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14+ Fitness Coupon Designs & Templates – PSD, Vector EPS

The brand new year is well underway and people have been listing down their resolutions. A new year always comes with a new beginning, closing a chapter on the previous year and starting all over again with hope and purpose. Most new year’s resolutions revolve around three things: money, peace, and health.

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Individuals want to save more of their hard-earned money in the upcoming year—whether it is to buy a new house, car, gadget, or to invest in financial securities like stocks and bonds. Additionally, individuals want to wish for peace, specifically to fix a broken relationship with family or friends, or just peace for themselves and have a more positive and optimistic mindset. The last common new year’s resolution centers around health, either to consume a healthier and more balanced diet or to become more fit through exercise and workouts.

Fitness coupons function more or less the same as other business coupons such as retail store coupons and restaurant coupons. They offer discounts and other promotions to both loyal and new customers with the hope of gaining customer loyalty. Coupons are some of the most effective marketing tools used by most companies as they are creative in design, cost less, and aid in increasing visibility among the target market and potential clients. Coupons are used for marketing and promotional efforts which will eventually translate to income for the company. Once used as admission tickets for cinemas and theaters, coupons have now evolved and have branched out to other business functions, making them more versatile.

If you own a fitness gym or plan to host a fitness activity, then purchase any item from this collection of affordable, sporty, and attractive fitness and multipurpose coupon templates.

Promotional Fitness Coupon Template

Business Voucher Template

Shopping Voucher Gift Template

Purple Referral Coupon Template

Blue and Pink Payment Coupon Template

Marketing Coupon Template

Crossfit Loyalty Punch Card

Yoga Loyalty Punch Card

Yoga Studio Punch Card

Blue Yoga Punch Card

Basket Games Punch Card

Vintage Tickets and Coupons Bundle

Stylish Simple Gift Voucher

Vector Sports Ticket Templates

Elegant Vintage Gift Voucher

Tips for editing your fitness coupon templates

When you purchase any of the templates above, you are guaranteed to have a fully editable and customizable coupon template. Although some templates allow more editing than others, you still have the freedom to place your own imprint on the coupon if you want to increase its visual and marketing appeal. After you have made your purchase, here are some tips when editing your fitness coupon templates:

1. Get creative

When you purchase any of the templates above, you are already assured of having a creative design. But you can always add another layer of creativity to your fitness coupon templates. Since the templates are fully editable and customizable, you can add more designs once you have completed the initial design. Add different colors, designs, and calligraphy to your fitness coupon templates to increase its visual appeal. Fitness-related designs usually lean toward being more casual since fitness involves high levels of physical activity, so there is no limit to the designs you can use for these templates.

2. Limit the use of text

Since you are selling the coupon’s value to your customers, the text is a very important component in your coupon designs. But text should not be the main focus of your fitness coupon templates. On the contrary, limit the use of text in your coupon templates. As seen in popular coupon designs, the coupon’s value is the only thing which is shown on the face of the coupon. A short description like a phrase or a sentence may also be added.

3. Make use of fitness-related images

Another way to increase the visual appeal of your fitness coupon is to add fitness-related images or photos. Similar to other coupon designs, adding images can prove to be more effective marketing tools and money-makers for the company as coupon designs with images are more preferred by customers compared to text-only coupons.

As previously mentioned, there is no limit to the designs you can incorporate into your fitness coupons. Since you already purchased the template, you can now add images to make it look more attractive. Depending on the remaining space left on your coupon template, you can add one large image or multiple smaller images.

There are numerous fitness-related images you can add to your coupons. You can use images of individuals with muscular builds, either a male or female (or even both) depending on the gender of the coupon’s recipient. You can also use images of fitness equipment and tools such as rubber shoes, arm, and leg sleeves, water bottles, dumbbells, barbells, cables, pulleys, pull up bars, and cardio machines. Use one image or a combination of different fitness images to add a little bit of flair to your fitness coupon designs.

4. Utilize pop culture

Pop culture has a direct impact on fitness and health and has contributed to the popularity of some of the most iconic athletes and celebrities in history. Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Lawrence “Mr. T” Tureaud are only some names which have been associated with fitness due to their dedication and hard work in their respective fields.

Using fitness coupons is a great way to start the new year on a high note. They do not only help you lose weight but also aid you in getting fit while keeping you energized. Purchase these fitness and multipurpose templates now! They are very affordable and will not hurt your pocket.

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