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Coupons are an effective marketing tool for any business, whether it is for retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or production. Coupons have come a long way from being used as admission tickets for movie and theater houses. They have also been used in the first and second world war as food coupons which were given not only to soldiers but also to refugees. blank Coupons have now extended their reach to other business functions. They are used as marketing tools similar to flyers, posters, business cards, tarpaulins, and billboards template, but are probably more effective than the latter since coupons are only given to customers once they are inside the restaurant. This is unlike poster templates or modern flyers that still need to convince potential customers to eat at their respective restaurants.

Here are some appetizing yet very affordable food and multipurpose coupon templates you can use for your own food business, whether it is a fine dining restaurant or a fast food template chain.

Food Cuisine Coupon Template


This coupon uses some brown hues and Mediterranean themes which are very attractive. Edit the images and text to fit your own restaurant coupon. This is one template you should purchase due to the attractive design and very affordable price. You may also see Coupon Book Templates.

Modern Food Voucher Template


This modern food voucher template uses a simple and minimal design which is also very attractive. The white background contrasts perfectly with the green and black text as well as the food images. You may also see Restaurant Promo Coupon Templates

Business Voucher Template


This business voucher template can be used as a multipurpose coupon template for your restaurant. Edit the images and replace the individual wearing smart casual clothes with food images or the logo of your restaurant.

Unique Gift Voucher Template


This unique gift voucher uses an image of a delicious and mouthwatering pizza templates. If you are selling a cheese, Margherita, pepperoni, Hawaiian, garlic, or even vegetable pizza, then this template is perfect for you (you do not even need to change the image of this template). You may also see Christmas Coupon Templates.

Food Gift Voucher Template


This food coupon template is best if you are selling fresh and delicious salads, but you can always use this template for other types of restaurants (either for restaurants or fast food chains selling hamburgers, hotdog sandwiches, rib eye steaks, grilled seafood, and dim sum). You may also see Birthday Coupon Templates.

Restaurant Food Gift Voucher Template


This restaurant food gift coupon template uses an image of a delicious, mouthwatering, and multi-layered hamburger. There is no need to change the image if you are selling some hamburgers in your restaurant. The green stylish abstract background designs match the hamburger image, resembling the pickles and lettuce found inside the hamburger. You may also see Blank Voucher Template

Blue and Pink Payment Coupon Template


This blue and pink payment coupon template is a very creative coupon template which lets you choose two different colors: blue and pink. The value of the coupon is listed at the right-hand corner of the free coupon designs template. Blue and pink colored text are used for the respective coupons. You may also see Payment Voucher Templates

Lunch Discount Coupon Template


This discount coupon emphasizes the value of the coupon and is very handy for your restaurant customers. Edit the the value of your coupon depending on the actual value you are going to use for your coupon. You may also like Massage Voucher Templates.

Marketing Coupon Template


This attractive marketing coupon template is another multipurpose template you can use for your restaurant. Edit the images and text to fit your restaurant. You may also like Birthday Voucher Templates

Gift Coupon Template


This gift voucher template also has a clean and simple design similar to the other templates above. Although there are no images used, you can replace it with intriguing and aggressive punch lines. You may also see Travel Voucher Templates.

Hamburger Punch Card


This hamburger punch card uses an image of a cartoon icon designed hamburger and black-and-white stripes for added visual appeal. Purchase this now for your own restaurant. You may also see Baby Sitting Coupon Template.

Ice Cream Mini Loyalty Business Card


If you are planning to give out some discounted ice creams templates to your customers, then this ice cream customer loyalty card is great for you. You may also see Referral Coupon Templates.

Doughnuts Loyalty Card


Similar to the ice cream loyalty card, doughnuts are also sweet delicacies that you can give out to your loyal customers. The total number of customers will surely increase if you start handing out these magnificent coupons. You may also see Love Coupon Templates

Pizza Slices Punch Card


Pizza is always something that customers do not want to miss out on, so if you have the chance, purchase this simple and clean pizza slices punch card and hand them out to your customers. You may also see Ticket Voucher Templates

Tips for purchasing food coupon templates

As previously mentioned, food coupons have been very popular due to their effectiveness in bringing in sales for the business plan. More and more companies are now resorting to coupons as their primary marketing tool compared to vintage posters and catering flyers, although restaurants have already utilized food coupons. These days, food coupons are no longer pieces of paper given to refugees who are solely relying on food coupons to survive. They are now used as marketing tools to increase a restaurant’s profitability.

If you will be purchasing food coupon templates, you are most likely purchasing them from online graphic design shops. Here are some tips to note if you are purchasing food coupon templates. One very common issue when purchasing not only coupon templates but any kind of goods online is being scammed. Thousands of scams are reported per year, mostly from bogus sellers not selling the correct item or not even selling the item at all. Avoid this scenario and make sure you keep your money safe while also getting value for the item you purchased online. You may also see Cash Voucher Template.

1. Purchase from trusted online graphic design shops

If you are asking which online graphic design shops are the best options to purchase online templates from, here is a list of websites which some of you may already have heard of before: Best Templates, Theme Forest, Creative Market, Etsy, Stock Layouts, Graphic River, Etsy, and Zazzle. When you purchase from these sites, you are assured of  not only having secure payments of your purchase but also of getting quality designs. Each of these sites has a collection of over a thousand templates that you can choose from, especially food coupon templates. Free Voucher Templates

Food coupon templates are some of the most popular and most downloaded templates from these online shops. All you need to do is choose your favorite from a wide selection of templates. Regarding payment, you really need to have security when you are about to make your purchase. The online graphic design shops we have mentioned are also affiliated with secure online payment systems such as Paypal, which adds another layer of security to your online payment template.

2. Do not overspend

The last thing you want to do is overspend for your templates. Even if you are just purchasing one or two templates, overspending for templates which you will just use once is a complete waste of money. Focus your funds instead on other important restaurant expenses such as restocking items in your inventory (ingredients and condiments such as pork, beef, fish, fruits, vegetables, bread, rice, salt, pepper, ketchup, mayonnaise, and the like). You should also focus your finances on employee salaries and monthly taxes. Coupon templates only comprise a small part of your marketing (advertising and promotion) expenses, so use the bulk of your expenses for marketing in conducting research studies and product development.

3. Purchase template bundles

One handy tip for you to not overspend for your food coupon templates is to purchase order template bundles. There are numerous bundles you can purchase from online shops at very affordable prices. If you manage to take your time browsing the numerous templates, you can find bundles which contain two or more templates costing much less than templates having just one design. If you are really not particular about the design and the overall look of the template, then purchasing bundles is ideal for you.You may also see Thank-You Voucher Templates.

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