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9+ Art Book Cover Designs & Templates

Going into bookstores and libraries is always a refreshing thing to do. You are surrounded by books of different kinds and genres. Every book has a unique cover of its own. It is the first thing that people see when going inside the bookstore. Depending on how the cover is designed, it has high or low chances of being purchased. The cover gives away an idea and impression to the reader. You may also see illustration book cover templates.

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An attractive and eye-catching book cover is a must-have for every writer. It could make or break his book for his potential readers. Big publishers spend lots of money for book covers, as long as it matches the theme of the book. The book cover should be designed well.

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PSD Art Book Cover Template

Professional Art Book Cover Template

Creative Art Book Cover Sample

Importance of Book Covers

Book covers have a huge role in the overall selling capacity of the whole book itself. More than its content, the book’s cover is another selling point writers and designers should put time and effort into. Here’s why a book cover is important. You may also see free floral photo book cover template.

1. Introduces the book to readers.

All parts of the book cover design should introduce the book to its potential readers. For example, a cover with a design of a tall tower in a dark night with a lightning in the sky will indicate that the book is about horror. A book cover design with a silhouette of a boy and a girl, colored or not, will tell that the book is a love story. Design your book in a way that will tell what it is right away just by looking at the cover.

2. Sells the book to potential readers.

The book cover has so much power in selling itself to potential readers. If they find the book attractive and the synopsis interesting, they will purchase the book right away. The cover has its own charm of getting buyers to buy the book. You may also see birthday photo book cover template.

3. Generate expectation.

With a good design, one can really set high expectations for the book. This is the part where the content matters alongside with the cover. One would expect a very gripping narrative regardless of the book’s genre because of how the cover is presented to the book owner. You may also see free non-fiction book cover template.

4. Have a unique edge among others.

The book’s unique quality will make it sell to the buyers. It all depends on how the design is made. Every book has its own unique design that captivates anyone who buys it. You may also see free children book cover template.

Simple Book Cover Template

Cute Art Book Cover Template

Creative Art Book Cover Template

Qualities of a Good Book Cover

A good book cover design should be beautiful, no matter what the genre is. But sometimes it is not enough to make it sell. A book cover has to have these qualities. You may also see free graduation photo book cover template.

1. Attractive title.

The title is one of the most important parts of a book cover. If it is catchy enough, it gets the attention it deserves from a potential reader. The title should be placed in the center so it can be easily seen. Some readers judge the book by its title and cover, so you better do your best in making this part attractive and sell-able. You may also see vintage book cover designs.

2. Must communicate on an emotional level.

The cover should have the power to evoke the needed emotions once you see it. The design is the representation of what readers will feel when they read the book. For every book, the level of emotional communication is different from the other. You may also see free social media book cover templates.

3. Effective communication of the book’s genre.

Aside from the level of emotional communication, the book’s cover should also tell what genre it is by just one look. Readers won’t have to guess what kind of book it is. Fiction usually has a flashy book cover while nonfiction uses symbolism in history or a cover that encapsulates the whole content of the book. You may also see wattpad book cover templates.

4. Professional look.

The book should look professional regardless of its design. Leaving it in a mess by mismatching colors will just make readers ignore the book. You may also see thriller book cover templates.

Elegant Art Book Cover Design

Business Book Cover Template

Art Cover Book Template

Different Forms of Art

Art has been present since the beginning of time and have evolved over thousands of years. Today, art takes on different forms and are widely used by many. Every form of art plays a huge part in the society in its own way. You may also see love book cover templates.

1. Architecture

Architecture is the art of making and designing buildings. The greatest manifestations of architecture was built centuries ago, especially in Europe. The most beautiful churches in Spain, France and Italy are product of architecture. It is an art and science at the same time. You may also see entrepreneur book cover templates.

2. Dance

Dance is the artistic and rhythmic movement of the body along with the music to create a stunning performance. Just like architecture, modern dance is influenced by the dances in the past centuries. It is now incorporated with music and is commonly seen in pop culture. Singers sing and dance to their songs on stage. You may also see sci-fi book cover templates.

3. Music

Music is an art where sounds are organized with limited time, and it’s coupled with lyrics to jam along with the beat. Classical music does not have any lyrics, while modern music heavily relies on electronic equipments to make it more upbeat. Every month, the best music around the world is ranked. Some of the most iconic songs are mostly pop songs. Music is also readily available on the internet via video streaming sites and music streaming applications. You may also see professional book cover templates.

4. Poetry

Poetry is a form of art that uses literary devices to communicate one single theme and message. It also evokes meaning and imagery in a person’s mind using a limited number of stanzas. Poetry is one of the earliest forms of art. It is recited among a crowd in the old times. Modern poetry makes use of the modern words but still communicates the deeper meaning of love and human existence.

5. Theater

Theater is an art that combines music, dance, poetry, drama, and fiction. It presents a fictional story about love, humanity and conflict. It starts with a script which tells the story, how the actors should act and position themselves on stage. Music is used to set the mood of the play in most scenes. Dance is used to give life to the story. Some theater plays don’t use dance in their presentation. The most memorable and famous theater plays in the world are Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. You may also see cookbook cover designs.

6. Film

Film is an audio-visual art that uses videos and incorporating narrative in it to come up with a cohesive movie. Just like theater, it uses music to set the mood of the film. The script is written visually. Films are one of the most lucrative forms of art. It has built a league of its own. Films are made to entertain and make comments about the society through its stories. Its growing number of genres are a testament of how film can be so influential to the masses. You may also see novel cover templates.

7. Painting

Painting is the art of using paint and applying it on a canvas to make images. These images can go from abstract to a full image, depending on the painter’s preferences. The greatest paintings in the world include Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, which have gained worldwide recognition for its intricacy and deeper meaning. You may also see thriller book cover templates.

8. Photography

Photography is the art of taking photos that aims to convey a message to anyone who looks at it. It can range from sceneries, conflict, war, and using a model and making him look someone that fits your concept. A good camera is a plus when you want to dabble into photography. It is an excellent career path to pursue when you have all the resources. A single photo is worth a thousand words, they say. You may also see photo autobiography book cover templates.

9. Drawing and digital art

Drawing is the art of using drawing instruments to create a two-dimensional image on paper. Digital art is closely related to drawing since it is now done on the computer. Drawing is a gateway to other forms of art such as digital art, graphic design, and animation. In animation, illustrations and drawings are being made to move using computer applications. It is a popular form of entertainment, though it takes a long time before coming up with an animated movie. You may also see novel book cover templates.


Art is an important part of our lives. Everywhere we look, art is present. It is an inevitable force that makes the world go round and keeps the creatives in making new art to show to the world. You may also see 3D book cover templates.

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