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10+ Chocolate Wrapper Templates

The word chocolate makes most people drool with delight. It is the sweet piece of dessert that, when indulged, makes the angels in heaven sing and a bright light shine upon you as you devour its goodness. Chocolate has become the most famous flavor and food types that has existed in the world today as it is incorporated in many food preparations such as desserts including cakes, mousse, and cakes. Other sweet treats this little piece of heaven is incorporated with are the good, old simple chocolate bars.

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Aside from them being sweet and already wonderful in itself, chocolate bars are usually marketed with fun and eye-catching wrappers for higher probable sales. Possibly, you could be in this site for one thing—you would want to get your hands on some candy bar wrapper templates which you can use for selling or keeping in your own chocolate creations. Well, you have come to the right place because we here provided for you some templates worth using.

Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template


Printable Chocolate Wrapper Template


Vector Chocolate Wrapper Template


Blank Chocolate Wrapper Template


Personalized Chocolate Wrapper Template


Free Chocolate Wrapper Template


Chocolatey Goodness

Now that’s an idea of a title of the next big thing in the chocolate world. You may have done your job and made a special recipe of possibly the best chocolate candy bar in the world and you were wondering how you’re going to market it out to the world or simply to impress friends and family of your creation.

We have here offered for you various designs for candy bars that you can choose from. Some of our templates include:

  • Personalized. It may be a loved one’s birthday and you have spent all those hours making a special recipe to honor their love for chocolate bars. Pair that up with a personalized candy wrapper complete with your picture and name. Doesn’t that just scream personalized?
  • Black. Beg to differ from those colorful bunch of candy wrappers with a simple black one. Besides, it’s the taste inside that matters, right?
  • Vector. Garnish your chocolate bar with vector designs. Vector designs are ones that use polygons to represent computer graphic images. It’s definitely different from all the others.

Chocolates are good just themselves, but it certainly would’t hurt when you are able to add to their delectable goodness.

If you are planning on marketing your candy bars into the world, our candy bar templates will surely help with that. What the public sees first is the wrapper, so placing your candy in eye-catching and captivating wrappers will absolutely increase your sales.

Candy Chocolate Bar Mock-up


Creative Chocolate Wrapper Template


Chocolate Wrapper Template Design


Isolated Chocolate Wrapper Template


Chocolate Wrapper Packaging Template


Why Use Our Templates?

We strive to give you the best-quality designs the Internet has to offer, which is why we have provided templates that are

  • A value for your money. Investing a minimal amount for your template’s royalty is nothing compared to the returns in terms of your sales. Most our templates are free to download; however, some of them may be licensed in case of commercial projects.
  • Creative. Each of our wrapper templates differ from each other’s design, a variety that will match your tastes.
  • Accessible. Say your chocolate business is gaining traction in the world and you need more of our template designs to be able to sell more. Well, these templates are accessible every time you visit our website.
  • Efficient. Without much effort of thinking of appropriate designs to match your taste and how it’s going to represent you, these are already done and custom made for you.

If selling isn’t your purpose being here checking out our chocolate packaging designs and you just want to give out chocolate bars to express to people that they are in your thoughts, these templates can cater to that as well. Besides, giving chocolates as gifts says so much about you.

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