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22+ Professional Book Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Bookstores are treasure coves for book lovers. Just imagining the number of books that you haven’t read makes you ecstatic into looking into each of them. But, it’s not just about the content of the book that you are excited about. Sometimes, it’s also about its cover. The covers are like pieces of art. They are creative, mysterious, and full of visually pleasing aesthetics that you just can’t get enough of looking at. And let’s be honest here. There are moments that even if we don’t know what the story of the book is, we still have the urge to buy it because it has a beautiful cover. It’s like you are collecting art pieces from various artists.

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If you have a book that you want to publish, you should take careful consideration in creating its cover. The cover should be relevant to the story of the book. Creating its design can be difficult especially if you don’t know how to design or you don’t have a simple budget to hire a graphic designer. If that’s the case, then you definitely need to check out these professional book cover templates that we have right here. They can accommodate various styles in different genres so you have a lot of options to choose from. Let’s check them out!

Free Professional Book Cover Template

Annual Report Book Cover

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Free Accounting Book Cover

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Marketing Book Cover Template

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Free Sample Business Book Cover

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Entrepreneur Book Cover

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Business Management Book Cover Template

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Dark Professional Book Cover Template

Elegant Professional Book Cover Template

Vintage Professional Book Cover Template

Qualities of a Good Book Cover

Creating a book cover isn’t simple arts and crafts or graphic designing. Remember, the cover is the face of your book. You have to put thought into its design so you will be able to put up a facade that you will have confidence in showing. So, how will you know if the cover is good enough to represent the book?

1. Good and attractive title or subtitle

When writing an essay, the title may come last to be written as it is often difficult to think of one at first. You have to make it relevant to your content and it should be able to pique the interest of those who read it. The same thing can be said for titles of any written content, particularly for a book. More often than not, an attractive title is what makes people decide to take a peek at the book’s overview or even purchase it immediately. You may also see book cover design templates.

2. Draw potential reader’s attention

When you scan through the line or pile of books, what grabs your attention is the book cover because people are attentive to the graphical representation of the book more than anything else. Most of the time, it’s the cover’s design that people look at first before reading the title because even though the title may not seem that interesting, the probability of the book being purchased or read would increase if the design makes up for it. Also, potential readers put trust in the book cover that the book’s content would be what it has shown. You may also see love book cover designs.

3. Communicate on an emotional level

Beauty is subjective, so there will be people who can appreciate and relate to your book’s cover and those who don’t. Again, the cover is the book’s face. It should be able to convey the message of the book. There are designs that speak clearly of their intention towards a potential reader that they are able to reach people’s hearts. You may also see wattpad book cover templates.

4. It should be unique

All books are different from each other and so should their covers. You can opt for something grand or go for something quiet and simple as long as the design will stick to the concept of the book. Uniqueness is about being true to yourself, which in this case is about being true to the book’s identity. You may also see a novel book cover templates.

5. It should look professional

You can always spot a design that’s made by an amateur at one look. Having a poorly designed cover will indeed help the book gain attention but it’s not something positive. Rather than praises, it may invite criticisms that will affect the book’s reputation as well as yours. You can hire a graphic designer to make the cover for you, but you can design one yourself if you are confident with your skills in graphic design. Properly communicate with the designer to ensure that the design will not only look professional but also relevant to the book.

6. It should give an idea of the category

Is the book a horror story or a love story? Whatever the category is, make sure that it is evidently shown on its cover. This will help potential reader’s easily spot the book that aligns with their interest as of the moment. It will save them time to look for other options especially that there are still a lot of books to hunt through. You may also see book cover design templates.

7. It should communicate the message about the quality of the book

The design of the cover isn’t all about having the most aesthetically pleasing look. It also should be able to tell the quality of the book. To do so, the elements that are used in the design should be relevant to the concept of the book and it should be professionally done. Otherwise, it would affect the people’s perception of the book. You may also see photo autobiography book cover template.

8. It should tell about the tone of the book

Is the book fiction, non-fiction book, or biography? The design of the book should be able to tell about that. You can start by combining the elements and try to experiment whether it can show the tone of the book. You can evidently show the tone of the book or put in subtle hints to put a little mystery for the potential reader to solve.

Clean Professional Book Cover Template

Biography Professional Book Cover Template

Enchanting Professional Book Cover Template

Modern Professional Book Cover Template

Romance Professional Book Cover Template

Business Professional Book Cover Template

Neat Professional Book Cover Template

Benefits of Using a Book Cover

A book cover is more than what it is. There are benefits of using a book cover, and these are the following:

1. Reveal your book’s genre

The cover is the face of your book. At first look, people should be able to determine the genre of the book so they can quickly assess which book they should get. There are still a lot of books to cover in searching for the book that they need, so it would save them time if they would know what the book’s genre is on the cover. You may also see ebook cover designs.

2. Display your book in a shop or online

It easier for you to display your book in a shop or online if you have a cover. The title can sometimes be vague about what the book really is about, so people rely on book covers to know or to take a hint of the book’s story. You may also see free non-fiction book cover templates.

3. Display images that are paramount to the book

You can display hints about the book by including images of characters, places, or objects related to the story. This will pique the interest of the potential readers especially if they are vaguely incorporated into the design. You may also see free novel book cover template.

4. Stand out amongst your competition

If you are planning to fly your book to fame or even at least sell, then you should be mindful of the competition. There are a lot of stunning, beautiful, creative, and unique book covers out there. You can achieve all of these when you stay true to the concept of your book. You can go for something innovative with the design or go for a simple one as long as the relevance of the design is still there. You may also see free photo book cover template.

5. Display of professionalism

Who sells their books without taking careful consideration of the cover? If you want your book to be taken seriously, you should make sure that the design of the book is the best that it can be. Your cover, if done right, can improve your reputation and will showcase you as someone professional in the field. You may also see free fiction book cover templates.

Fantasy Professional Book Cover Template

Stylish Professional Book Cover Template

Classy Professional Book Cover Template

Corporate Professional Book Cover Template

Charming Professional Book Cover Template

Tips for Purchasing Book Cover Templates

Here are the tips that you need to take note of when you purchase and download book cover templates online.

1. Visit secure websites only

Secure websites have secure lines where data is safely transferred from the website to the server of the owner. This ensures customers that their personal details used for purchasing an item online is secured. You can check the security of the website by looking at your browser. You may also see the fiction photo book cover template.

On the URL field where you link to the website resides, check if there is a “Secure” label colored in green beside it. If there is, then the website you are surfing at and purchasing from is safe. Your data is protected from hackers. If there isn’t any indication of this security, you may want to transfer to another site if you don’t want to risk being hacked. You may also see vintage book cover templates.

2. Look for cheap templates with high quality

The Internet is too vast of a world that you are given too many options than you can handle. When you visit a website for templates, you are presented with pages and pages of choices. Most of the time, the ones that are presented first are premium, meaning they are expensive but are of course with high quality. Buried underneath these catered-for-rich-people templates are those that are cheap enough to be bought by the masses. You may also see free photo collage book cover template.

The common misconception about cheap templates is that their quality is as cheap as their price. While that may be true on some occasions, there are still cheap templates that are professionally made and are equally beautiful and stunning as those in the premium category. These gems are difficult to find, so you just have to put extra effort in scavenging for them. Don’t think about the hardship; think about the reward once you have found these hidden gems. You may also see photo book cover designs.

3. Do not overspend!

We sometimes get carried away with shopping even after we already have what we need. Our wants slowly creep in after purchasing the templates that we need. Unless you have a deep pocket, you should be conscious of your spending. Focus on what is needed to be done. Your wants can be purchased later. For now, get what you need, close the tab of the website, and save up so you can purchase what you want. You may also see thriller book cover templates.

Have you found the right design?

The templates that we have shown you are all creative and beautiful. But, since there is a possibility that there are people have already seen these designs, you should put your personal touch to have some distinction from the other book covers. You can freely customize these templates as they are editable. We hope that we have helped you in finalizing your decision for your book cover and we wish you all the best for your book! You may also see portfolio cover templates.

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