15 Attractive Restaurant Promo Coupon Templates


Businesses give out promotions as part of their marketing efforts. Depending on the products or services they are selling, businesses utilize different forms of promotions to entice customers to purchase their various products or services. For example, a retail clothing store may offer gift cards or huge discounts to their customers for a limited time period. Additionally, a store selling computer hardware may give out free gadgets as part of their promotion efforts.

Food businesses, restaurants included, also make great use of promotions. They are actually the types of businesses that incorporate promotions in their daily operations as well as their long-term goals. This is because customers easily change their perception when it comes to food. Customers will not be eating the same food in the same restaurant no matter how delicious food is. Food, whether gourmet or fast food, can gain huge amounts of followers, but is always prone to “taste fatigue”. Competition is also another factor in restaurants having to beef up their marketing efforts just to gain a competitive edge. One marketing strategy to solve this dilemma is to use promo coupons.

Coupons have been around for the longest time. Before they were used in restaurants, they were already used as cinema or performance admission tickets. They are still used for the same purpose to this day. Restaurants use coupons to indicate that the customer or set of customers have received a reward. The reward can range from various things such as discounted food or drinks or even free souvenirs and gifts. No matter what the reward, coupons are very effective marketing tools that aid in keeping loyal customers as well as attracting new ones.

Here are some attractive yet very affordable restaurant promo coupon templates you can use for your own restaurant or if you are planning to start one in the near future.

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Why do restaurants use coupons?

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As previously mentioned, coupons are very effective marketing tools that restaurants have been using for over decades now. But how effective are these coupons? Well, the answer is very effective. Restaurant coupons are some of the advertising and promotion materials which restaurants use aside from posters, flyers, and also decorations used inside the restaurants themselves. But what sets coupons apart from those other promotion materials is much more beneficial to the restaurant in the long-term.

One reason is that coupons can never be used during the customer’s first visit to the restaurant. This is a very common strategy which all restaurants use for the reason of customer retention. Restaurants certainly do not want their customers to eat at their place for only once and never see their faces again. So, they make sure that the coupons can only be availed or used during the customer’s next visit depending on the time period listed in the coupon. This a brilliant strategy which restaurants use to their maximum potential.

Another reason is that coupons, compared to flyers other print materials, have already grabbed the attention of customers. Your customers are now inside your restaurant, so what you want to do is keep them and get them away from your competitors. Compared to flyers or posters where they still need to convince the customers, coupons do not need to do any external marketing since they are only given out to customers once they are inside the restaurant. Coupons makes it easier for restaurants to do the marketing since customers  are already inside the restaurant—all they need to do is make sure they return.

Restaurant Gift Coupon Template

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Food Cuisine Coupon Template

carnival coupon 767x537 1 e1513758203955

Lunch Discount Coupon Template

carnival coupon 767x537 2 e1513758212155

Food Coupon Template

food coupon template1 767x5371 e1513758231569

Drink Coupon Template

drink coupon template 767x5371 e1513758224913

Marketing Coupon Template

marketing coupon template 767x537 e1513758246310

Blue and Pink Payment Coupon Template

carnival coupon 767x537 3 e1513758217165

Vintage Tickets and Coupons Bundle

vintage tickets cover  e1513759096620

Multipurpose Retro Ticket

multipurpose ticket 1  e1513758252281

Gift Card Template

gift card colors th  e1513758239667

Gift Voucher Template Voucher

gift voucher3

Christmas Gift Voucher

5  e1513758192531

Fast Food Restaurant Coupon

1  e1513758173565

Customized Pizza Coupon

01  e1513758182218

Thai Food Discount Voucher


Tips on designing restaurant promo coupons

Restaurant promo coupons can be purchased from various online graphic design shops. But, if you want to make your own or if you plan to customize the ones you purchased from graphic design shops, follow these simple tips when dealing with restaurant promo coupons. Remember, this does not only apply to restaurant promo coupons, but to other graphic designs as well.

Mix and match colors

The best way to provide some extra kick to your restaurant promo coupons is to mix and match colors. As an unwritten rule in graphic design, adding different shades of colors is a must.

Make it simple

Restaurant promo coupons do not need to have extravagant designs. First of all, they are small in size which can be compared to the size of cinema tickets and business cards. Second, due to their miniature sizes, it is next to impossible for you to incorporate layers of colors and text as the space and size simply cannot permit you to do so. The solution for this is to keep the restaurant promo coupon design simple and accurate. Coupons are meant to portray a message and inform the customer that they have won a reward. Do not confuse your customers and relay your message across to them by being direct and showing them immediately what they have won. For design suggestions, try using minimalist or flat designs which are very popular in graphic design these days.

Get creative

Being simple does not mean you also neglect the overall look of your restaurant coupon. You still need to be creative by adding a level of detail to make it more attractive. Restaurants utilize different flavors as well as colors in their food, so make sure it applies to your restaurant promo coupons as well. As previously mentioned, use colors. Another suggestion would be adding border designs as well as food and food-related images. One or two images will do as long as the overall appearance will not look overstuffed and clunky.

Utilize food photography

Since food is the main and only thing which restaurants are selling, the best way to sell your dishes is to highly utilize food photography in your designs, restaurant food coupons included. Food photography can be utilized in different ways, but one of the best options you can apply for your restaurant, which is also common in other restaurants, is to take photos of your best-selling dishes and attach them to the coupon template. Additionally, you can use photos of dishes which you will be incorporating in the value of your coupon. But remember, high resolution photos are preferred as they provide more detail in the photos and are more visually appealing.

Restaurant promo coupons moving forward

There is no doubt that graphic designs are constantly evolving. Each decade has seen different forms of designs. Even the designs which were used 10 years ago are already considered as vintage. Restaurant promo coupons are no different. These days, flat and minimalist designs are utilized in almost all graphic designs. It will definitely undergo another makeover in the next few years.

So, those were some very attractive restaurant promo coupons you can use for your restaurant. We hope you were able to pick out your favorites. Remember that the potential is enormous when it comes to restaurant promo coupons. There are no limits when it comes to the designs which can be incorporated in restaurant promo coupons.. Purchase these designs now while they are affordable. Since it is also the holiday season, take a look at our various Christmas coupon templates as well.

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