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15+ Fashion Coupon Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word, PDF, InDesign

Getting into the fashion business is one of the most profitable businesses for any startup entrepreneur. The best thing about fashion items such as clothes, shoes, and clothing accessories is that they are very sellable despite trends changing every year. Items which are not sold during the current fashion season can always be sold in the succeeding months or even in the next year at a discounted price.

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Coupons have been very popular marketing tools for the longest time. They were first used as admission tickets in cinemas and theater houses. These days, their use has been extended to other business functions and they are no longer limited to being cinema admission and food ration tickets. Coupons are now specifically used when the store is giving out a discount or business promotion of their products.

If you own a fashion business, whether it is a small retail shop or a popular franchise clothing store, and you want to give out some fashion coupons to both your recurring and new customers, here are some very affordable yet attractive fashion coupon templates.

Fashion Discount Coupon Template

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Fashion Coupon Template

This fashion coupon template is one of the best templates you can purchase at a very affordable price. No matter what fashion product you are selling, this fashion blank coupon is very versatile and can be used for any fashion product. The template contains an image of a woman, but you can always edit the image of another model or even attach an image of your own product. The template also uses some nice black and red colors for added visual appeal.

Shopping Discount Coupon Template

Here is another fashion coupon template which has a very sleek card design and uses very nice sharped curved designs. Gray and pink are the colors that are prominent in this template with white-colored text to complement the pink background. You can always edit the template to fit your own coupon text. This template allows the user to add the name of the company, contact number, company address, and social media details.

Purple Referral Coupon Template

This purple referral coupon template uses some beautiful purple colors. Purchase this now if you are using a purple theme in your perfect fashion business. If you have noticed, purple is one of the colors of 2018 together with red, so this template is definitely what you should purchase this year. Similar to the other templates, this purple referral coupon template allows you to edit the text to fit your own fashion business.

Blue and Pink Payment Coupon Template

This blue and pink payment coupon template allow the customer to choose from two very popular colors. You can never go wrong with either blue or pink as the blue color can be used for male customers while pink can be used for female customers. Having two designs can be advantageous for your fashion business as you can let your customers choose between different designs.

Marketing Coupon Template

This marketing coupon template uses a simple and minimalistic theme. The template uses lots of text but also incorporates a small-sized image on the top right corner of the template. Most of the template’s design comes from the font style, so make sure you make your text inviting so that your customers will use the coupon. Similar to the other templates, this coupon template is fully customizable.

Gift Coupon Template

This template also uses some simple and minimalistic designs similar to the previous coupon template. But compared to the previous one, this template only uses some green hues in the text with the template having no image at all.

Tips when editing fashion coupon templates

When you have already purchased your favorite coupon templates from the collection above, the next thing you need to do is to edit them before you give them out to your customers. Most of the time, the templates you purchase from online graphic design shops are fully customizable, so you have the freedom to edit the templates after you have purchased them. Here are some tips when editing fashion sample couple templates.

1. Use fashion-inspired themes

Fashion is always associated with glitz and glamour. Even if you are selling clothes with simple designs, you can always spice up the interiors and decorations of your fashion shop. You can start incorporating fashion into your business by applying them first in your coupons. Among the popular fashion themes and fashion-related images commonly used are pink and gold colors, ribbons, feathers, glitter, suits, and dresses. Use one or a combination of the different designs depending on your preference and also depending on your product.

Using fashion-inspired themes will not only add visual appeal to your coupons but will also leave a lasting effect on your customers. If your customers receive a well designed and well-crafted coupon, they will definitely not hesitate to return to your store.

2. Use bright colors

Fashion is always associated with bright and shining colors. Use this to your advantage and apply different colors to your fashion free coupon designs. As previously mentioned, pink and gold are two colors that are commonly associated with fashion but you can always use different colors and match them with the very popular pink and gold. Blue, red, or green can be great partners with either pink or gold. Additionally, you can even match pink and gold together and you will still get a very attractive design.

3. Limit the use of text

Even if you are selling a coupon and the value of the text still needs to be written, the text should not overpower the rest of your design. Limit your text only to the amount of the coupon value and maybe add a short phrase or sentence to describe the coupon value. If your coupon contains specific instructions on how your customers can claim their coupon, write them instead at the back of the coupon so that your coupon design will radiate and become a visual treat to your customers. You may also like sample coupons.

Multipurpose Retro Ticket

Are you looking for a retro coupon design similar to the coupons used for theater houses in the 1940s and 1950s? Then this coupon template should be on the top of your purchase list. The template lets you choose from two colors: brown and white while the surface of the template resembles a stained paper design. The font style also has a beautiful retro look which matches the template background. Similar to the other templates, this template consists mostly of text, so make sure the text you input in the template is engaging and can easily capture the attention of the customer.

Devil Red Gift Voucher

Red and black are always a great combination, as evident in this devil red gift voucher. The neutral color or the black matches perfectly with the dark hue of the red, making it a perfect combination for your fashion coupon. The gift image adds a nice finishing touch to the template to give the template some visual aesthetics. You can always replace the image with your own, either an image of a fashion item you are selling or even a face of a local or international celebrity. No matter what image you are going to choose, it still matches well with the red and black designs.

Elegant Vintage Gift Voucher

Here is another coupon template which resembles the design of the previous vintage template. The font style used here represents the grunge styles used in the 1990s. If you are selling some vintage 1990s or even some 1980s shirts in your fashion shop, then do not hesitate to purchase this very attractive vintage gift voucher template. The surface represents a cardboard design which matches the grunge text style. Although the text is taking up space in this template, you can always insert your images at the background or even at the borders. This template is highly recommended, so purchase it now!

Elegant White Emblem on Gold Discount Coupon

Here is another very fashionable coupon design you can use for your fashion business. Nothing equates to fashion more than gold glitter, and gold glitter is found everywhere in this template. To make the text clear in this template, the text is written on a white emblem to match the glittery background.

Wedding Invitation Movie Ticket

This coupon template also uses some retro theatre admission ticket style designs. Although the template was originally designed for a wedding invitation, you can edit this template to fit your own fashion business. Similar to the other templates, there is little space for you to add your images, but you can always insert them in the template. You only have to minimize the text size since the template is fully editable. This type of coupon designs are very popular and you should ride the popularity of the design for your own fashion store.

Classy Gold Floral Beauty Salon Discount Coupon

This fashion coupon template looks like it was taken from a vintage 1990s design due to its bold horizontal lines. If you are selling vintage clothes, then this coupon is best for you. The flowers bordering the text add to the coupon’s aesthetics and the overall look of this coupon template is outstanding. Flowers can also be used for fashion-centric graphic designs due to their beautiful designs and colors.

Multi-colored Gift Voucher

This multi-color coupon template uses some abstract modern designs which are perfect for your fashion store, especially if you are selling some modern and contemporary style fashion items. You can also choose one from four colors available in this beautifully designed template: green, yellow, red, and blue. Edit the text to fit your own promotion or discount in your fashion store. You may also like simple coupon templates.

Other tips when editing fashion coupon templates

1. Highlight your product in the coupon

Your coupon design will not be complete without using a photo of your product. This does not just apply to retail fashion businesses, but to all businesses selling all sorts of products. Use images of your products to add to your coupon’s visual appeal as well as to inform your customers what products or services they will be availed of with the coupon. You may also like sample coupon voucher.

There are numerous designs or effects you can use when you attach the image of your product to the coupon. In this case for a fashion business, you are not limited to using only images of clothes and clothing accessories, but you can even use images of models wearing your products and insert them in the coupon designs. Since space is limited in coupons due to their small size, you do not have to insert the entire body of the model. Rather focus on the body part where the discounted item is worn. You may also like word coupon templates.

2. Have alternate coupon designs

What is better than having a coupon design? Two coupon designs for the same product! It is not uncommon for companies to have two promotional designs for a single product or service. Having an alternate design adds to the promotional activity to keep customers excited. Most companies use this strategy as they are more effective and most of the time it translates to sales for the company. Alternate designs may be additional costs on your end as you will now be spending for two or more designs, not just one, but the long-term benefits can pay dividends for your company.

Regarding the designs you will be using for your coupons, you always have the freedom to create your own designs as long as they match the theme being used by the company. For example, if you are giving out a discounted t-shirt to your customers, use one color for the shirt in the first coupon design and another color for the same shirt in the second coupon design. Let your customers choose between your alternate designs to strengthen your relationship with your customers. You may also like coupon flyer templates.

Bright Black Gold Confetti Discount Coupon

Here is another gold coupon design you can purchase at a very affordable price. Gold circular images are spread out across the coupon design and is matched with a black background.

Rose Gold Floral Beauty Salon Discount Coupon

This rose gold beauty salon discount coupon beautifully uses flowers as the central design of the template. Different colors of roses accompanied with leaves are incorporated in the borders of the template, creating a rustic and homey feeling to the template. This template is best used if you are selling some flower-inspired clothes and clothing accessories.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our very attractive fashion coupon templates which are perfect if you are giving out promotions and discounts in your fashion store. This will certainly attract the hippest and most fashionable individuals to your store who will eventually become not only your loyal customers but also ambassadors of your fashion brand.

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