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Thanks to the internet, mail order services, and free shipping, ordering clothes is now made easier. Today, people no longer need to visit actual retail clothing stores to purchase clothes. In fact, more people now rely on online shopping using their computers and smartphones.

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As a business owner, you can easily take advantage of this new business model by simply distributing clothing catalogs. These catalogs may be printed out and then distributed to customers. Or, you may also make them available for download through your business website.

In this article, we will teach you how to create clothing catalogs for your garment store, boutique, or retail clothing shop. We will also provide clothing catalog template examples that anybody may download and use for their respective business.

Embedded Below are Clothing Catalog Templates

Starting off this article are fully editable clothing catalog templates that any business manager or fashion company may use. Each template is available either as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop templates. Make sure that you have a compatible graphic design tool installed on your computer before you can edit the catalog template of your choice.

Abstract Style Clothing Catalog Brochure Template

abstract style clothing catalog brochure template

Assorted Mens Clothing Catalog Template

assorted mens clothing catalog template

Blank Clothing and Product Catalog Template

blank clothing and product catalog template

Booklet Form Clothing Catalog Template

booklet form clothing catalog template

Clothing Fashion Lookbook Catalog Template

clothing fashion lookbook catalog template

What is a Clothing Catalog Template?

A catalog is a document that lists down all the items, products, or services offered by a business establishment. It can be printed on paper or made available in digital form. In the business world, catalogs will usually be a description and price list of various items that a store or company sells. Catalogs vary in size. There can be letter size catalogs while others may follow smaller dimensions.

For example, there can be catalogs for the different herbal supplements that a health company offers. There can also be cookbook catalogs that compile recipes in catalog format. Products and services listed in catalog format are easier to peruse since they are usually organized in easy to find categories or classifications. In addition, catalogs will also include images of the product, item, or service being sold. These things will act as an evidence of the physical product without having the customers handle the real product itself.

When a catalog is created for a company that sells clothes, it is called a clothing catalog. Just like other kinds of catalogs, clothing catalogs will include specific information about a type of clothing. These pieces of information may include the name of the clothing item, its size, its measurements, the fabric used to create it, and images of the clothing item instead. You may also see product catalog templates.

How to Create a Clothing Catalog

Nowadays, clothing catalogs mainly are created using pre-made digital templates. These are computer files that will already contain all the necessary graphic design and formatting styles needed to create a presentable clothing catalog. As a digital template, end-users are free to customize the template of their choice. You can then print them out at home using your own printer or you may take the file to a professional printing shop and have it printed there.

Multiple examples editable clothing catalog templates are incorporated within this article. Take a look at each clothing catalog mock-up and download the template design that you liked best.

Another way to create a clothing catalog is through the use of handmade catalog designs. This means that you will need to manually handcraft the core components of your catalog. This approach is more labor-intensive since it is like creating your own scrapbook. However, if you have the time, resources, and creative design skills, then go for it.

The use of handmade clothing catalogs may not be practical if you want to use your clothing catalogs as a marketing tool. This is why we recommend the use of pre-made clothing catalog templates instead if you want to expand your business’ market reach using print advertising. You may also see sales catalog templates.

Kids Fashion Clothing Catalog Template

kids fashion clothing catalog template

Minimalist Portrait Clothing Catalog Template

minimalist portrait clothing catalog template

Modern Clothing Catalog Template

modern clothing catalog template

Multipurpose Clothing Catalog Brochure Bundle Template

multipurpose clothing catalog brochure bundle template

Outdoor Clothing Catalog and Brochure Template

outdoor clothing catalog and brochure template

Top Tips When Designing Clothing Catalog Templates

Using and following the pre-made design in a clothing catalog template is not enough if you want a catalog that will surely catch the attention of your customers. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to develop a better marketing strategy if they want to make huge leaps in terms of acquiring new customers.

So if you intend to develop a clothing catalog for all the items that your store sells, we have listed down the top design tips that you should follow. Read each piece of advice carefully so that you accurately apply them when designing your company’s clothing fashion catalogs later on.

1. Follow a design theme.

One way to attract the attention of your potential customers is to make sure that all of the advertising materials that your company releases follow the same design theme. Doing this will help create a sense of unity within your company’s advertising efforts. Customers will see this as a good sign that the business practices within your company are planned and executed carefully.

With a single design theme, it will be easier for customers to identify a clothing item or outfit suggestion found in one catalog. For example, if your clothing store has created a fall/winter clothing catalog that is different from your spring/summer collection, customers can easily identify the type of clothing they want/need by just based on the specific clothing catalog design.

2. Use good photos.

Another must-follow catalog design tip is the use of good photos. Remember, a catalog is a visual tool that allows customers to see an exact copy of clothes that they may buy. The likelihood that a customer will buy an item from your clothing catalog will decrease if the customer cannot properly see and assess the quality of the clothing by looking at the picture.

If your company have the funds, invest in hiring a professional photographer who does shoots on inanimate objects. In some cases, it is also helpful to hire photographers who specialize in flat lay photos. This can be helpful if you also want to crosspost your clothing catalog photos into your social media accounts.

3. Include comprehensive descriptions for each catalog item.

Despite the need to use high-quality pictures in a clothing catalog, business owners still should not forget to add comprehensive descriptions of the clothing items that they are including in the catalog. Customers still want to read a written description of the item in addition to seeing a visual representation of the clothing item.

Descriptions will range from the available size of the clothing item to the type of fabric used to create the clothing. Product descriptions are also useful for customers who want to make sure that the picture of the clothing item matches what was shown in the clothing picture itself. This can be a good way for customers to assess if a clothing item will fit them or not.

4. Use the same core page layout and design.

In relation to the first tip shared above, another good clothing catalog design tip is the use of the same catalog page layout and design for most of the pages of your clothing catalog. This design technique can help ease the eye and allow customers to focus on the clothing item being featured on that specific page.

5. Do not overcrowd each catalog page.

Another important design tip is to make sure that each page in your clothing catalog is not overcrowded. This is an important design principle to follow especially if you want your customers to focus on key clothing items found in a catalog page.

Most pre-made clothing catalog templates will already come with built-in page layouts that end-users will just have to replace these image and text placeholders with their own content. If you found a catalog template like this, be sure to follow the template layout to avoid cluttering the catalog pages with unnecessary designs.

6. Add your own business logo design.

Another important design tip that business owners and catalog designers should keep in mind is to incorporate their own business’ branding identity designs into their clothing catalog. Examples of these unique branding designs are your company logo design, your official business name, and/or official color scheme.

When you are consistent in presenting your brand’s identity through the use of your print ads and other business stationery designs, customers are more likely to recognize your brand. For more useful tips on logo designing, check out the linked article.

And those are the top design tips that we recommend you to follow to ensure that you create a unique and effective clothing catalog template for your brand. Armed with this piece of knowledge, we hope that you are now more confident with you how to approach the creation of your own company’s official clothing catalogs.

Premium Fashion Look Book & Catalog Template

premium fashion look book catalog template

Professional Clothing Catalog Template

professional clothing catalog template

Simple Apparel Catalog Brochure Template

simply apparel catalog brochure template

Square Clothing and Product Catalog Template

square clothing and product catalog template

Summer Clothing Catalogue Template

summer clothing catalogue template

The Best Clothing Catalog Template

You do not have to get the most expensive nor the most feature-rich pre-made clothing catalog template in order to create the best clothing catalog for your business. The secret to creating effective (and profitable) clothing catalogs is your company’s ability to tell a story through the catalog. And this can be easily achieved by applying all of the template design tips that we have shared earlier.

Bookmark and refer back to this article as you continue to design a clothing catalog that will seamlessly showcase your brand’s vision while making sure that your customers are satisfied.

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