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People enjoy going to the carnival regardless of their age, there is something really special about going to carnivals, fairs, or amusement parks that lead people to go there regularly. It’s just like a saying heard from people who have gone to Disneyland, it brings out the inner child within them. Let’s be honest, what’s not to like about going to the carnival? There are fun rides, magnificent shows and entertainment, and not to mention the food that are being served, thinking of carnivals right now actually making me crave for some good ol’ funnel cakes. You can also read ticket designs.

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Carnival Event Ticket Template

carnival event ticket template 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Event Ticket Template

event ticket template
File Format
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Size: 2×5.5 inches with Bleed


Creative Carnival Event Ticket Template

creative carnival event ticket template
File Format
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  • Publisher

Size: US


In carnivals, the use of tickets is important, and they are used in either two ways: they can be used as an overall admission tool to permit guests to the carnival and the privileges are limitless; or they can also be used for individual attractions and the entrance to the carnival is free. Whichever of these two is more preferable for the carnival organizers, what matters is that tickets are used. Later on, we will be discussing why tickets are important in carnivals. For now, what we want you to do is to look into each and every carnival ticket template that we have in store for you.

Retro Birthday Carnival Ticket Template

retro birthday carnival ticket template

For the first carnival ticket template that we have in this article, this one has a rather simplistic design but is still sure to capture people’s attentions. The design on this ticket template consists of illustrations of carnival tents fronting a Ferris wheel, and surrounding it are the textual elements explaining the details of the event. This template comes in two formats: PSD and AI, and a font that you can use for free.

Colorful Carnival Theme Ticket Template

colorful carnival theme ticket template

To be able to use carnival-themed ticket templates, you don’t actually need to put together a real carnival. That’s the point of having a theme, it’s simply incorporating a little bit of something for a certain event. Take for example the ticket template above, this template is intended for birthday programs and if you wish to incorporate a carnival theme with the party, you have all the freedom to do so.

The Rise and Fall of the Carnival

In the early 1900’s, one of the most enjoyed forms of entertainment was the traveling carnival, it brought together families and friends to experience something very magical and memorable. During these times, the carnivals would arrive in town in a line of colorful trains, then set up their camps, and put on an extravagant presentation to their audiences. Unfortunately, as time went by when television and film was able to offer audiences a form of entertainment that they can enjoy at the comfort of their own homes, the traveling carnival and circus slowly died. You can also check banquet ticket templates.

During the start of the 21st century, large corporations absorbed various communities of circus and carnival businesses, and even then, they still could hardly compete with what digital media is able to offer. These corporations still struggled with capturing the interests and imaginations of their audiences the same way before. In the most recent years, the long-running Ringling Bros. and the Barnum & Bailey Circus have announced that they will finally be closing down their curtains. These closures have made a tearful impact in our society, it signaled the end of one of the most unique forms of entertainment, something that is very much unlikely to return. You may also see vintage ticket designs.

Retro Carnival Event Ticket Template

retro carnival event ticket template

Check out the retro-style carnival ticket invitation template shown above, it very much resembles actual tickets that were being used back then to permit guests. While the design on this template is convincing enough to make you think that it is a legit carnival ticket, the contents indicated are actually for a birthday celebration. Then again, the elements of this template are highly editable that you can change it to something else if you wish.

Vintage Chalkboard Carnival Ticket Template

vintage chalkboard carnival ticket template

Just in time for Halloween, here is a horror-themed carnival ticket template to match the upcoming occasion. To add a creative touch to this template, the design is actually chalkboard-inspired which is simple yet enough to create an impact. Speaking of chalkboard designs, you may also be interested in checking out our collection of chalkboard event ticket templates.

Carnival Event Birthday Ticket Template

carnival event birthday ticket template

Here is another chalkboard-inspired carnival ticket template for those who enjoyed the previous one. But as you can notice, the arrangement of the elements for this one is quite different than the last. To be specific, the larger half for this design is on the right side as opposed to the previous one that was placed on the left. Nevertheless, this printable ticket template still manages to bring its carnival theme despite its simplicity.

Retro Carnival Birthday Ticket Template

retro carnival birthday ticket template

Do you want something rustic and retro? Check out the template above. For this carnival-themed birthday ticket invitation template, you can actually choose to use either the portrait oriented template for making vertical invitations, or you can also use the one in landscape orientation in order to produce ticket-like invitations. Whether or not you are planning to hold the birthday celebration in an actual carnival, this ticket template is guaranteed to amaze your guests.

Chalkboard Carnival Party Ticket Template

chalkboard carnival party ticket template

Here is another carnival ticket invitation template that you can use regardless of the type of event that you are actually putting together. Making you party invitations resemble tickets is simply unique and creative, and it actually stays true to the theme. If you wish to make your carnival ticket invitations colorful, then this would probably be an ideal choice

Vintage Carnival Birthday Ticket Template

vintage carnival birthday ticket template

Super Carnival Event Ticket Template

super carnival event ticket template

Interesting Facts about the Carnival

Unfortunately speaking, carnivals invitations aren’t as popular today as they were back then, though they still hold a special place in people’s hearts especially those who choose to live a simpler yet more meaningful life. The thing about today is that while people are more engaged in technology, they are also slowly losing grasp of more important matters, engaging in actual, genuine, physical activities, something that actually connects people with one another. That is a beauty of going to carnivals, because regardless if you’re young or old, you will still be able to join in on the fun.

  • Carnivals consist of rides, shows, games, food, and overall fun and excitement, and these actually developed from the traditional outdoor activities during festivals. You may also like sports ticket templates.
  • Carnivals started to travel from one place to another during the 1800’s with the help of the improved system of transportation and communication.
  • The very first World’s Fair was held at the London Crystal Palace in England in 1851. This fair utilized the American machinery that were being used during the Industrial Revolution.
  • The first occurrence of hotdogs and ice cream being eaten was during the St. Louis Fare in 1904.
  • Before animals we brought in to perform in carnival stunning events, they were originally made to perform only in theaters. After realizing what animals are capable of doing, they were eventually added as one of the main attractions.
  • While the shows in carnivals offered something very spectacular, they are also able to offer something else that’s just as entertaining as the show itself, the parade that are held before the show proper. Because carnival admission required a fee, these parades were for everyone to see. You can also check blank ticket invitations.
  • During the mid-19th century, there was an idea to set the carnival over a barge. Eventually, they were able to pull it off with the Floating Circus Palace, which consisted of a 42-foot ring and was able to accommodate a total of 3,400 audiences.

Birthday Event Calendar Ticket Template

birthday event calendar ticket template

Vector Carnival Event Ticket Template

vector carnival event ticket template

Colorful Carnival Event Ticket Template

colorful carnival event ticket template

Here’s a more modern take on carnival event tickets, and the great thing about this template is not only the graphical elements, but the color scheme as well. The colors used for this template are highly-contrasted blue and red, which are able to perfectly compliment each other. The layers used for this template are highly organized, and you can download it in either PSD or AI, whichever is more convenient for you.

If you’re asking whether these ticket templates for event are worth downloading, then it would probably be too predictable for us to tell you that they are. Of course, there has to be some supporting claims as to why we would say that these ticket templates are indeed worth your every penny. Are you ready to listen? Because we will be doing this is a quick but thorough manner to prevent from stalling you. Here it is, these templates are not only beautifully-crafted, but they also come in high resolution files. That’s actually no surprise considering that these templates were actually created by highly skillful and imaginative graphic artists.

Then again, the quality of a template should not only involve its appearance, in the same manner that beauty is only skin deep—the external quality of these templates are nothing compared to its functionality. These ticket templates are also fully and easily editable, but make sure to use the right tools for editing them or else, you’ll only end up complicating things. And last but definitely not the least, these ticket templates can be downloaded for an inexpensive price. For the quality that you will be getting, it’s definitely a win-win situation for you. That said, don’t miss out on this opportunity, go ahead and download your own carnival event ticket template now.

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