40+ Best Ceramic Sculpture !deas & Artwork Designs


Ceramic sculpture design is a branch of artwork that deals with the depiction of objects in a 3D form. In this sense, the artworks that comprise of 3D sculptures made out of ceramics, depicting any object in the three dimensional form will be referred to as ceramic sculpture artworks. The use of clay to create different ceramic sculptures is the oldest form of sculpturing. The sculpting with use of ceramics (or any other form of sculpture art) must be done with caution. There are a lot of steps and points that must be properly followed by all those involved in preparing sculptures out of ceramics. Here are a few points that may help one create desired sculptures as best possible:

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  • A 3d sculpture design can be made with the use of coils and slabs, or by using moulds and clay etc. combinations. So pick out the one those best suits the sculpture you want to make.
  • Always remember that clay cannot be fired on when it is solid, so be sure to hollow out the sculpture created before. This can be done with the use of various scrapping and digging tools.
  • Another point to remember when doing ceramic sculptures is that the materials used such as clay have different shrinkage rates, so the single part of a sculpture must have same thickness so that the resultant after the shrinkage is also uniform.
  • A trick that helps in creation of good ceramic sculptures is the use of plastic sheets and bags. These are used by artists to keep the sculpture wet when building them so that the drying speed can be controlled as required by the artist himself.

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Ceramic Sculpture Design Mountain Art

ceramic sculpture design mountain art


Ceramic Sculpture Design



Eva Sculpture Artwork



Seven Deadly Sins

seven deadly sins


Ceramic Sculpture Design Awesome Creativity

ceramic sculpture design awesome creativity


Ceramic Sculpture Design War Protector Suit

ceramic sculpture design war protector suit


Ceramic Sculpture Design Nude Women

ceramic sculpture design nude women


Ceramic Sculpture Design Face & Bird

ceramic sculpture design face bird



ceramic sculpture


Ceramic Sculpture Design Beautiful Rose Face

ceramic sculpture design beautiful rose face


Ceramic Sculpture Design Baby Crying Faces

ceramic sculpture design baby crying faces


Ceramic Sculpture Design



Ceramic Sculpture Design Women Sitting

ceramic sculpture design women sitting


Ceramic Sculpture Design Lady Face

ceramic sculpture design lady face


Ceramic Sculpture Design Octopus

ceramic sculpture design octopus


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Woman & Tied Child

ceramic sculpture artworks woman tied child


John Bauer Trolls

john bauer trolls


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Monster Art Design

ceramic sculpture artworks monster art design


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks New Design Cat

ceramic sculpture artworks new design cat


Ceramic Sculpture Design



Ceramic Sculpture Artworks New Dwsin Fish

ceramic sculpture artworks new dwsin fish


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Monster

ceramic sculpture artworks moster


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Octpus Hold Man Face

ceramic sculpture artworks octpus hold man face


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Fish with New Design

ceramic sculpture artworks fish with new design


Luna Ceramic Sculpture

luna ceramic sculpture


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Sea Bird Design

ceramic sculpture artworks sea bird design


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Octopus with Tea Cup

ceramic sculpture artworks octopus with tea cup


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Dog Face

ceramic sculpture artworks dog face


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Ship

ceramic sculpture artworks ship


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Face wiht Butterfly

ceramic sculpture artworks face wiht butterfly


When You Say Good-bye

when you say good bye


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Raptile Killing a Face

ceramic sculpture artworks raptile killing a face


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Horror Faces

ceramic sculpture artworks horror faces


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Happy & Sad Face

ceramic sculpture artworks happy sad face


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Face with Tap

ceramic sculpture artworks face with tap


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Octopus Killing Face

ceramic sculpture artworks octopus killing face


Ceramic Sculpture Design

ceramic sculture design tools


Wind God

wind god


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Rabbit with his Food

ceramic sculpture artworks rabbit with his food


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Raptile on Face

ceramic sculpture artworks raptile on face


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Bird Art

ceramic sculpture artworks bird art


Ceramic Sculpture Artworks Man Thinking

ceramic sculpture artworks man thinking


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