15 Awesome Wedding Pop-up Cards


If you are looking for a way to set your wedding apart from other regular weddings without breaking the bank, let us give you a suggestion. Why not use wedding pop-up cards?

That got you thinking, right? How, you thought, would a pop-up card fit in a wedding celebration? Read on further for more information on this creative wedding idea.

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What are pop-up cards?

A pop-up card works like a regular greeting card. Its main distinguishing characteristic is the pop-up mechanism found inside the card that allows card designers to create design elements that flop up and out. Literally, these cards include design elements that will pop out of the card when they are opened. These pop-up mechanisms are created using origami (paper folding), kirigami (paper cutting), or a combination of the two.

These days, designing and creating pop-up cards is made easier thanks to the proliferation of portable laser die-cutting machines like the Silhouette vector XD, Sizzix, and Cricut.

3D Wedding Pop-up Card

3d wedding card pop up

3D Grooms Pop-up Wedding Card

3d lgbt two grooms pop up wedding card 788x788

The LGBT Two Grooms Pop-up Wedding Card Design pictured above is the perfect example of an inclusive and non-discriminating greeting card design. This card measures 5 inches by 7 inches and is made out of high-quality card stock. The card’s front cover features the silhouette of a gay couple surrounded by a flower wreath, with everything set against a purple background.

Couples may write any message on the card’s inside page since it is left blank except for the popup design. This popup card is created by LovePop and there is also one available for two brides.

Bride and Groom Wedding Pop-up Card

bride and groom wedding popup card pop up wedding card

Choose the Bride and Groom Wedding Pop-up Card if you want a wedding card design for a heterosexual couple. In this card, the bride and groom design elements will pop up when the card is opened. The inner page also includes die-cut designs of different heart drawings. The card face is available in red.

Wedding Pop Up Card Design

wedding pop up card

Church Wedding Pop-up Card

church wedding popup card

Carriage Wedding Pop-up Card

customised carriage wedding popup card

The Customized Carriage Wedding Pop-up Card embedded above works well both as a wedding card and as a wedding souvenir. It may also be given to a couple on their wedding day. If you wish to manually recreate this card design, you may need to have a laser die-cutting machine or have the cutting template for this specific card template.

Wedding Invitation Pop-up Card

great gatsby wedding invitations popup card

Why use wedding pop-up cards?

Before weddings became a modernized phenomenon, wedding invitations or wedding cards were handwritten and sent to close friends and family members or were spread through word of mouth. It is only in recent decades that weddings have become more capitalistic in nature. But even if couples want to do away with lavish weddings, they still want to slightly spend for this occasion and indulge themselves in some aspects of the wedding celebration.

It is this belief that brought about the rise of alternative ways to present one’s wedding invitation cards. Listed below are different reasons for you to consider when choosing a pop-up wedding card design.

  • To surprise wedding guests. The main draw of pop-up wedding cards is that they can pleasantly surprise your guests. Pop-up cards designed for weddings will typically sport design elements picturing couples, flowers, beautiful curlicue patterns, and typography. All these elements will go well with any wedding motif that you may have already set.
  • To create something different for your wedding. Most couples (especially the bride) will want to have something that will differentiate their wedding from other weddings. Even if weddings are occasions that formalize the union of two individuals, careful thought should still be placed into preserving each person’s individuality. A good way to do this is by using unique items like wedding cards with pop-up designs. If either the bride or groom loves paper crafting, using pop-up cards will work well in showing his or her creativity.
  • To save time on designing a wedding card. Weddings require a lot of sample invitation cards especially if you are planning a big event with a lot of attendees. In this scenario, it is only reasonable to order pre-made wedding pop-up cards. This way, the bride or the wedding planner does not have to manually create each wedding card and instead save time and effort. We all know that weddings take a lot of work to plan and implement. So it is more reasonable to get wedding invitation pop-up cards from one source and spend the time intended for wedding card creation on other more important aspects of wedding planning.
  • To reduce the cost of printing out individual wedding cards. Some may argue that using wedding pop-up cards will be more costly in the long run. But we say otherwise. This is because pop-up printable wedding cards may be used as a dual purpose item for weddings. For example, a wedding card given to guests during the wedding reception may also act as the wedding souvenir. This way, you reduce the cost of buying wedding souvenirs and also in creating individual wedding cards. Following this approach is also more practical since most wedding guests do not have a real use for a wedding card. They may get to keep it a few weeks or months after a wedding but it will surely be thrown out afterward. Creating a wedding pop-up card that acts as a souvenir will hold more sentimental value.
  • As a conversation starter during the wedding reception. An often overlooked aspect of weddings is your guests’ sense of comfort during the entire event. Yes, the wedding should be all about the couple but any event planner should know that caring about guests’ welfare during the event will help make it a successful and enjoyable one. Your wedding guests may not know each other so it is better to help them start conversations. A good way to do that without having the couple go over to each wedding guest and introduce them to other guests is by placing wedding pop-up cards on the tables. Small thoughtful things like these will help create a livelier event atmosphere.
  • To use as a wedding souvenir. As mentioned earlier, wedding pop-up cards will suit really well as wedding souvenirs. If you intend to have a parting gift or token for your wedding guests, why not just use pop-up wedding cards? With a wedding card that pops up and includes a witty message, guests will leave with a fond memory of the couple and the event. This type of wedding souvenir may not be suitable for strictly formal wedding events but it can still be used with discretion. Giving this to older guests may be considered poor wedding etiquette so you may as well think of an alternative wedding token for them.

Embedded below are 15 examples of wedding pop-up cards that any couple may use for their own wedding. Browse through them for inspiration and if you have your own die-cutting machine at home, you may easily recreate these wedding card templates.

Handmade 3D Wedding Pop-up Card

handmade 3d wedding popup card

The Handmade 3D Wedding Pop-up Card Design featured above does not only work well as a wedding invitation template but it may also be used as a personalized greeting card example. If used for weddings, you may request to change the sentiment reflected on the card’s inner page. And depending on your wedding motif, you may request to have the card cover color changed into the same color chosen for your wedding.

Wedding Pop-up Greeting Card

happy wedding popup greeting card

Elegant Pop-up Wedding Card

mr mrs pop up wedding card

The Mr. & Mrs. Pop-up Wedding Card Design featured above follows a simple typography layout. If you have chosen a minimalist wedding theme, this wedding card design may suit you. The card’s pop-up element will be a pleasant surprise to guests who may have expected to see boring card designs due to the minimalist theme. Since most popup cards will still require some handcrafting skills, it may be best to study these steps on how to create handmade greeting cards prior to creating your own pop-up wedding cards.

Peach Wedding Pop-up Card Template

peach wedding pop up card template

Couple Wedding Pop-up Card

swing couple wedding pop up card

Wedding Cake Pop-up Card

wedding cake popup card

The Wedding Cake Pop-up Card Design pictured above is a good card design to use if you want to stick with exclusively wedding themes for your wedding card. If you want, you may even ask the card designer if you are able to use a picture of the wedding cake design that you will have during your wedding. Of course, this may constitute additional costs but doing so will make the wedding card design more personalized.

Wedding Chapel Pop-up Wedding Card

wedding chapel pop up wedding card

The Wedding Chapel Pop-up Wedding Card Design is perfect for those who are planning to have a church wedding. Some card designers may even create a pop-up replica of the church where the wedding is going to be held. If you take this approach, your wedding cards will undoubtedly be memorable both for you as a couple and to your guests. Also, note that this approach may constitute additional costs so make sure to allocate funds for that as well.

Retro Wedding Pop-up Card

wedding veil pop up card

Have you chosen a wedding pop-up card?

$55 billion. That is the estimated worth of the wedding industry in the United States. Worldwide, the figure goes up to as high as $330 billion. On average, each wedding in the country costs about $18,000. This amount is spent on paying for dresses, venue rental, catering, jewelry, flowers, wedding planners, videography, souvenirs, and other miscellaneous items. With all these expenses, it would be a good idea to save on costs by getting one of these lovely yet affordable cards.

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