15 Memorable Concert Ticket Templates

Concerts are such special events to die-hard fans that they tend to save up for an artist’s tour date way ahead of the concert announcement itself. Due to this devotion, concert organizers need to carefully design their concert tickets and prepare for the corresponding ticketing process. As an artist or as a talent manager, you need to take this factor into consideration when planning for events likes concerts. The simple task of choosing a concert ticket template should not be taken for granted.

This article provides useful information on why event organizers should use concert ticket templates for designing their event tickets and also provide tips on how to make these concert tickets stand out. On top of that, 15 excellent examples of concert ticket templates are included in this article to help spur anyone’s imagination when designing a ticket template.

Why use concert ticket templates?

Aside from acting as a means for granting concertgoers access to an event venue, concert tickets and the corresponding ticket templates they are made from may be used for various purposes. Listed below are different reasons why you may need to use a concert ticket template.

  • To enhance band or artist image. Using an event ticket template allows you to control the information that you show on a concert ticket. And if a ticket is for an artist’s concert, a ticket template is the perfect route to showcase the visuals, creativity, and appeal of the concert. With a good graphic designer, all these characteristics may be translated into printed form. Fans will appreciate the effort that went into the creation of the concert ticket while non-fans will be surprised with the level of meticulousness that went into a seemingly inconsequential aspect of event organization.
  • To serve as memorabilia for the fans. As mentioned earlier, band and artist concerts are usually attended by supporters of the person or group. These groups of people usually keep their concert tickets as a souvenir or proof that they have seen their favorite singers. If you are an artist or a talent manager looking for ways to engage your fanbase, you need to use concert ticket templates to create designs that will be worthy enough to act as a fan memorabilia.
  • To organize ticketing process. Another reason why you may need to use concert ticket templates is for streamlining the entire event. Concerts take a lot of time to plan so event organizers should make use of any method that will help make the entire process flow smoothly. When you use printable ticket templates for a concert, you free up time associated with ticket processing paperwork. In turn, other resources like manpower will be spent on other things.
  • To save time on ticket design. Concert ticket templates allow event organizers to decrease the time spent on ticket design. Using a pre-made template will be more time-efficient especially for concert events that have limited preparation time. A template will already include all the necessary design elements of a concert ticket, so an event organizer will not have to hire a graphic designer to do the job.
  • To reduce design costs. As mentioned earlier, using pre-made concert ticket templates will save concert organizers money on hiring a graphic design team. This advantage will especially benefit those who are organizing small-scale concerts with a limited budget. A ticket template may be easily edited as long as you have a little background on image editing and desktop publishing software programs like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
  • To distinguish a concert from other concerts. Concert ticket templates are also helpful in distinguishing your concert event from other concerts. Other concerts typically use a blank ticket template with the concert details printed in block letters. If you want to set your concert apart, using different concert ticket templates is the best route to take. Creating highly distinguishable concert tickets will also help monitor the attendees of a specific concert. This way, there will be no gatecrashers and/or other security threats to the event.

Clean Concert Ticket Template


Concert Pass / Party Ticket Template


Dinner Concert Ticket Template


Fall Festival Concert Ticket Template


Jazz Concert Ticket Template


Jazz Night Concert Ticket Template


Music Festival Brochure Plus Concert Ticket Template


Musical Concert Ticket Template


How to make concert tickets stand out

If you have now decided to use a concert ticket template, let us discuss the different tips you may follow in order to create truly memorable concert tickets.

  • Show the artist/s’ face/s on the ticket design. A concert is all about the artist, singer, or band, their music or art, and their respective fans. Remember this when creating concert ticket designs. And to create remarkable ticket designs, it is best to incorporate images of the artist in the ticket design. This way, fans are more likely to purchase tickets that will bear the images of their favorite artists. This strategy especially applies to pop singers and bands who have a huge teenage fanbase. Most teenage fans prefer to purchase merchandise that shows their idols.
  • Be creative in the design. When designing concert tickets, creativity is very important. In the music and concert scene, the most creative concert tickets are the ones that combine an artist’s album art, personality, and concert theme in the ticket design. Stunning concert tickets like these are often the ones that take on memorabilia status when the band becomes a hit. Today, there are still vintage ticket template designs from the 1960s and 1970s that fetch thousands of dollars at auctions.
  • Incorporate security features unobtrusively. When creating a concert ticket design, you need to be mindful of the different security features that will help determine if a ticket is fake or not. These security features should not dominate a ticket design and instead be seamlessly incorporated into the design. If you are able to design a ticket template that does this, you will have more room for creative designs in your ticket template.
  • Print all relevant information on the ticket face. No matter how striking a concert ticket design may be, it will all be for naught if the ticket does not include all the necessary event information. Concert tickets should include information like concert name or title, artist name, event venue, date, time, ticket number, seat number, the venue or event organizer’s contact and social media information, barcodes, and other security features.
  • Use high-quality and thick paper or card stock. If it is part of your job as an event organizer to print out the concert tickets for your concert, you should make sure to use high-quality paper or card stock for printing. This way, the tickets are sturdy and will not be torn and/or misplaced easily. You may use regular plain white card stock when printing but make sure that they are sturdy enough. In some gala concerts attended by wealthy or high-ranking individuals, a concert ticket may also act as an event invitation template. In these scenarios, using premium paper for printing is essential to make sure that the concert tickets are presentable.
  • Utilize embossing effects. A simple technique to create standout concert tickets is by adding embossed effects to your concert ticket designs. This may be done by request at a print shop or you may also purchase simple embossing machines that anyone can easily operate. Having a concert ticket with embossed designs helps elevate the perceived value of a concert ticket and the concert itself. Simple things like this do not only showcase a designer’s creativity but also serves as a way to promote the artist’s concert itself.
  • Add typography. When creating any design project, the specific typefaces used in the project often help distinguish the design from others. So if you want to create concert tickets that truly stand out and will be remembered by the fans for a long time, it is best to incorporate well-designed typography in them. To do this, make sure to use at least three font styles in the same typeface family.
  • Give breathing space. Do not crowd out the ticket face. A well-designed concert ticket is the one that looks clean and uncluttered. Make sure that there is breathing space unless you are trying to be ironic in your ticket design.
  • Add an autograph. A good way to make sure that your concert ticket stands out while also ensuring that your concert sells out is by adding autographs or personalized messages on selected tickets. This marketing scheme is effective for concerts of popular bands and artists who want their fans to buy tickets from authorized sources only.This is also a good way to ensure that scalpers do not take advantage of ticket buyers.

For more information on concert ticket creation, check out this article on how to create a ticket using Microsoft Word.

Retro Concert Ticket Template


Rock and Roll Concert Ticket Template


Rock Festival Concert Ticket Template


Silver Concert Pass Ticket Template


Simple Concert Ticket Template


Super Show 3D Concert Ticket


Vintage Classic Concert Ticket Template


For some, concerts are touchstones to a certain period in one’s life that represent youth, independence, the rediscovery of life, and a whole lot of other things. These events help tell the story of what led you to this point in your life and how you have moved forward from there. That is why when designing concert tickets, event organizers need to take into consideration this specific factor. Let this short guide inspire you into creating the most memorable concert ticket templates for your band or the event that you are organizing.

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