15 Restaurant Discount Coupon Designs & Templates

A discount is like the most fragrant flower that attracts bees of different kinds. Whenever businesses announce discounts, people would come flocking to every customer service portal—whether it is a company website, social media site, etc. Once the discounts are available, the battle to avail of the discounts commences, which is an inevitable clash of will and determination to get the prize everyone wants. You may also see coupon design templates.

Exaggeration aside, discounts can be considered as gifts from the business owners to their customers, old and new. In restaurants, discounts are given for food, and they usually come in combinations like getting a meal and a drink of your choice sold at a lesser price. Knowing how people look forward to discounts, restaurant owners take the chance of displaying their creative side on the coupons that they give, gaining positive impressions from their customers. Before we show you our list of discount coupon designs, let us first have a little overview of what discount coupons really are. You may also see Best Coupon Website Templates & Themes.

What is a coupon?

A coupon is usually a card that contains information about the discounted item and its corresponding discount percentage. It can be used to purchase a certain item in a store at a lesser price. Coupons are given to show that business sample owners care for their customers; that even if you are in a financial crisis, you can still avail the items that you are not able to buy at their original prices. There are some coupons that do not have conditions in order to be used, but there are others that have them. Examples of the conditions are the threshold of the number and price of items that can be purchased, the date of validity, and the branches where these items can be purchased.

We have collected various impressive designs of discount coupons that will surely make your customers admire your restaurant even more. Check the list below! You may also see free coupon templates.

Classic Restaurant Discount Coupon Template


Simple Restaurant Discount Coupon Design


Vegetarian Restaurant Discount Coupon


Cuisine Restaurant Discount Coupon Design


Discount Coupon for Modern Restaurant


Simple Restaurant Discount Coupon


Ways to use your discount offers

There are a lot of ways you can use discount offers to drive customer conversions and acquisitions. Check out the following:

  1. Weekly/monthly Goals

    Discount offers to attract customers and, with the expected increase in traffic, your sales will most likely go up along with it. So, if you are concerned about reaching the target sales for your weekly or monthly goals, offering discounts will definitely help you.

  2. Holidays

    This would be a perfect time for you to lure in customers because people always look forward to discounts during the holidays. Since they have to do a lot of shopping during this season, they are often on the lookout for ways to lessen their expenses. Expect a lot of traffic when you offer discounts during these times. And, when we say ‘a lot,’ we mean your store would definitely be crowded. You may also see blank coupon templates.

  3. Pre-launch

    If you are still in the pre-launch phase, it would be perfect to advertise your business by offering discounts. It would surely attract customers, especially if your business is still new. They would wonder as to what products or services you offer; their curiosity will get the best of them. Of course, there would be some hesitation, but if you offer discounts right away, they certainly will not be able to resist visiting your restaurant.

  4. Email subscription offer

    It is important to reach out to your customers online, and communicating with them through email is one example. If you offer a discount in exchange for subscribing to your business, it creates an opportunity for you to market new products or services through email. That way, customers will always be updated on your latest offerings, making them interested enough to purchase your stuff. You may also see Coupon Templates.

  5. Social media

    It is common to ask people to like, follow, or subscribe to your business’ social media sites, especially if you are new in the game. So, in order to gain likes and followers, it would be nice to give discounts as incentives for every like, follow, or subscription. It is an inexpensive way of spreading your online presence on the web.

  6. First-time shopper

    What is a better way to welcome a new customer than by offering discounts? This way, there is a bigger chance that they will purchase sample again from your store if you wow them with their first experience in your restaurant.

  7. Minimum purchase

    One of the most common ways for customers to avail of discounts is by making a minimum purchase. If they hit the minimum purchase, you can offer them discounts for their purchased items or you can offer them discount coupons that they can use for other items in your store. You may also see business coupon templates.

  8. Referral

    Referrals are probably the best word-of-mouth sample communication used to spread the presence of your business. People will most likely go to your store if they are referred by a friend because, obviously, they trust their friend’s choices and experience with your business. So, in order to get more people to refer your store, give them incentives by offering discounts for some items.

  9. Influencers (celebrities, bloggers, etc.)

    With the rampant use of social media, businesses have extended their reach further than they used to. Celebrities and bloggers use their influence to advertise products in their social media accounts. If you want to expose your business to more people, you could partner up with these influencers and offer exclusive deals to their followers on social media.

Minimalist Restaurant Discount Coupon Design


Discount Coupon for Fast Food Restaurant


Gift Restaurant Discount Coupon Design


Thai Food Restaurant Discount Coupon Template

Thai Food Restaurant Discount Coupon Template

Stylish Food Restaurant Discount Coupon


Sweets Restaurant Discount Coupon Template


How discounts can benefit your business

Discounts attract a lot of customers, especially those who are on a tight budget. It is common knowledge that discounts help your customers, but did you know that they could also help your business? If you want to improve your sales and reputation, offering discounts are the way to go. Listed below are the advantages that your business can enjoy if you offer discounts:

  • More customers

    People do not always have enough money to buy things; that is why they wait for discounts. Discounts give them hope that they can buy the glamorous shoes that they have always wanted or the expensive flagship phone that they crave for. The earlier you announce it, the more they will anticipate it. Expect a lot of traffic in your store on the day that the discounts are valid. You may also see coupon templates.

  • Sales increase

    Increased sales are the results of increased traffic. Although people will most likely purchase the discounted items, there will still be people who will purchase other items even if they are not on discount. The traffic will not only expose your discounted items, but also the ones with regular prices. For example, if you have placed discounts on jeans, some customers will likely buy accessories or other items that will be compatible with those jeans. You may also see coupon flyer templates.

  • Savings

    Aside from an increase in sales, discounts may help you save money when it involves payment methods. Debit and credit card transactions take additional fees to process compared to transactions using cash. You help your customers and your business if you offer great discounts to customers who pay with cash rather than debit or credit.

  • Achieve goals

    Businesses always have smart goals in sales, whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. So, if you have problems achieving your smart goals, offering discounts could help you with this issue.

  • Improve reputation

    Offering discounts to a certain type of group, like the elderly or the marginalized, could give your business a positive image. It puts your business in a good light when you offer discounts to those who cannot afford things or those who have troubles with their finances. It gives off the impression that you truly care for your customers. You may also see gift coupon templates.

  • More space

    Unsold items or those that you do not have a plan on selling anymore can take up too much space in your storage. If you sell them at discounted prices, it will surely clear a few meters of space in your storage area. You may also see coupon voucher template.

Art Restaurant Discount Coupon Template


Breakfast Restaurant Discount Coupon Design


Sophisticated Restaurant Discount Coupon Template


Vintage Restaurant Discount Coupon


Seafood Restaurant Discount Coupon Template


Wood Theme Restaurant Discount Coupon Template


With proper planning and execution, you could use discounts to reach your financial goals, especially if it is about meeting quotas for sales and attracting more customers for conversion. Also, it would not hurt to spice up your discount coupons while you are at it. The design is as important as the content—it is what captures the eyes of the customers. It would be entertaining for them to look at creative and stylish designs. Their impressions of your business restaurant will most likely change if you choose the right design to represent the restaurant’s identity. We hope we have helped you with the array of choices that we have given. Grab one of these templates today and start planning your restaurant discount offers!

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