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Breakfast hour in the restaurant industry is a commonly untapped business, restaurateurs focus more on the lunch and dinner time. Why? Solely because of the uncertainty of this endeavor. Restaurant owners are more assured that within the hours of lunch to dinner, there are more sure prospects for their business. But that should not be the case, as breakfast time is equally if not a more, important hour of the day. Restaurateurs should consider opening up in the wee hours as this will not only provide for their customers but also, in turn, generate more profit for their business. There is actually an unnoticed market during the breakfast hours: those on their way to work and those who just simply love to wake up to get their day going the right way. So, there’s an even bigger opportunity to gain profit during the whole day, if an extra more is added in the morning.

In order to get the whole venture going, necessary marketing procedures have to be done. You can post about it on social media, hand out flyers, or even provide or give out coupons or gift vouchers. Coupons are the best option out of the three as it will not only get them interested to try out your restaurant’s best breakfast meals with discounts and freebies but will also, in turn, add more profit to the business. But like how the business came to be, careful planning should be done. From the food to the marketing, as per the coupons, they should be an extension and a reflection of your business. It should best represent the whole brand and idea of the restaurant. If you are still unsure of your restaurant’s direction, the best way to do this is to go for coupons that are simple yet are able to convey the message effectively. Pre-made breakfast coupon designs are an effective and practical way to materialize the idea, especially when you are just starting out in the whole restaurant business. It doesn’t cost a lot compared to having your coupons designed and done by professional graphics artists. Anyway, you can still at your own liberty, customize these pre-made designs according to your restaurant’s needs and how you envisioned it to be. Here is a list of simple, yet effective breakfast coupons to get your restaurant’s breakfast venture going.

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One Hundred Gift Voucher

preview01  788x524

Here is a classic red, yellow, and white combination. Classic colors for restaurateurs and any restaurants. They say the colors red and yellow are a perfect combination for a restaurant as it emits different kinds of moods and emotions to your costumers. Red can trigger stimulation and hunger and can catch anyone’s attention, while yellow exudes happiness and friendliness. With that said, this design is perfect for any restaurant’s breakfast coupon as you want to be able to use those moods and emotions to get customers coming and going to your restaurant.

Gift Voucher


This coupon design exudes sleekness. It is neat and the information is well-positioned. The uncomplicated design of this coupon is its asset, you can easily see the necessary information and the geometric detail added for a handsome aesthetic. This design is customizable, so you have all the liberty to make it meet your brand or restaurant’s needs, in turn creating a sleek coupon or voucher for your restaurant.

Mexican Food & Cantina Gift Certificate Template


fb0282601 s

You might be thinking that this design is ‘not simple enough’ compared to the two listed above. But this design is composed of several minimal graphics, that altogether, created for a more visually appealing coupon. This Mexican-inspired coupon is perfect if you have a Mexican-themed restaurant but if not, these graphics are versatile enough to go along with whatever service your restaurant has- the guitar to connote that your restaurant plays good music, the cactus for the cozy ambiance, the spoon and fork for good dining, and so on. Just edit the logo to your restaurant’s logo to make it more personal.

Gift Voucher – 2

gift voucher blue 01 788x370

Here is a coupon design that has an adaptable character, with its adaptability it is perfect for any type of restaurant. You can not go wrong with this universal coupon design, as it is fit for all. Either it goes or not with the direction of your restaurant, there should not be a problem with its simplicity. This can be a safe choice and you just simply customize the color of the background that best represents your restaurant and add all the information needed.

Gift Voucher

>gift voucher 788x525

This coupon or discount voucher is perfect for any restaurant. Its design is universal enough that you will not feel as if your restaurant’s brand is being compromised. The color combination of orange and different shades of brown as background to a white and yellow text could not get more delectable. This design is perfect if you really want to entice your customers into trying out your breakfast meals as the color suggests appetite.

3 Colors Version Gift Voucher

screen shot 1  788x680

The best way to present your vouchers to your costumers is in a straight-forward manner- with no unnecessary elements, and this design does that. It is simple but still looks luxurious. With three colors to choose from, you have as many choices for this design. All you need as a restaurateur is to provide the right images and information for this coupon design, and this would be a perfect choice.


Coffee Shop Discount Card

2  788x525

This is the perfect design for a restaurant that not only serves food but also a wide array of beverages, especially coffees. The cream-colored background that looks like a milk splashing, contrasting the black borders and texts, could not be more perfect, as it equally exudes simplicity and sophistication. The almost-minimalist approach of this design could potentially invite your customers into having a try of your beverages and your restaurant in general.

Fast Food Discount Card

3  788x524

Here is another Mexican-themed coupon design, opposite to the other one, this takes the more minimal route with just the details in the font giving out the Mexican hint. The colors are perfect for any restaurant exuding that ‘happy and friendly’ aura. If your business has just come to its fruition, then this template design is your safe ground, though if you find the font ‘too Mexican’ for your restaurant, this template is customizable. Do so according to your restaurant’s brand.

Family Restaurant Gift Certificate Template

fb0292601 s

This design takes on a more artful approach to couponing, with the handpainted-like leaves on the border contrasting the soft pink background. The beauty of this design is with the elemental colors that created an unpretentious coupon, its straightforwardness is its asset. This simplistic yet artful design can be customizable to your restaurant’s needs.

Elegant Gold Foil Gift Certificate Template

xx1702601 s

A template that relates to one of the current trends of this age, the Calligraphy. This Calligraphy-inspired font will bring you to the mainstream setting as this is what most of the market, especially the millennials, are into. The simple white background and graded gold text show an elegant contrast which will catch your costumer’s eyes in a heartbeat.

3 Special Gift Vouchers

preview 1  788x524

This template design is the most versatile and universal coupon design out of this list. If you are still quite undecided about which direction to go for your coupon design, this is your option as it is more of a simplistic approach to gift vouchers. This design is customizable to your needs and to your restaurant as well. You can change the images to ones that best represent your restaurant or the upcoming breakfast endeavor you are about to put up.

Choosing a design for your coupons or gift vouchers should not be such a problem. With these embedded designs curated, you will surely not go wrong in terms of direction and branding, as these designs curated lean towards the more simplistic approach that does not compromise the effectivity of the message and the purpose. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy accessibility once you have made up your mind for your coupon design, you can also share this with your colleagues and, or other restaurateurs who are struggling and looking for the perfect coupon design.

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