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9+ Shark Drawings

Drawing is the most common form of art. From a young age, we are all taught to draw and sketch. Others grow their skills in drawing, while others choose to draw as a hobby. It it the first step in creating a work of art or it is an art in itself. There are plenty of things that are interesting to draw such as animals.

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We have collect different samples of shark drawings for you to browse through to either find inspiration or to expand your creative knowledge. For more drawing samples, you can also check out our Animal Drawings on the pages of our website.

Shark Outline Drawing


Shark Cartoon Drawing


Whale Shark Drawing


3D Shark Drawing


Characteristics of Sharks

Here are a list of the special characteristics of a shark to help you in drawing one:

  • Although there are more than 400 different shark species, they all have the same basic anatomy. It is because of this anatomy that sets the shark apart from other types of aquatic life such as whales and dolphins.
  • Their skeletons are made of cartilages instead of bones. Because of this, the weight of the shark is lessened even with its large deposits of fat. This helps them float, seeing as how they are large in size.
  • They need to keep moving to stay afloat and to breathe.
  • Their unique tough hides are studded with toothlike structures that are denticles.
  • In comparison to bony fishes, sharks tend to mature much later and reproduce slowly.
  • Their liver is uniquely different than other animals that have livers. Their livers can store oil in it for a long duration. This oil helps them to eat less often. With this, sharks can survive longer with the oil reserve in its liver. Sharks can go on for weeks, months, or even up to a year before they go hungry again.

For more samples, you can check out these cool Pencil Drawings and many more drawings, sketches, and paintings on our Web page’s “Design” section.

Hammerhead Shark Drawing


Tiger Shark Drawing


Baby Shark Drawing


Funny Shark Drawing


Realistic Shark Drawing


The Different Symbolisms behind Sharks

Commonly, people often mistake the shark as a symbol of devoid emotion, but they actually have many more meanings that surround the animal. Sharks are masters of survival, which is why they are considered as superior creatures. They manifest constant motion, which can mean motion through life and always moving forward. They are primal, instinctive, mysterious, powerful, dynamic, analytical, and focused creatures of the deep. These meanings can be used as symbols in many different aspects such as art or in spiritual symbolism.

Although in some beliefs, if you dream of a shark, it means that it is a symbol of feelings such as rage and ferocity. This suggests that you are undergoing through a tough obstacle challenging your individuality and independence. There are many different symbolisms behind the majestic and powerful shark. This is a great inspiration when drawing.

Now that you have learned a lot more about sharks, you can use their unique characteristics and meanings as a guide to your next masterpiece!

For more drawing samples, you can find a list of Charcoal Drawings here on

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