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14+ Entrepreneur Book Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

One by one, you pan your vision through rows of books on the shelves. You contemplate which book to read or buy as you look at their titles or stare at their designs. Your eyes stick to what’s attractive, what’s visually pleasing. It makes you pick the book up, read its overview, and probably buy or read it if it suits your preference. In that situation, from the author’s and publisher’s perspective, a great book cover design is effective in gaining more potential readers. The more creative the book cover is, the better possibility that a potential reader would come to buy or read your book.

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Book covers are inherently creative and beautiful in their own right, so there really isn’t a standard to follow for the cover. All you have to do is to think of creative ways to get everyone’s attention while staying relevant to the book’s concept. For this, you can create the book cover’s design from scratch or you can choose templates below that you think would fit with your book’s concept and make some adjustments so it would be distinct and it would fit with your book. You can easily access these templates online and purchase and download them so you can customize them for your own book. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Simple Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Creative Thinking Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Stylish Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Why do you need a book cover?

Book covers are practically the face of your book. When potential readers scan through books, they look at the covers. So, what makes a book cover important? Let’s discuss it more below.

1. It’s a deciding factor

People who are into books would most likely base the purchasing decisions from the overview of the book or how it appeals to them overall. But, for those who are not that into reading, they sometimes choose books to read based on the cover. If the book has an attractive or professional cover, then the more likely that they will take a glimpse at its overview or even buy it. As the author, your goal is to sell the books so you can share your work with everyone. With that said, it is expected that you will be putting effort into designing the cover of your book. This will help you gain more potential readers and you may even end up with patriots.

2. It protects the content of the book

Imagine having no cover for your book. The thin sheets of the book would be exposed to different damaging elements. Whether it’s a hardcover or not, having a cover will protect the contents of the book. The precious masterpiece that you worked so hard to write and get published will be able to survive for a longer time and may even be passed on from one generation to another. You may also see love book cover templates.

3. It makes the book easier to hold

Have you held a script or just a pile of paper sheets? Holding them with barely anything makes it difficult to hold sometimes, most especially if you have things to hold. Unless you put in in envelope anything that will be able to contain them, it would be easier to hold. For books, having a cover makes the pages easier to hold since they are bundled up together. If you want your readers to have a firmer grip on your book, you can choose to have a hard cover for it. You may also see a novel book cover templates.

4. It creates your book’s identity

Aside from making your book look worthy to be read, it also creates the identity of your book. When you design the book cover, you put the book’s concept in mind. You think of ways where you can create a design that would perfectly represent the book, like showing what the genre is or what the story is about. When these factors are incorporated into the design of the book cover, your book will definitely be distinct and if it’s creative and appealing enough, it will be able to stand out from the rest and will most likely be picked up by potential readers.

Purple Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Geometric Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Simple Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Contemporary Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

SEO Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Legal Checklist Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Business Dream Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Qualities of a Good Book Cover

The design of the book cover should be taken seriously. There should be proper planning before applying the design to the cover. If you are going to hire a graphic designer for it, properly and frequently communicate with the designer so there would be no details left behind for the design and to make sure that the progress will lead to the desired output. But, what really makes a good book cover? Let’s find out as we discuss some of its key points.

1. Good and attractive title or subtitle

The title may come last to be written as it is often difficult to think of one at first when you write an essay. Your focus is directed more towards the body and thinks about the title after everything’s done. We are not authors but we are almost certain that the same thing can be said for the books. As writers, it is sometimes easier to think of the title after the content has been made as we can grab some ideas from the content to formulate a title. And, when we create a title, we make sure that it remains true to the concept of the book, although there are times when it’s vague or hard to decipher. We also consider a lot of things to make the title appealing to the certain demographic that we are trying to reach.

2. Lure in potential reader’s attention

People are attentive to the graphical representation of the book more than anything else, that why when they scan through the line or pile of books, the covers mostly take their attention. The book’s title, cover, and overview are some of the factors that make one buy or read the book. For some, it’s the title that’s important to arrive a decision, while for others, it’s the title or a combination of the three. So, to make sure that you lure in potential reader’s attention and influence their decision, create a design that will make them consider reading your book. You may also see cover templates.

3. Connect on an emotional level

Since beauty is subjective, there will be people who can appreciate the design and there will be those who don’t. Again, the cover is the book’s face. It should be able to convey the message of the book and not only appeal to the readers but also reach their hearts. It’s the connection that’s established between the book and the reader that’s important for an author. You may also see thriller book cover designs.

4. It should be distinct

Inspiration is everywhere, and it can’t be avoided that a design can sometimes resemble someone’s work. But, no matter how much inspiration you got from someone, you should be able to draw a part of yourself and incorporate it into the design. Put your personal touch to it. Uniqueness is about being true to yourself, which in this case is about being true to the book’s identity. You may also see photo book cover templates.

5. It should look professional

A poorly designed cover may discourage some people to pick up your book. So, to make sure that they will gain attention for the right reasons, design the cover in a way that it looks like it is professionally made. If you are confident with your designing skills, then do your best in creating the design. But, if you lack the confidence and is more into stick drawings, then you might want to consider hiring a graphic designer. Properly communicate with the designer to ensure that the design will not only look professional but also relevant to the book.

6. It should be able to convey the message about the quality of the book

The goal of creating a book cover isn’t all about the aesthetically pleasing look. More importantly, it should be able to tell the quality of the book. To do so, the elements that are used in the design should be relevant to the concept of the book and it should be professionally done. Otherwise, it would affect the people’s perception of the book. You may also see food book cover designs.

7. It should tell about the tone of the book

Most of the designs of the cover can instantly tell people what the book’s tone is. Is the book fiction, non-fiction book, or biography? The design of the book should be able to tell about that. You can start by combining the elements and try to experiment whether it can show the tone of the book. You can evidently show the tone of the book or put in subtle hints to put a little mystery for the potential reader to solve.

Striped Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Neat Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Creative Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Partnership Book Cover Template

Minimalist Entrepreneur Book Cover Template

Have you found the right book cover?

Choosing a book cover can be difficult especially if there are too many choices to choose from. The ones that we have provided are all creative and beautiful, so it would definitely give you a hard time. Just remember to pick the one that would best represent your book. Don’t forget to put your personal touch to it to give it more personality. We hope we have helped you in choosing the right design and we wish you all the best in your book’s success! You may also see cookbook cover designs.

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