10+ Photoshop Circular Shapes


Photoshop shape designs, especially those in circular shapes, are very simple and structured. This characteristics may be too boring and understated at first but these are actually what allows these items to be used in different ways and applications. Circle patterns or shapes may come in different forms and sizes which is why it never gets out of the trend of different design processes.

This post contains various circular shapes that you may use as design additions to the material that you want to have an extra visual impact. There are many ways you can incorporate Photoshop circular shapes in your design so you can achieve the aesthetic that you want to have.

Circular Photoshop Shapes

circular photoshop shapes Download

Circular Geometric Shapes

circular geometric shapes Download

Circular Custom Shapes

circular custom shapes Download

Radial Circle Custom Shapes

radial circle custom shapes Download

Crop Circle Photoshop Shapes

crop circle ps shapes Download

Vector Circular Shapes

vector circular shapes Download

Kinds of Photoshop Circular Shapes

Even if circle is just one shape, the application of textures and design items in this specific shape can change the entirety of its appearance. A few samples of Photoshop circular shapes are as follows:

  • Circular geometric shapes are finely drawn circles that are combined with one another to create interesting designs. This Photoshop circular shape design is refined and sleek which allows it to be appropriately used in beautifying corporate invitations and other materials used for business processes.
  • Circular custom shapes are characterized by overlapping circles with different weights, transparency, sizes and color placement. With the stated characteristics, graphic artists can use these designs in different retro-themed materials and documents.
  • Radial circle custom shapes are more detailed compared to the initial Photoshop circular shapes that have been discussed. This kind of circular shapes used different forms, lines, and other shapes to create an appealing and striking abstract shape within the circle outline. These shapes can be used as casual designs, especially on items that are related to the holidays and other kinds of celebrations.

Circular Design Shapes

circular design shapes Download

Grunge Circular Shapes

grunge circular shapes Download

Circular and Star Shapes

circular and star shapes Download

Retro Circular Shapes

retro circular shapes Download

Abstract Photoshop Circular Shapes

abstract ps circular shapes Download

Characteristics of Photoshop Circular Shapes

The differences of Photoshop circular shapes depend on the characteristics that an artist has placed in a simple circle outline. In using a specific Photoshop circular shape as a design item, here are some characteristics that you may consider:

  • The color of the circular shape
  • The outline smudges and other textures that has been applied in the shape
  • The spaces within the combination of different circular shapes
  • The other materials and effects that are placed in the circle
  • The artistic interpretation that has been applied to create the circular shapes

Where Can You Use the Photoshop Circular Shapes?

Since there are a lot of Photoshop circular shapes that you may select from, you can also use these variants in different purposes. A few ways on how you can use Photoshop circular shapes are as follows:

  • Digitally print the Photoshop circular shapes and place it in different items that you own.
  • You can use Photoshop circular shapes to design flyers, tarpaulins and other kinds of marketing and advertising tools.
  • Photoshop circular shapes can also be used to create and/or beautify business logo designs.

You can just use Photoshop circular shapes or you can also mix other geometric shapes to make the design more interesting.

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