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There are people who go to the gym once in a while for walk-in sessions, and there are also those who go religiously and avail of the facility’s membership package. There are various reasons why people go to the gym—and these are also the same reasons why people exercise in the first place—some do it to lose weight and others do it to gain muscles. Regardless of which reason, the common thing about it is that people go to the gym and exercise mainly to become healthy. You may also like book cover design templates.

Being healthy is more than just an objective attribute, it is also subjective. What this means is that when you decide on having a healthy lifestyle by being physically active, your goal should not only be to look good but to feel good as well. In a similar manner, this should also be how you look at others, you shouldn’t judge other people’s health status right away simply by looking at their physical appearance. You can also like nature magazine covers.

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Gym eBook Cover Template

gym ebook cover template
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  • PSD
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Fitness Shape Gym Cover Template

fitness shape gym cover template

Gym & Fitness Facebook Cover Example

gym fitness facebook cover example

If you are managing a gym or a fitness center and are looking for an effective way of promoting it to the general public, why not do it through social media websites? Here, we have a huge collection of gym cover templates that you can use across different social media platforms, and we have brought them here for your convenience. There are over fourteen cover templates here at your disposal, go ahead and check them out by scrolling down.

Body Shape Gym Cover Design

body shape gym cover design

Monochrome Theme Gym Cover Template

monochrome theme gym cover template

Fitness Gym Cover Design

fitness gym cover design

Benefits of Going to the Gym Regularly

1. Weight Control

By weight control, it doesn’t automatically mean lose weight, it can mean either lose or maintain weight, some would even gain a few pounds due to the fats being converted to muscle. For the overweight individual, however, going to the gym will most likely help them lose weight. But for others, it is mostly for maintaining a healthy weight. Nevertheless, the bottom line here is that people go to the gym in order to maintain a body weight that is within healthy range. You may also like beautiful book cover templates.

2. Healthy Heart

Regardless if you are doing cardio or resistance training exercises, it works your heart very well and promotes healthy circulation. The heart is the organ responsible in transporting not only blood, but also the oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood to the different parts of the body, which means the heart has to be strong enough in order to pump effectively. When we go to the gym and exercise, we are actually making our hearts stronger and healthier, while also lowering our risk of developing heart diseases. You can also read love book cover templates.

3. Healthy Lungs

Aside from just the heart, exercising (most especially cardio exercises) can help in keeping our lungs healthy. When we do cardio, we are constantly breathing deeply in order for our bodies to compensate our oxygen intake with those that we lose through sweating, and this actually helps in keeping the lungs functioning at its best. You may also read eBook cover designs.

4. Increased Self-Esteem

As mentioned, people should learn that going to the gym not only makes them look good, but feel good as well. It is very important to note that when people learn to feel good about themselves, they will also learn to feel good when around other people. This helps boost their self-esteem and they will learn to socialize well with others. You can also read gym templates.

5. Be Motivated

Also in relation to having an increased self-esteem, going to the gym will help them to become motivated to do their best. This is one major difference between people who exercise at home and those who go to the gym, the former requires an extreme amount of motivation in order for them to keep doing what they do. For gym goers, they have all the access they need to be motivated: a trainer, fellow gym goers who they can socialize with, and a complete set of gym equipment. You can also like DVD cover templates.

Fitness Club Cover Template

fitness club cover template

White Black Gym Cover Template

white black gym cover template

Champion Gym Cover Template

champion gym cover template

Flat Gym Cover Template

flat gym cover template

Best Practices to Follow When Adding a Cover Image

1. You should always abide to the social media site’s cover image guidelines, especially when your using it for a business. A timeline cover image provides visitors with an initial impression of the account and the business that it represents, and it should neither be misleading nor deceptive.

2. For best results especially when viewed using various devices, stick to the default image size provided on the template. To give you an idea, nevertheless, here are the following image sizes for cover photos on different social media sites: Facebook (851 x 351 pixels), Twitter (1500 x 500 pixels), YouTube (bet. 640 x 175 pixels to 1060 x 175 pixels).

3. Stick to the colors that match the theme of your gym. After all, the cover image is part of your marketing tools, so it should also follow the same theme to prevent creating confusion among people.

4. Align the contents of your cover image in a way that it allows users to focus on them easily. This way, it balances the look of the cover image while also putting emphasis on elements that need to be emphasized. You may also like sample youtube cover templates.

5. Once again, take into consideration those visitors that are using mobile devices when checking out your website. Many users today use mobile devices when accessing their social media accounts because it is more convenient. Because of this, mobile users should also be able to appreciate your cover image.

Gym Facebook Cover Design

gym facebook cover design

Champion Crossfit Gym Cover Template

champion crossfit gym cover template

Gym Center Cover Template

gym center cover template

Healthy Life Gym Cover Template

healthy life gym cover template

Fitness Gym Cover Template

fitness gym cover template

Minimal Theme Gym Cover Template

minimal theme gym cover template

What do think of the cover templates that you have just seen? Were you able to find what you need for your social media site from the collection of templates that we have gathered here for you? We really hope you did because these templates are not only the best, but we actually gathered these among the best ones that we have found on the internet. If you choose to use any of these cover templates, it will surely add a great deal of awesomeness to your social media account.

In terms of editability, these templates actually allow you to edit them as much as you need just so you can pull of that cover design that you want for your gym. If you are able to achieve an effectively stunning design for your cover image, it will definitely help in giving your gym a good initial impression from people who visit your social media account. After all, the cover image is what people see first on a social media account other than the profile image.

If you have noticed from the templates that you have just seen, the price for downloading a sample cover template is indicated below each sample image. You may have already that the templates are highly inexpensive, but rest assured that the quality of these templates are indeed exceptional given its low price range. Before we end this article, allow us to provide you with instructions on how to use these templates. This way, even beginners will get a chance to get in on the fun.

How to Download a Template?

1. As mentioned earlier, each sample image of the template has its corresponding download button which also indicates the price that you will need to pay to download the template. While this button is being labeled Buy or Download, it will simply redirect you to the source of the template, so click on it to get a closer look at the template. You can also read photo book cover templates.

2. Once you’ve been redirected, check out more samples of the template by either scrolling down or clicking on the image itself. Here, you’ll find multiple variations of the template, some with different color schemes, some with different images, and some with a totally different style but with a similar theme.

3. If you think the template isn’t what you were looking for, simply close the tab or window to return to this page. If it is, then click on the download button provide—on Shutterstock, this button is labeled Download while on GraphicRiver and Creative Image, it is called Buy Now and Purchase, respectively. (Note: On GraphicRiver, you want to click on Add to Cart if you wish to download the template at a later time). You may also read catalog cover templates.

4. If you are downloading from Creative Market, you will only be asked to enter your card details before finalizing your download, though you are also given the chance to pay through PayPal. But on GraphicRiver and Shutterstock, you may have to register for an account before you are allowed to download any template from their website. You may also like notebook cover designs.

5. Follow the remaining sets of instructions and you’ll be able to download your template in no time.

Additional Instructions to Take Note When Using These Templates

1. Make sure to use the appropriate graphics editing tool with these templates. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the full feature of these templates such as its editability and its capability of preserving its quality during and after editing. This collection consists of PSD and AI templates, which means you will need to use Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and Adobe Illustrator (AI) or something equivalent.

2. When editing, you can actually isolate each element on the design and edit them individually. Don’t shy away from removing unnecessary elements. If it doesn’t help in enhancing the look of the cover design, take it out.

3. As much as possible, don’t change the dimensions of the cover template, it has already been measured for specific platforms. You can also like facebook cover templates.

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