19 Elegant Wedding RSVP Cards


Proper wedding etiquette calls for the use of invitation and RSVP cards so that the couple and their guests know what to expect from the wedding event. In this article, we provide examples of elegant wedding RSVP card templates that anyone could purchase for their special day.

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What is an RSVP card?

First, let us define what is an RSVP card is and how it is used for weddings. RSVP is an acronym for the French phrase Répondez, s’il vous plaît. It roughly translates to “please respond”.  On formal wedding invitation cards, the acronym RSVP may be replaced with the sentence “The favor of a reply is requested.”

RSVP cards are used as a way for guests to confirm their attendance at an event. Couples and their wedding planners are then able to more accurately plan the rest of the event since they will know the number of guests who will be present.

Wedding etiquette guidelines require that RSVP cards may only be sent for the reception that follows a wedding or a combination of a wedding ceremony and a reception. If you are only having a wedding ceremony and will not have a reception dinner or luncheon afterward, an RSVP card is not required. Also, RSVP cards are sent with the official wedding invitation card. This is separate from the wedding Save the Date card sent ahead of the invitation card.

Invited guests should send back the RSVP cards within the timeframe specified on the invitation. Couples may include a wedding address label on the wedding invitation suite sent out to guests. This way, guests will know the right address to send their replies. Some couples may also indicate an email address or a phone number if they wish to receive confirmations this way.

Listed below are different wedding RSVP card templates that anyone may use for their own wedding guest response cards. Be inspired by these creative printable card templates.

Fall Wedding RSVP Card Template

fall wedding rsvp card template e1509437525976

Beach Wedding RSVP Card Template

beach wedding rsvp card template e1509437616881

Nautical Wedding RSVP Card Template

nautical wedding rsvp card template e1509437718531

Burgundy Floral RSVP Wedding Card

burgundy floral rsvp wedding card e1509437796259

Tropical Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template

tropical wedding invitation and rsvp template

Thinking of having a beach wedding? The Tropical Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template (shown above) is a good card template for that. With this pre-made template, you may edit the card background, text size, font style, and even adjust all the other graphic design elements. This template pack also includes both portrait and landscape versions of each card template. On top of that, you may choose whether to print the card in A2 or A7-sized paper or card stock.

Creative Wedding RSVP Invitation

creative wedding rsvp invitation

Choose the Creative Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template Pack pictured above if you want a quirky yet creatively designed RSVP card. This template features a postcard type RSVP card so that it will be easier to mail back to the bridal party. This template includes a dark version and a light version. The former color variation is reminiscent of the chalkboard design wedding trend. The wedding invitation template prints out on a 5-inch by 7-inch piece of cardstock while the matching RSVP card prints out on 6-inch by 4-inch card stock. The template is also pre-created with a print bleed and follows the CMYK color model.

Ink Wedding Suite with RSVP Card Template

chic indigo ink wedding suite with rsvp card template

Most wedding stationery design will feature flowers and/or quirky typography. But if you want to veer away from this trend, take a look at the Chic Indigo Ink Wedding Suite with RSVP Card Template featured above. This template utilizes the abstract design created when indigo ink is splattered on a piece of paper. All the wedding information are stated in the area inside the ink splatter.

This template is part of a wedding invitation set and will include other pre-made templates for invitations, place cards, wedding menu cards, program cards, thank you cards, table numbers cards, save the date cards, and info cards. The RSVP card measures 5 inches by 3.5 inches when printed out. This template is fully editable in Adobe Photoshop and is stored in high-resolution 300 DPI files.

Cardboard Boarding Pass RSVP

cardboard boarding pass rsvp

Are you planning a destination wedding? If you are, take a look at the Cardboard Boarding Pass RSVP pictured above. With this pre-made template, your invitation and RSVP card will resemble a boarding pass. This wedding template is best used in combination with other wedding stationery that follows a whimsical vintage theme. You may check this link for other vintage wedding template ideas.

The Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation Template measures 8 inches by 3.75 inches when printed out while its corresponding RSVP card measures 4.5 inches b 3 inches. You may also purchase these two templates as part of a full wedding suite package that will include an additional invitation pocket template.

Cassette Tape RSVP Card Template

cassette tape rsvp card template

Can’t get enough of the old days that you wish to incorporate these nostalgic elements on your wedding day? Well, try out the Cassette Tape RSVP Card Template (shown above) and prepare for a trip down memory lane. This RSVP card template is perfect for those who are using retro wedding invitation designs.

When printing out this card template, remember that it follows a double-sided printing setting. You may need to adjust your printer settings accordingly in order to print the card correctly. This card design also calls for guests to request a song and this song may be played during the wedding reception. (Isn’t that an ingenious wedding party idea?) The printed cards will measure 3.5 inches by 5 inches and one legal-sized paper or card stock will yield four of these RSVP cards.

Constellations Wedding RSVP Template

constellations wedding rsvp template

Ah, space and stars! Who doesn’t love them? Couples who have a special fondness for stars and the night sky, in particular, will love the Constellations Wedding RSVP Template shown above. This template is part of a much grander Constellation Wedding Invitation Suite so you will not be at a loss if you want to use a constellation theme for your own wedding.

This wedding card template is fully editable in Adobe Illustrator. You may also edit all the text elements in the card design. The constellation background, however, is stored as a JPEG file so it may be more difficult to edit. When printed, the RSVP card measures 7 inches by 5 inches including the print bleed.

Floral Wedding RSVP Card Template

floral wedding rsvp card template

Flowers and weddings always go hand in hand. So this leaves you with no excuse for not using a flower-adorned RSVP card. If you want to go this route, try out the Floral Wedding RSVP Card Template as shown above. This card template calls for printing in standard paper measuring 8 inches by 11 inches and will yield two RSVP cards. The floral pattern on the card face may not be changed since this is created as a vector layer. You may, however, print out the template on paper with different colors but always make sure that any new color will complement the flower’s color. You may use a color chart to determine if the new colors will match or not.

Elegant Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template Pack

elegant wedding invitation and rsvp template

Gold Confetti RSVP Card Template

gold confetti rsvp card template

Kraft Paper RSVP Postcard Template

kraft paper rsvp postcard template

Another card template suggestion for those who want a rustic themed wedding is embodied by the Kraft Paper RSVP Postcard Template pictured above. This RSVP card template is best printed on Kraft paper in order to achieve a rustic look. The card measures 6 inches by 4.25 inches and two cards will fit in one standard-sized 8-inch by 11-inch paper. Note that this card template design calls for double-sided printing so make sure to adjust your printer’s settings when printing the card template at home.

Modern Wedding RSVP Template

modern wedding rsvp template

Rustic Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template

rustic wedding invitation rsvp template

Countryside, spring, or summer weddings will not be complete if you choose at least one rustic design element. Take a cue from this Rustic Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template. The main highlight of this template design is the wooden floor texture ever present in all the card background designs. The addition of the hanging lights effect also helps brighten up the whole card design.

All templates included in this wedding card pack are printed in single-sided format. This template pack includes an invitation card template, a menu card template, a detail card template, a thank you card template, an RSVP card template, a favor tag template, and a belly band template. The RSVP card measures 5 inches by 3.5 inches and follows the CMYK color model.

Pinecone Winter Wedding RSVP Card Template

pinecone winter wedding rsvp card template

Simple Wedding Invitation and RSVP Template

simple wedding invitation

What RSVP card template should you use?

Just skimming through the images on this list of RSVP card templates can be a little overwhelming. But remember, that is just how it will feel at the beginning of the wedding planning process. As you go along, it will become easier since you (with the help of your wedding planner) will be able to determine the design elements that you like and the ones that you do not like. And eventually, you will be able to choose an RSVP card design that will best complement your personality as a couple. Enjoy the process!

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