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16+ Annual Report Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word

In most countries, creating annual reports is a compulsory task that most companies and organizations must do to meet a legal regulation or policy. Some companies tend to go above and beyond when making their regular annual company reports as a way to be truthful of the company’s status to current stakeholders and to any future investors. You may also see report samples.

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So if you want to follow the steps of these successful companies and organizations, you will greatly benefit from this article as we will share various tips on how to create an impressive annual report. We will also showcase multiple examples of annual report cover templates that you can download and use for your own company reports. You may also see Beautiful Book Cover Templates.

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Here are the Downloadable Annual Report Cover Templates

Check out more than fourteen examples of downloadable annual report cover templates that any business or organization may use for their own business reports. Use these printable cover templates as a way to attract and captivate your shareholders, customers, investors, and other interested parties to your company. Also, do not forget to have a compatible graphic design software tool installed on your computer before purchasing the cover design template of your choice. You may also see Creative Book Cover Designs.

A5 Annual Report Cover Design

What is an Annual Report?

An annual report is a document that narrates the story of a company’s or organization’s yearly performance, how it achieved its business plan goals, and how it intends to act in the future. This kind of business report was first conceptualized as a way for public companies and organizations to stay accountable to their stockholders and their local communities. But as time went by, annual reports are now used to help spread the word about an entity’s positive business image.

This is also one of the reasons why annual company reports can also act as a marketing tool. The most effective annual report is the one that seamlessly combines a dull-sounding written report with data visualization and compelling ad copy.

As an official business report, annual reports are usually made available and printed on brochures, newsletters, booklets, or on pamphlets. Some companies may also make their annual reports available online on their official websites and other social media channels.

And just like other types of print advertising medium, annual reports may also be created from pre-made and pre-formatted report templates. But in this article, we focus on providing downloadable cover design templates for any kind of annual report. Browse through this article so that you will find a report cover template that will surely match the business message that you want to convey on your yearly report.

Corporate Annual Report Cover Template

Elegant Annual Report Cover Template

Hexagon Annual Report Cover Design

A4 Annual Report Cover Design Template

How to Write an Impressive Annual Report

The primary purpose of a sample annual report is to make sure that a company’s management team is on the same page with its shareholders. If you are a stockholder of a company or business entity, a year-end company report will allow you to keep tabs with your investment on the company. As mandated by local or state laws, public and private companies need to disclose the status of the business, its achievements, and future business goals.

As the business owner, you need to create accurate annual reports that will help promote a smooth relationship between you, the company board of directors, the shareholders, the investors, and other potential financiers for your company. To help you achieve that, we have prepared a list of the most effective tips on annual  report-writing. Read each item carefully and, together with your team, brainstorm on how you can best apply in your report-writing process.

1. Create a narrative

The first report-writing tip that is very important when creating an annual report is to make sure that you create compelling narrative or story around your business’ experiences throughout that given fiscal year. Having a story to weave together all the different datasets, reports, and timelines accumulated throughout the year will greatly help in making your report simpler and easier to understand.

And yes, people love to listen to (or read) stories. This is one of the reasons why this approach to writing an annual report can be very effective. A compelling narrative does not only let you attract and entice your readers to keep on reading the turning to the next page but it also helps readers better understand the new goals and action plans that you intend to execute in the near future.

To implement this in your own annual report, it may be best to search for examples of actual annual reports written and made by real companies and organizations. Read and evaluate what worked for these companies and try to replicate these specific narrative techniques for your own annual company reports. For more tips on how to create non-profit annual reports, check the linked article.

2. Include only the most relevant information

Just like writing any kind of official document, it is important to keep an annual report as accurate and as concise as possible. As a business owner, you should remember that it is your duty to create a company annual report that is backed with data and figures. Companies and organizations should be accountable for any business decisions they made throughout the year and should likewise reflect this in the annual company report. You may also like financial report templates.

To do this, you and your team should begin collating all the relevant data throughout the year. This may involve keeping track of profit and loss statements, stock market trading positions, selling/buying prices, media mentions, photos, and a lot more. All these datasets should be collated accordingly to tell an accurate yet concise narrative that your stakeholders will understand.

Annual Report Cover InDesign

InDesign Annual Report Cover Template

Annual Report Cover Example

Creative Annual Report Cover Template

Minimalist Annual Report Cover Design

3. Use data visualization

As its name implies an annual report is bound to include a lot of pages for text and paragraphs. To avoid boring your readers when they read your annual report, it is best to present key pieces of information into bite-sized visual data chunks. You can also read report cover templates.

This can be done effectively with the use of data visualization tools. Examples of these visualization tools are pictures, charts, graphs, and tables. To illustrate, if you do not want to bore your report readers with pages of the company earnings, you can do better by creating charts and graphs based on your interpretation of the company earnings.

Data visualization tools will allow you to make your annual report more accessible and easily understandable for anyone who gets to read the report. Another way to make your annual report more visually friendly is by creating an infographic. Check out the linked article for the steps on how to do this.

4. Choose a good annual report template.

As we have mentioned earlier, annual reports are now usually created from pre-made printable templates. These digital files make it easier to customize a report template without having to design the entire template from scratch. So if you want to quickly and efficiently create an annual report, it is best to use these annual report templates.

By using a pre-formatted report template, you do not have to deal with the stress of creating the report template and its cover design since these things will already be taken cared of by the template’s original creator. Instead, you can focus more on crafting the content of your company’s annual report.

5. Emphasize achievements.

The next most important tip that business owners and their teams should follow when writing an annual report is to frequently emphasize their business achievements. Remember, you are writing an official report for your company’s or organization’s shareholders. They need to know the company’s status and how this relates to the company’s stocks and profits.

You should also be careful in only including the most relevant achievements that are directly related to the business processes. For example, it best to include your company’s latest stock price while it is not necessary to include your company’s successful round of capital fundraisers. You can also read board report templates.

Sure, you may mention a successful fundraising event at one point or another in your annual report but this should not take center stage. Instead, your annual report should explain what the firm’s successful business strategies were and how they relate to earnings and future or current investments of your stockholders.

6. Make it available to everybody.

Lastly, you should also make sure that your annual reports are available in a lot of different formats. You may post it on your official company website, in your social media accounts, in your company newsletter. Or, you may even send out a link to the annual report to all your employees and stockholders. Or, you may also give a shortened speech about the annual report during the annual stockholder’s meeting.

These are all the most important things that any business manager, owner, and his or her team should follow in order to write a compelling annual report. Internalize them all and you will surely be applying these techniques in your next annual report.

Modern Annual Report Cover Template

Simple Annual Report Cover Template

Printed Annual Report Cover Template

Sample Annual Report Cover Template

Clean Annual Report Cover Design

Are You Ready to Write an Annual Report?

Whether you are creating technical reports, audit reports, or annual reports, the key takeaway is to make sure that your reports are accurate, relevant, and completed in a timely manner. With the help of tips we shared in the article, we hope that you will successfully create compelling annual reports for your business while also making use of any of the captivating report cover design templates embedded in this article.

Do not hesitate to refer back to this article so that you will be guided in creating other kinds of annual business and audit reports. Also, you may share this article with your email list and social media followers.

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