7+ Color Pencil Drawings


As simple as color pencil drawings may seem, they are actually a complex form of artwork since you have to have the appropriate set of color pencils to be able to blend designs properly. Unlike simple monochromatic pencil drawings where you only learn how to use different shades, color pencil drawings require you to have a knowledge on how to coordinate different colors.

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Color pencil drawings are perfect for those artists who prefer a much smoother and less messier outcome while also being able to attract attention through the use of different colors. These form of drawings are also for those who simply enjoy a casual and much cleaner look that are very easy on the eyes yet still very attractive to look at.

Realistic Color Pencil Drawing

realistic color pencil drawing Source

Color Flower Pencil Drawing

color flower pencil drawing Source

Color Bird Pencil Drawing

color bird pencil drawing Source

Still Life Colored Pencil Drawing

still life colored pencil drawing Source

Understanding Abstract Images

The images found here range from realistic portraits of persons, real and fictional animals, and even food, to the more complex and mind-bending form of abstract drawings. These drawings may look like a mess or a children’s work of art, but it actually holds a much deeper meaning when closely analyzed (or simply by asking the artist about what their drawing means).

There are several types of abstract art, but here are some of its major types:

  • Curvilinear abstract. An abstract art form which involves a lot of curved lines, which most of the time cross each other, until the desired image is formed.
  • Color-related abstract. An abstract art form which uses a wide range of colors and shades to be able to achieve that image that requires you to think outside the box.
  • Geometric abstract. An abstract art form which utilizes different shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, to name a few.
  • Emotional abstract. A combination of different types of abstract but most notable for its involvement of nature.
  • Gestural abstract. A much more random type in which the artist’s strokes are more loose and unexpected than usual.
  • Minimalist abstract. A simpler type of abstract art that although the image still requires you to analyze the meaning closely, it only uses a few colors and shapes and is much easier on the eyes.

Abstract Color Pencil Drawing

abstract color pencil drawing Source

Color Butterfly Pencil Drawing

color butterfly pencil drawing Download

Watercolor Pencil Drawing

watercolor color pencil drawing Download

Color Vector Pencil Drawing

color vector pencil drawing Download

If you are very much into art collection but cannot fully afford the actual ones that are sold directly by artists or through auctions, then just simply download these wonderful and colorful images for a very reasonable fee. These high-resolution color pencil drawings are created by professional artists, and you can own them with very easy access. These images come in different formats, such as JPEG and PNG, for everyone’s convenience.

Also, for those who are more into the art of watercolor, we also have high-quality watercolor drawings for you to check. Feel free to check our wide range of artworks done on different mediums by many talented artists. You can either set it as a wallpaper on your personal computer; or you can also have it printed, framed, and hung on the wall of your home or office. The choices that you can do with these creative drawings are near limitless.

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