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Catalogs are the documents that are used by companies and businesses to provide information about the products and/or services that they offer to their customers. The inclusions of a catalog depends on the listing that the company or business will use and the details that they want to relay to their clients.

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Catalog covers create a huge impact to the people who will look at the catalog as it is the first thing that they will see when the document is handed to them. Aside from providing you a guide in creating catalog covers, we can also give you samples of catalog templates so you will also have an idea on how to properly format the content and design of the entire document.

Product Catalog Cover Template

product catalog cover templateDownload

Furniture Catalog Cover Template

furniture catalog cover templateDownload

Company Catalog Cover Template

company catalog cover templateDownload

Catalog Covers for Corporate Catalogs

There are catalog covers that are used for corporate catalogs. With the nature of the content of this specific kind of catalog, a few suggestions that you may use in creating a corporate catalog cover are as follows:

  • Assure that the catalog cover looks professional and business-like.
  • The catalog cover should be appropriate with the products and other content of the corporate catalog.
  • Use design items that are not too loud or those that are exquisite and striking yet simple and clean.
  • Be reminded that the catalog cover that you are creating should not just be informational but it should also adjust to the people who will use the catalog for specific business purposes.

A few samples of corporate catalog covers are as follows:

  • Company catalog cover template
  • Business catalog cover template
  • Professional catalog cover template

Aside from the professional catalog cover template that you can download from this post, you can also view and browse through a few samples of professional catalog templates.

Fashion Catalog Cover Template

fashion catalog cover template1Download

Professional Catalog Cover Template

professional catalog cover templateDownload

Catalog Cover Page Template

catalog cover page template1Download

Multipurpose Catalog Cover Template

multipurpose catalog cover templateDownload

Other Kinds of Corporate Catalog Covers

Aside from the catalog covers used in corporate catalogs, here are other kinds of corporate catalog covers that you may use depending on the products that you would like to market, promote and advertise:

  • Product catalog covers are used by companies who would like to feature any of the following in their catalog cover:
    • A single product where they are known for
    • The best selling product that they can offer to their clients
    • A number of products that are present in their list of offerings
    • A new product that they want the market to be aware of
  • Furniture catalog covers are the catalog covers for furniture catalogs that consists of different furniture selections and items available for purchase. A few entities who use furniture catalogs are as follows:
    • Interior designers
    • Furniture shops
    • Furniture makers
  • Fashion catalog covers can be used in catalogs that are made for the following purposes:
    • Introduction of a designer’s new collection
    • Catalog for a fashion businesses or establishmentss
    • Listing of available clothes for auction during fashion weeks and other fashion events

Other than the samples that have been discussed above, there are also other multipurpose catalog covers that you may use in a variety of catalogs. In creating a catalog cover, make sure that you know the nature of the business who will use the catalog for a duration of time and the products that are being sold within the pages of the catalog. We can provide you with samples of product catalog templates for additional references.

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