15 Restaurant Food Coupon Designs & Templates

Food coupons are very common in restaurants. They are effective marketing tools which are highly utilized in different types of dining establishments.

The difference of food coupons from other advertising and promotion tools such as posters and flyer template is that food coupons can only be used when customers return to the restaurant. Using coupons is one brilliant marketing strategy that restaurants use because they do not allow customers to use the coupons during their first visit, which assures the restaurants that their customers will surely return and use the coupon on their next trip. You may also see Coupon Templates.

There are no limitations in the designs that can be applied to food coupons. Even restaurants having a more formal setting can use very creative designs in their coupons templates. Here are some elegant and attractive restaurant food coupons you can use for your restaurant, cafe, or bakery and give out to your customers. You may also see Restaurant Dinner Coupon Designs & Templates

Restaurant Gift Coupon Template


This restaurant gift coupon certificate uses some tremendous food photography in the background. The coupon’s value is highlighted in the center of the coupon for easy viewing. You may also see Best Restaurant Breakfast Coupon Templates.

Blue and Pink Payment Coupon Template


Choose between two colors: pink and blue from this multipurpose payment coupon template. The white background complements the blue and pink colors. The text is also written in a bold font.

Purple Referral Coupon Template


This multipurpose referral coupon template is another coupon template you can use for your restaurant. Shades of violet and bold text are incorporated in this design for easy viewing. You may also see Appetizing Restaurant Lunch Coupon Templates.

Lunch Discount Coupon Template


Check out this discount coupon template if you are planning to give out lunch discounts to your loyal customers. You may also see Business Coupon Templates.

Food Cuisine Coupon Template


This is another template which uses some beautiful food photography. Edit this template and use an image from your menu template.

Food Coupon Template


Here is another food order template you can use for your restaurant although the design is a better fit for a more casual setting. The font style and color complement each other well, creating a classy overall look. In contrast to the other templates which uses food photography, the size of the area where you can place the image is limited. Use the best food photo you have so that it immediately grabs the attention of your customer. You may also see Coupon Book Templates.

Gift Coupon Template


This multipurpose gift coupon template uses some attractive university style fonts and a clean cream-colored background. You may also see Business Coupon Template.

Drink Coupon Template


This drink coupon template is very handy if you are planning to give out discounted or free drinks to your customers. Food is more preferred by customers, but giving free drinks will still definitely entice them to make a return trip to your restaurant. You may also see Voucher Templates.

Christmas Gift Voucher


Spread the holiday cheer since Christmas is only a few days away! Decorate your restaurants and give out this snowman-inspired gift coupon to your loyal customers. The snowman is the best representation of Christmas together with Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, so do not hesitate and purchase this template now. Other restaurants are also likely to offer holiday discounts to their customers, so do not be left out. You may also see Referral Coupon Templates

Multipurpose Gift Voucher


This multipurpose gift voucher is available in four colors: green, yellow, red and blue. Edit the text to fit your own restaurant. You may also see Coupon Book Templates

Black and White Gift Voucher


This black and white gift voucher template uses some nice black and white color combinations. This gift voucher templates exudes elegance and is a great fit for formal restaurants. You may also see Meal Voucher Templates.

Vintage Hipster Voucher


This vintage hipster voucher uses some 1960s themes which is great for restaurants using retro concepts. This template is available in three colors: grey, brown, and orange. You may also see Birthday Coupon Templates.

Fast Food Restaurant Coupon


If your restaurant is selling some mouthwatering fast food favorites such as hamburgers, french fries, and hotdogs, then this fast food restaurant coupon is for you. This template also allows you to incorporate the images of your dishes. You may also see Best Coupon Website Templates & Themes.

Retro Style Gift Voucher


Here is another retro style gift voucher which uses some retro font themes. Purchase this template if you are using retro themes for your restaurant.

Stylish Simple Gift Voucher


Here is a stylish simple gift voucher template if you are looking for more simple coupon designs. This template is the perfect fit for casual restaurants.

Tips for making restaurant food coupons

Before you start making your own restaurant food coupons, check out these tips on how to make them so you can get value for your money as well as high-quality designs.

Get creative

This is the unwritten rule when it comes to making any sort of design: Get creative. Customers certainly do not want to look at bland designs especially when it comes to restaurant coupons. The designs in restaurant coupons alone can convince your customers to come back. Remember that food is not the only factor which entices customers to go back to their favorite restaurants. Restaurant decorations, promotions, and friendly staff all play their parts in customer retention. You may also see Christmas Coupon Templates

Mix and match colors

One way to get creative with your restaurant food coupons is to mix and match colors in your coupon designs. Colors add another layer to your coupons as they bring life to your otherwise dull design. The black and white color combination is one of the most utilized combinations in graphic design, but it can get really bland especially if there are no other colors incorporated into them. The remedy for this is to use another color together with the black and white combo to make it more appealing.

Another concept which you can apply is to use the colors found in your restaurant decorations for the coupon. For example, if you are selling Italian food and using a red, green, and white color combination for your restaurant interiors, then use the same colors for your restaurant coupons. Another example is using blue and green colors for your seafood restaurant if you are using those same two colors in your restaurant interiors. Basically, having the same color scheme in your designs makes it more visually appealing to the customers while also giving a distinct identity to your restaurant. Your customers will surely appreciate a colorful restaurant food coupon design.

Limit the use of text

Text should not become the main focus of your coupon design. Adding too much text is counterproductive to your coupon design and will make your design overstuffed with layers of text and colors. The text is important to your restaurant coupon since you will be listing down the value of the coupon on the coupon itself. You may also see Homemade Coupon Template.

Try limiting the text to one phrase or sentence. Make your customers immediately notice the value of the coupon and do not confuse them with long paragraphs; you are not writing a novel or short story. If you have some rules and regulations regarding the use of the coupon, write them at the back of the coupon instead. Make sure the colors and design stand out rather than the text. You may also see Voucher Templates.

Incorporate food photography

Since you own a restaurant, then you should incorporate food photography into your restaurant food coupon. Taking high-resolution photos of your bestselling dishes and inserting them in the coupon will certainly make a lasting impression on your customers. Using food photography is another way to promote your bestselling and new dishes. One suggestion when using food photography, especially if the coupon value is free or discounted food, is to use a photo of the dish that the customer can get with the coupon template.

Purchase from highly rated designers

As you already know, graphic designs can be purchased from online shops. These graphic design shops are similar to online retail stores like Amazon and eBay where you can sell any product or you can put any product on auction. Some of the best online graphic design shops are Best TemplatesCreative MarketGraphic RiverStock LayoutsTheme ForestEtsy, and Zazzle—and you can purchase thousands of templates from these sites.

The issue does not lie in the graphic design shops but in the quality of the designs. Before you make any online purchase, here are some suggestions which you should strictly follow. Most online shops allow you to filter searches such as the category of the design, price, and the creator, so make sure you do this before anything else. Then, if you have chosen a design check, the designer’s previous works or collection, and see if his designs are consistent and of high quality. After that, check the price if it falls within your budget. Do not overspend on a single design or, better yet, choose bundle designs which can give you more bang for your buck.

You should also make sure that you get assistance from seasoned and experienced graphic designers if you have concerns about how you can finish your design. This is not mandatory, especially if you only have minor concerns and you are adept at using graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop. You may also see Coupon Flyer Template.

Now that you have seen these featured restaurant coupon templates, you should hurry and purchase your favorite today! You may also see Free Coupon Designs.


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