes and functions.

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Lace Wedding Menu Template

lace wedding menu template Free Download

Free Wedding Menu Card Template

free wedding menu card template Download

Wedding Reception Menu Card

wedding reception menu card1 Download

Wedding Anniversary Menu Card

wedding anniversary menu card1 Download

Wedding Buffet Menu Card

wedding buffet menu card Download

Wedding Dinner Menu Card

wedding dinner menu card Download

The Wedding Menu

The details of the wedding menu card will depend on the menu selection of the couple and the food offerings or packages of the wedding catering supplier. The food items in the wedding menu card are divided in the meal courses that are as follows:

  • The first course being served are usually greens, nuts, or those food items that can somehow fill the guests up while waiting for the main dishes in the reception. It may be served in individual portions or it can be given in a big serving per table.
  • The second course consists of soup or anything heavier compared to the first course being served.
  • After these fillers have already been served, the entree will already be given. In some weddings, the entree is all the same. On others, there may be a selection of entrees where the guests may choose from. This is very essential especially if the guests are on a particular diet where some food items cannot be eaten.
  • The last course to be served is the dessert which can be fruit mixes, cakes, sweets, and other items that can tastefully finish the entire course.
  • The beverages may also be included including whether these drinks are unlimited or will be served one glass per invited guest.

Any of the meal courses may be replaced or deducted varying on the planned meal course of the particular wedding. Aside from our wedding menu card templates, you may also download our Wedding Card Template samples and Wedding Card Envelope Template samples.

Wedding Invitation Menu Card

wedding invitation menu card Download

DIY Wedding Menu Card

diy wedding menu card Download

Beach Wedding Menu Card Template

beach wedding menu card template Download

Wedding Thank You Menu Card

wedding thank you menu card Download

Wedding Menu Card Wording

wedding menu card wording Download

The Design of the Wedding Menu Cards

Wedding menu cards need not to be boring as they are a part of the overall design aesthetic of the wedding. Some design suggestions that you may apply in your wedding menu cards are as follows:

  • You can use the common design material used in the wedding so that your wedding menu card will be coherent to other items in the wedding.
  • The menu cards of the catering supplier may also be used if you want to give them more exposure or if you have no time to include designing your wedding menu cards during your wedding planning schedule.
  • The overall feel of the reception may also be your inspiration in creating your wedding menu card design. Your wedding menu card must be able to reflect the location so that it will be pleasing to the eyes.
  • You may also want to consult your wedding reception event designer so suggestions on how you can make your wedding menu card stand out may be given.

Other than our wedding menu cards, our Wedding Place Card samples are also available for download if you want to see samples on how the name tags of the guests to be placed in their respective seats during reception may be done and designed.

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