16 Discount Coupon Designs & Templates

Discounts are life-savers not only for business owners, but for product consumers as well. They have saved countless businesses because of their power to attract customers in a flash once they are exposed to the public, and they have also saved numerous consumers who are on a tight business budget. They are the modern-day superheroes of just about everyone. And, as such, they need to be distinct, memorable, and, of course, attractive. In this regard, we have curated a list of best striking designs that will definitely help put your business’ name out there and improve its overall performance. But, first, we have to clarify the main definition of a discount coupon.

What is a discount coupon?


You may have seen discount coupons before on TV or in malls and multi stores where they normally distribute them. A discount coupon is a card that contains a percentage that will be deducted from an item’s original place, but it does not always limit itself to a single item. Sometimes, they can be used to acquire discounts when you purchase items in bulk. Although most discounts do not have conditions, do take note that there are others that have them. A few examples of conditions that have to be met in order to use a general discount coupon are the limit of the number and price of the items that you can purchase with a discount, the branches of the stores where these design coupons can be used, and the date of validity of the discount coupon.

These discount coupons are sometimes obtained freely when they are distributed at certain places of a mall or when they are given after you purchase items or pay for business services. They are free, so do not hesitate to take or receive them and use them when you are in dire need of a bit of business financial assistance.

Shopping Discount Coupon Template


Generally Shopping is always money-draining. It is hard not to spend, especially if those awesome shoes that you like are on sale or that highly expensive game console has a discounted price. So, to entice your customers into using your discount coupons, use these template. The pattern behind the discount percentage partnered with the pink color scheme creates a simple yet classy look. There is enough space to put in all the necessary details like the validity period of the discount coupon, the discount percentage, your contact details, and many more. You may also see referral coupon

Lunch Discount Coupon Template


Who does not love coupons discounts for food, especially if it from a great restaurant such as yours? Use this template to convince customers to have lunch in your restaurant. You can feature both the dishes that you serve and the interior of your restaurant on the coupon. This way, customers will know what food you are serving and how great the ambiance will be. This design is pretty straightforward and it is a perfect fit if your restaurant also goes with a simple theme.

Carnival Discount Coupon Template


Spending for entertainment can also be quite straining to people’s wallets. That is why giving out discounts for your carnival invitation shows will definitely attract more customers. You might even put on a second or a third show when you realize how many people are coming in. The design is a perfect fit for your carnival, obviously because of the tent that is the highlight of the coupon layout. The good thing about this template is that you can put separate discount rates for both children and adults, so there is no need to make individual coupons for each. Also, put in other necessary details such as your contact info, the venue, and your social media sites, if you have any.

Valentine Discount Voucher Template


Oh, how lovely it would be to treat your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. With this template, your customers will surely be encouraged to buy stuff in your shop. The heart-shaped photo of a couple clearly screams “Valentine’s Day” from the get-go. The ribbon on top puts a delicate touch as if saying that being with your significant other is the most precious gift that you could receive on that special day. The overall look will attract more couples and definitely increase your sales strategy before or on Valentine’s Day.

Multipurpose Discount Coupon Template


Vintage Discount Coupon Template


Elegant Discount Coupon Template


Ice Cream Discount Coupon Template


Advantages of using discount coupons

Obviously, the purpose of discount coupons is to help a business. For both the business owners and the consumers, there is more to it than just a general “help”.  Let us take an in-depth look at the advantages that these discount coupons provide:

  • Attract customers like a sweet flower attracts a bee

    With the help of social media’s massive influence, getting the word out there about coupons has become relatively easy. Your reach extends further when you spread it through these platforms. That is why when you offer discounts, post it on different social media platforms and put on a good digital marketing caption. Once liked and shared, comments will start flowing in, so get ready for tons of questions. Also, get your staff ready for busier days ahead.

  • Gradually increase sales

    Increased traffic results in increased sales. When people are offered basic discount coupons, they will most likely use it to buy all the discounted items. There are others who will also buy regular priced items that they think will complement the discounted items that they bought. For example, some people will buy shorts or pants to go along with a discounted t-shirt. So, even if you put the discounted items in a spotlight, do not forget to flaunt the regular priced items, too. You may also see payment coupon

  • Gain savings from paying in cash

    It is not only the customers who can save money on discounts, but business owners as well. A certain fee is added on your end when customers transact using credit or debit cards. So, to prevent from adding those fees, discount coupons encourage customers to pay in cash instead of using their credit or debit cards.

  • Help you achieve goals

    Are you behind your weekly or monthly goals in sales? Worry not because discount coupons will help you! Discount coupons can help by attracting customers and increasing your sales in no time.

  • Make a good impression

    Reputation is everything in business. A good reputation will earn trust from your customers and increase your credibility. Giving out discount coupons gives an impression that you care about your customers, especially those who are marginalized or just generally on a tight simple budget. So, start giving out those discount coupons and let everyone know that you care.

  • Clear up more space for storage

    Discounted items are most likely the ones that are not selling that much anymore. They are set aside and take up so much space in the storage room. So, putting up nominal discounts on these items will help sell them out and clear space for other items.

Fashion Discount Coupon Template


Who says shopify fashion is expensive? It is not, especially if you know where to look. Use this template to tell your customers that fashion is affordable. The fashion design is very straightforward, but it gives off a sophisticated vibe that fashionistas clearly have. The white background is a perfect fit that highlights the necessary details for a discount coupon.

Hipster Discount Coupon Template


Christmas Gift Discount Coupon Template


Are you concerned about your customers who do not know what to give this Christmas? Discount coupons are here to save you! Give them christmas coupons so that your customers may give them as gifts. It is a simple yet effective tactic that encourages people to get more of your discount coupons and use them to purchase things from your fashion store. It is the season for giving, so why not give those discount coupons to make it more special?

Minimal Discount Coupon Template


Retro Discount Coupon Template


Retro is back! Well, when did it leave anyway? The yellow and brown combination imitates the look of rustic elements. What is great about this template is that customers can specify who is going to use this discount coupon. It is a more personalized coupon than the others. Also, it can be used as a gift to people who are into retro stuff. Get this one now and give your customers the nostalgia that retro brings! You may also see birthday coupon

Stylish Discount Coupon Template


Coffee Discount Coupon Template


Coffee has become a necessity for most people who are employed, but they can be quite expensive to some. So, to encourage more customers to buy coffee from your cafe business, why not give out some discount coupons? You might even convert some customers along the way. Since the discount coupon is for a cafe, it is only appropriate that the color scheme uses brown and white colors. In this template, you can put the necessary details in order for a customer to use this graphic discount coupon, such as the time period, the different types of coffee shop that you can use the coupon for, and the discount percentage or the amount.

Fast Food Discount Coupon Template


General Discount coupons can be the life-savers that you need. They can help your business in times of trouble and improve the performance of your business if you want to push it further. These designs are mere additions to attract and impress customers. What matters most is that you plan ahead on when you want to give discount coupons and what items or services should get a a discount. With proper strategic planning and execution, your business will surely benefit from it. We hope we have helped you with these designs and templates, and we wish you the best for your future endeavors!

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