9+ Realistic Owl Coloring Pages

Discover fun coloring pages for kids with our realistic animal colouring pages. Keep your kids busy and engaged with coloring while you work on other responsibilities that need to be done. If you are an independent publisher, you can certainly use our coloring pages as eye-catching coloring books for parents to give as gifts to their children. 

An interesting animal to color is the owl. Owls are feathered flying birds with sharp beaks and claws, which are used to catch their prey. Most owls appear as pets in fictional movies like the Harry Potter series, which makes owl coloring an enriching activity for kids and teens.

Mandala Owl Coloring Page



Halloween Owl Coloring Page



Christmas Owl Coloring Page



Birthday Owl Coloring Page



Free Printable Owl Coloring Page

Free Printable Owl Coloring Page


What We Offer

Our coloring pages are also ideal for adults since we have different levels of difficulty. Choose a page with a variety of owl patterns and styles like:

  • Mandala Coloring Pages. Mandalas are meditative coloring pieces. They are inspired from Hindu or Buddhism symbols.
  • Halloween Owl Coloring Page. Color in the night sky and an owl in a witch costume.
  • Christmas Owl Coloring Page. Color in this cute owl dressed like Santa.
  • Owl Coloring Page for Adults. This page contains detailed patterns that makes you want to contemplate which colors are best on the owl’s feathers.
  • Barn Owl Coloring Page. This is a more difficult page to color without any strokes overlapping other lines.

You can also tell stories to your kids about owls while they color in those feathers.

What’s so Great about Owls?

Aside from being the symbol of wisdom and fearsome nocturnal birds of prey, here are some interesting facts you might not have known about owls:

  • 155 species of owls live around the world.
  • The smallest owl is the elf owl, which is only 5 inches tall, while the largest owl is the great gray owl that is 2 feet tall.
  • Owls possess gray to dark-brown colored feathers to camouflage and protect themselves from trunks and branches.
  • Wonder why owls always have an “I’ve got my eyes on you” look? That’s because their sharp eyes let them explore their surroundings in the dark.

Owl Coloring Page for Adults



Baby Owl Coloring Page



Abstract  Owl Coloring Page



Barn Owl Coloring Page



Big Eyed Owl Coloring Page



What’s so Great about Owls? (cont’d)

  • Owls usually have a smaller visual field of about 110 degrees compared to humans with 118 degrees, so they bounce their head up and down like a bobble head figure to focus well on their surroundings.
  • Owls have a structure called tapetum lucidum, which is a layer behind the retina of their eye, so they could see light twice.
  • Even with their huge eyes, owls actually hunt for their food using sound.
  • An owl’s ears aren’t located above their eyes—those are their ear tufts. Their ears are found on both sides of their faces near the eyes.
  • Owls possess excellent hearing, so they never go a day without catching and eating their food.
  • Barn owls help farmers clear out mice by eating 79 pounds of mice a year!
  • If you think you’re a night owl, think again! Not all owls are nocturnal. The burrowing owls are active during the day.
  • Owls don’t migrate to far places as most flocks of wild birds do.
  • Owls impress their might by displaying high-flying patterns.

Owls are such great wildlife creatures. They’re small yet powerful. These birds are one of the smallest predators in the world.

Give your children more animals and objects to color by viewing more of our children’s coloring pages found on our website.

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