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10+ Wattpad Book Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, DOC, ID, Pages, Publisher

The internet offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to art and digital content, and literature is not an exception. Over the centuries, literature has gone a long way from being orally told, written down, and now, they are being published online as well. Several websites online are offering up and coming writers to publish their content for greater reach. One of the most widely used sites for online publishing is Wattpad.

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Wattpad is a website for budding writers where they can upload their work and have it read by the people. It is free and it accommodates most genres of literature such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fan fiction, short stories and other pieces of writing. The website supports several languages such as Vietnamese and Filipino and offers a healthy interaction between the writer and the readers. The stories are written according to the author’s style and preferences.

For each story, it uses a cover made by the authors themselves or sourced out from the internet. If you are a Wattpad writer and looking for a cover for your story, check our collection to get some ideas. You may also see sample cover templates.

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Floral Wattpad Book Cover Template

Vintage Wattpad Book Cover

Fiction Wattpad Book Cover

Free Wattpad Book Cover Template

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Illusion Wattpad Book Cover

Simple Wattpad Book Cover

How To Make A Wattpad Book Cover

A book cover in Wattpad is as important as the story itself. It attracts attention and has a lot of potential for marketing purposes. Every cover is unique and holds its own. Every writer has his own take in making the cover a representative of his story. In making a book cover for Wattpad, these tips can be of big help.

1. Make a concept for the cover.

Before designing the cover, make a concept for it based on the story that you wrote. If it’s about romance, you can pick a photo of a couple or make an image that represents the whole story. For thriller and horror stories, use darker colors to create a feeling of doom and terror. A good concept makes a good cover. You may also see simple cover templates.

2. Maintain professionalism in design.

No matter what genre your writing falls in, the cover still has to look professional. It can be artsy and flashy with details, but it should be enticing and interesting while it still looks professional on top of it all. Your cover has to pull in some engagements and actually get people in reading your story. You may also see DVD cover templates.

3. Choose a free photo.

There are several free photos that you can use as book covers. In choosing a photo, be sure to determine if it is copyrighted or not. Do not use a copyrighted photo as this might get you into trouble. Google and other image-sharing websites offer a lot of free and usable photos. You also have to make sure that the photos fit with the story you have written. You may also see book cover design templates.

4. Choose clean and readable fonts.

The text on the cover is very important. Choose clean and readable fonts for your cover. Try some other fonts and see if it doesn’t clutter your cover. You also have to add other necessary information such as the title and your username as a Wattpad author. Make sure every text in your cover is readable. This garners interest from the readers if they know what they are about to read. You may also see PSD book cover designs.

5. Put filters and graphics.

For your cover to have a unique vibe, put some filters to it. This makes the cover belong to you. You can put in some additional graphics that will help in adding more beauty to your cover. You may also see simple cover templates.

6. Polish and save the file.

Do a polishing of the file and see if there are still imperfections that can be adjusted. After the polishing, save the file and upload it to your Wattpad account. You may also see ebook cover templates.

Fashion Wattpad Book Cover

Behind the Stars Wattpad Book Cover

Brief Background of Wattpad

Wattpad was founded in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. its headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Wattpad is both a reading application and a social networking service. It has broken barriers and built a community for readers and writers over the years. It is a hot spot for original fictional stories. Most of its content is written in English, though it hosts content in more than 50 languages. Wattpad has enabled users to have direct interaction with writers through the comments and messaging section.

Over the years, Wattpad expanded its reach by teaming up with publishing and movie houses in making content. In America, the One Direction fan fiction entitled After by Anna Todd gained so much popularity that it was published in a five-book series. In the Philippines, Wattpad teamed up with Summit Media to publish the most popular stories written in Filipino. The books, published under Pop Fiction category, have climbed up the bestselling charts in local bookstores. Movie adaptations of some Filipino Wattpad novels have been box-office hits. TV5, a television station in the Philippines, are also doing weekly series adaptations of Filipino Wattpad novels starting 2014. You may also see album cover templates.

Wattpad has also launched the After Dark application in 2015, which is intended for steamy romance and adult content. Female writers have dominated the number of Wattpad writers. Wattpad also enables its users to promote their stories on various social networking sites. Established writers such as Margaret Atwood and Paulo Coelho also have accounts on the site. You may also see CD cover templates.

Realistic Wattpad Book Cover

Advantages of Publishing in Wattpad

Publishing in Wattpad have some gains writers need to know about. There’s more to it than just writing and uploading stories online. These are some of the advantages writers can get in publishing through Wattpad.

1. Bigger and wider audience reach.

Since Wattpad is found online, the uploaded stories get to be read by people as long as they have internet access. If the story is good and engaging, users can recommend it to other people and through word of mouth. Everyday, the site is visited by people and there are higher chances that your story has been viewed and read many times. The reach is getting bigger and wider for online literary content. You may also see free twitter cover templates.

2. Caters all genres of writing.

Wattpad has a set of categories fit for every kind of writing. From romance, historical, teen fiction, fanfiction, non-fiction, poetry and essays, Wattpad caters to all kinds of literary writing. Your work has a space in the site. There are also lots of content related to this, which you can enjoy reading when you run out of inspiration to write. You may also see professional book cover.

3. Getting discovered.

If your story gains traction from the users, it might get discovered by entertainment and content companies. Wattpad has partnered with publishing and movie houses and has been sourcing out new content from Wattpad writers. One basis for this is the number of reads your story has and how popular it is with the users. Several writers have scored publishing and film deals with their popular stories on the website. If you plan on pursuing the path of writing, Wattpad is a great avenue for that. You may also see CD covers.

4. Interactive user engagement.

As you upload bits and pieces of your novel on Wattpad, users are eager to know what happens next. You can also reply to their comments and start a fruitful conversation. This engagement is helpful and increases the chances of your story getting more views. You may also like facebook cover templates.

5. Learn the ropes of online literature.

Wattpad has some tutorials for writers. These topics cover writing tips, story ideas, and lessons on how to maintain originality in writing. Wattpad gives help to up and coming writers through these tutorials, which in turn can help them be better writers and improve their writing style for online. You may also like catalog cover templates.

Most Common Tropes in Wattpad Stories

Just like in publishing tangible novels, Wattpad has its own share of tropes writers never stray away from. These cliches have worked good in the past few years. Sure, it may be good to stick to a formula, but sometimes it’s good to stay away from it. Here’s a shortlist of the most common tropes Wattpad writers do and how they work. You may also see sci-fi book cover templates.

1. Rich boy and poor girl.

Perhaps the most overused trope in any entertainment medium, the rich boy and poor girl setting still works even up to this day. The story usually starts off with them meeting in a cute way and falling in love with each other. Their social classes and the people around them prevent them from being together. The story is peppered with conflicts and evilness until they get into each other’s arms, telling us that love conquers all and wins against the odds. You may also see social media book cover templates.

2. Bad boy and innocent girl.

This another overused trope is one that never ceases to amaze people. The bad boy is usually a short-tempered person and known for his mischievous deeds. He has a killer face that makes women’s hearts flutter. The innocent girl comes from a simple family. She is light-hearted and poised to take on any challenge life gives. This trope starts off with them meeting in an awkward way that will result in lots of bickering, and later on, falling in love with each other. The bad boy has some issues of his own while the innocent girl tries to change him little by little. They soon face conflict and get their happy ending. You may also see magazine cover PSD templates.

3. Arranged marriages and awkward living arrangements.

Just like the second trope, the man and the woman are forced on an arranged marriage due to a promise made by their parents or have their companies merged. This kind of trope usually kicks off with the main characters feeling cumbersome with each other. As they get to know each other’s habits and backstories, they soon fall in love. Their living arrangements soon get to be romanticized and it will be all fluffy and cute. You may also see 3D book cover template.

4. Vampire and werewolf love stories.

The supernatural area of Wattpad is heavily littered with stories about vampires and werewolves. The feud between these two beings and how the main characters survive with their love despite their differences. These supernatural stories aim to widen your imagination. These kinds of stories contain so much description. You may also seecatalog cover designs.

5. Same-sex love stories.

Love wins, they say. Wattpad has a fresh roster of same-sex love stories which feature a gay or a lesbian couple. These stories are written in the same manner as heterosexual love stories, but with themes on sexuality and the confusion that comes along with it. Same-sex love stories are also a hit to every kind of reader. It shows that love can go beyond gender and societal norms. You may also see novel book cover template.

6. Gangsters.

Who wouldn’t miss this kind of story in Wattpad? Men being troublesome while saving some damsel in distress, getting into gang fights and bathing in blood at the end. Stories about gangsters are a common trend in Wattpad, especially in the Philippines. These gangsters usually get a change of heart and fall in love with only one girl in the whole course of the story. You may also see fiction book cover templates.

7. Pretending lovers.

Of course, this trope possesses an irresistible charm and works out on its own. This is a common ground for romantic comedies, with the couples start acting sweet towards each other, albeit awkwardly. A series of mishaps and misadventures drive them to fall madly for each other. The story usually ends with a happy ending after a load of conflict. You may also see accounting book cover template.

8. Memory loss.

The seemingly easiest plot twist to every love story, the memory loss trope is successful in giving conflict among the characters. This can also be the agent in spinning the story to a whole new level. Memory loss serves as an opportunity for the antagonists to do such evil things to the protagonists. You may also see vintage book covers.

9. Pseudo-sexuality

This means the other person is pretending to be the opposite gender. Pseudo sexuality focuses on a girl pretending to be a man on most cases. There are several reasons for it, and the hero ends up getting confused with his sexuality because of such pretense. The hero discovers later on that he’s been in love with a woman all along. The cover is blown, and he uses his wit and power just to end up with the woman. You may also see wedding cover templates.

Wattpad is a breeding ground for budding writers to get recognized in the field of writing. Some are there to hone their craft, while some are posting stories just to kill time or have fun. The site offers so much content and thrives on creativity. Unleash the inner creative in you. Keep writing! You may also see blue business book covers.

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