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15 Attractive Marketing Coupon Design & Templates

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business operations. It does not only involve advertising and promotion but basically studies and analyzes the entire business environment (internal and external). The internal environment includes the management and employees, company policies, and products and services. The external environment, meanwhile, involves government policies and taxes, technology, competitors, and natural environmental changes. Companies use marketing to analyze the internal and external environment to better plan and create long-term policies. You may also see Business Coupon Templates.

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In this case, marketing is more focused on advertising and promotion. Companies use advertisements and promotions to increase their visibility in the market (niche market and potential clients). These advertisements translate to profitability for the company which, in turn, helps with company sustainability. There is no limit on how companies can make their advertising and promotional campaigns. They can utilize more traditional advertising materials such as posters, flyers, and billboards, or they can utilize digital marketing materials such as visual effects (VFX), social media, websites, mobile applications, and email blasts. You may also see Birthday Coupons.

There are numerous ways that companies can do their marketing activities. One option is using coupons. These coupons lean toward a more traditional design as they are printed out on different kinds of paper and given to both loyal and new customers. Coupon values differ from time to time depending on the company’s promotional campaigns. They can either be a 15 to 20% discount, a discounted product or service obtained from purchasing a product with a minimum amount listed by the company, or even a free product or service during the next visit. You may also see Homemade Coupon Template.

Although coupons are still being used today as admission tickets, they have now evolved to be used in other business functions such as advertising and promotion, to name a few. So, if you are planning to use coupons for your own business, then purchase these very affordable yet engaging marketing and multipurpose coupon templates. You may also see Gift Coupon Template.

Marketing Coupon Template

Restaurant Gift Coupon Template

Shopping Discount Coupon Template

Purple Referral Coupon Template

Blue and Pink Payment Coupon Template

Lunch Discount Coupon Template

Food Cuisine Coupon Template

Carnival Discount Coupon Template

Fashion Coupon Template

Food Coupon Template

Gift Coupon Template

Multipurpose Retro Ticket

Gift Card Template

Big Set Gift Voucher

Simple Stylish Gift Voucher

Tips for editing marketing coupon templates

Coupons that are downloaded from online graphic design shops are fully editable and customizable, although some templates have more editing options than others. When you purchase templates, they already have their own designs, but you can always add your own spin to the templates to make them more visually appealing. Here are some tips to help you out when you are editing marketing coupon templates. You may also see Word Coupon Templates.

1. Utilize colors

Color makes every design look better. It does not only apply to marketing coupons but for every type of graphic design in general. For your marketing coupons, mix and match different colors and specifically use your company or brand colors. If you are a clothing retail store using red, blue, and yellow, use the same colors for your marketing coupons. Using colors from your office decorations or design interiors and applying them in your marketing coupons is highly suggested so that you can have uniform themes throughout your company. You may also like Best Coupon Website Templates & Themes.

There are graphic design templates who prefer using black and white combinations in their work. Black and white are still very popular and, most of the time, they are the colors which are used in graphic designs. The problem with using the black and white combination is that both colors are neutral, meaning they do not exude much visual appeal that makes them easily stand out. If you purchased templates with this particular color combination, edit the template by adding a third or fourth color. This will add to the visual appeal and overall look of the coupon. You may also see Coupon Layout Templates.

2. Add images or photos related to your business

Images or photos also add another layer to your marketing coupons. They enhance the visual appeal of your coupon designs together with the addition of color. Color is already a key aspect of free coupon designs, but images and photos are other aspects which you should highly consider. There are numerous images you can use for your marketing coupons, especially if you are selling different products or services. You can choose the image related to the product which you are giving a discount for or you can simply choose any images that are related to your business template. You may also see Gift Coupon Templates.

3. Minimize the use of text

The text is important in any marketing material or design, but it should not make up the entire design or take up the entire space of the design. When it comes to marketing coupon template, the text should be limited and should only include the value of the coupon. The other text which can also be included is a short description of the coupon value. The coupon’s design should be front and center in your marketing coupon and the text should only take up a small portion of the coupon design. If you are planning to add more text in the coupon, specifically the guidelines on how to claim the coupon or value, list the details at the back of the coupon. Additionally, other text you should add include your company name as well as your address and contact number. You may also see Restaurant Discount Coupon Designs & Templates.

4. Ask assistance from the marketing team

If you are tasked with purchasing or editing the marketing coupon templates for your company or business, you are most likely working with a team. So, before you get to print out the final design of your marketing coupons, ask assistance from other members of your team on how to make the final designs for your marketing coupons. Get their input on how to make the designs and they just might have their own spin on the final designs of the coupons that would make them look more attractive. You may also see Coupon Book Templates.

If you are running your own business without any partners, you can always ask assistance from immediate family members, friends who are involved in similar businesses, or acquaintances who are selling more or less the same products. This will ensure that different individuals have an input in your designs, which will have a more positive effect on your customers.

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