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Having a wedding is probably every couple’s fantasy. It’s the couple’s most awaited day where their hearts and souls are united by their love for each other and their commitment to be together for their lifetimes. Whether it’s a civil wedding or one held in the church. a union is a union. There’s no other commitment more memorable and life-changing as this one. To be one of the guests for this special event is a pleasure as you get to witness how two souls intertwined by fate has arrived at a heartwarming union that’s going to kick-start a love story like no other. So, to show how much you appreciate being invited, send them a wedding wish card. You may also see marriage greeting cards.

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A wedding wish card contains your wishes for the married couple. With that said, it is only appropriate that they have a design worthy to be presented to the newlyweds. There are a lot of styles and designs that you can go for the wish card, like going for one that’s surrounded by greens or one that’s simplistic yet elegant. But, if you still don’t know what route to take for the design, you can take a look at the list that we have curated especially for you. These are all wedding wish card designs and templates that you can easily access, purchase, and download online. Let’s check them out!

Wedding Congratulations Card Template

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Wedding Greeting Card Template

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Simple Wedding Wish Card Template

What To Write in a Wedding Wish Card

Wedding wishes tend to be sentimental and borderline sappy. Well, it’s just some of them, though. A wedding wish is completely tailored to the couple. Is the wish for your cousin who you grew up with? Or is it your hysterical college roommate who has finally decided to settle down? There are a few types of wedding wishes that you can send to the person close to you. You may also see sample wedding cards.

Check them out below:

1. Formal Wedding Wish

A formal wedding wish is a typical wish. You wish for a happy married life for the newlyweds and that their love may outlive them. It’s not going to be a trip on a yacht but rather on a roller coaster that they will be riding together to face the ups and downs of life. The promise that they made to each other will be tested countless times on whether they are going to be faithful to it and to each other. You may also add in your gratitude for being invited to this special moment. You may also see wedding anniversary greetings.

2. Casual Wedding Wish

You don’t have to force yourself into writing a formal message if you don’t want to. You can write something casual, one that perfectly reflects who you are. Be authentic in your words and they will be highly appreciated, no matter who the recipients are. Just keep the message sweet and short. As long as you are saying something nice, then there’s nothing to be worried about. You may also see well wishes card designs.

3. Funny Wedding Wish

Make the couple laugh by putting in some jokes. But, tread lightly with jokes as some of them might come offensive for others. What might easily come across as a joke in conversation could be taken the wrong way on paper. As much as possible, avoid jokes that are snarky or sarcastic. Also, you should know your boundaries, especially if you are not that close to any of the couple. Steer clear of messages that could be considered insulting or condescending, ones implying that one of them is better than the other or any mention about having taken way too long (or way too little time) to get married. One very important caveat here: no divorce jokes! This will come in as offensive and will ruin the mood and possibly including your relationship with the couple. You may also see wedding pop-up cards.

4. Religious Wedding Wish

Regardless if the couple is religious or not, you can always include religious wedding wishes. But, before you write your wishes, consider first the couple’s beliefs and practices. Be careful not to say something that will trample on their religion’s practices and beliefs and customize your wedding wishes accordingly. And, if you are not sure of what religious message to write, go for more general wedding words instead. If you have the same religion as the couple, you can include few lines of a scripture that you live by or something that is related to marriage. The couple will definitely like being guided by the words of the scripture. You may also see wedding congratulation cards.

Creative Wedding Wish Card Template

5. Wedding Wishes for a Family Member

Wedding wishes for a family member can be written with a serious tone or one with a casual one. It’s completely up to you on how you want to do it. For those who you are close with, you can be as intimate as you can and put in something that only you and the groom/bride can understand. For a general wish for a family member, you can say that you are happy to have a new family member and you are looking forward to moments you are going to spend with them in the future. You can warmly welcome him/her to the family with words that would make him/her feel so. You may also see examples of cards.

6. Wedding Wishes for Your Sister or Brother and Sister-in-Law or Brother-in-Law

Who else knows your sibling more than you do? You can write some inside jokes and childhood memories that will definitely take your sibling down the memory lane. Write something like reminiscing how you were still playing in the rain outside with underwear on but now, they are clad in a tux or gown and you can’t believe how much time has slipped by. You can be emotional for with your message, and write how proud you are for them to mature and grow this much and you can’t wait for the moments that are waiting ahead of them. There’s going to be tough situations in their journey, so tell them that as their sibling, they can count on you in trying times and that you will do your best to give whatever assistance that you can. You may also see congratulations greeting cards.

7. Wedding Wishes for Your Son or Daughter and Son-in-Law or Daughter-in-Law

Watching your son or daughter getting married is probably the most emotional moment you are going to witness in your lifetime. You have cradled him/her in your arms and now, he/she is happy on someone else’s arm. Writing a message for your son or daughter’s wedding can be a flurry of emotions that can be tricky to get down on paper. The important thing is that you get to wish the couple well. From here, put in some personal touches to give more meaning to the message. If you are happily married, you can include some marriage advice. You may also see wedding card templates.

8. Wedding Wishes for a Friend

If you are not that close to your friend, you can go for something classic with wedding wordings like the usual wedding messages and some quotes of wishing the couple well. But, if you are close with your friend like how close the relationship of the moon and stars are, then you can go for something funny, personal, or sentimental with your wedding wishes. Include a sprinkle of special and unforgettable moments with them and make them laugh with some of your inside jokes. This will make a perfect wedding wish card that your friend will definitely keep and cherish. You may also see wedding card samples.

Wedding Wish Announcements Invitation

Wedding Bride and Groom Wishes

Watercolor Wedding Wish Card Template

Elegant Wedding Wish Card Template

Calligraphy Wedding Wish Card Sample

9. Wedding Wishes for a Coworker

You’re probably not going to want to wish them “lots of love” when writing a card to your coworker who’s getting married. To be safe with your message, it’s best that you go with something general for the wording. You can go for a formal tone or one that’s casual. All that said, it’s more than possible that your coworker is a good friend. You can include some lines like how you are grateful for being helpful to you in times when you needed help during work or how happy you are that you found a friend in the corporate world. It’s competitive in the office, so you might as well be thanking for not being one of those douches who bring others down just because. You may also see vintage wedding templates.

10. Wedding Wishes for a Parent and Stepparent

Writing for your parent and stepparent can be something that you are thrilled or lukewarm about. But, it’s completely normal to have difficulties in writing the right wedding wish card wording. A caveat: be honest and tell the truth. Don’t say you’re crazy about the new husband or wife if you’re not, but instead wish them both a happy future together. After all, you just you want your parent to be happy and to be given the best that the world has to offer. If this is your parent’s happiness, then you can just be happy for him/her. It’s going to be an awkward situation especially if you are still not that close with your stepparent, but try your best to be as sincere as possible without insulting or offending anyone. You may also see sample cards.

Have you found the perfect wedding wish card design?

How great is it to witness something life-changing for people that you have seen to love each other to the world’s end? It’s extraordinarily magical; something that will make you wish to happen to yourself, too. A wedding is a special event for a couple, and, as such, it deserves to be greeted with the perfect wedding wish card. To achieve that, it needs to have the right message and the most stunning design. You may also see nautical wedding templates.

For the design of the card, you can go for something casual, stylish, or something that simple but still with impact. There are a lot of templates that you can choose from the list that we have shown you, and they can be easily accessed online. So, if you still haven’t chosen one yet, you can just bookmark this page and come back once you have the time to do so. You may also see floral wedding templates.

We hope that we have helped you in choosing the right design for your wedding wish card. Just like you, with all the newlyweds all the best in their married life and may their love for each last long! You may also see printable wedding templates.

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