8+ Trippy Drawings


A drawing is described as “a graphic representation by lines of an object or idea with the use of a pencil”; “a delineation of form without reference to color.” It is a sketch, plan, or design, especially one made with pen, pencil, or crayon. A drawing can also be expressed in more state-of-the-art ways through an illustrator software.

Here, we’ve created a page which showcases a variety of trippy drawings. The word trippy is often described as “a cool, groovy or freaky feeling,” depending on the context it is used. It is more of a thing that you see or create on your mind out from being hallucinated. Check below and take a gander at these cool and unique drawings that will surely leave you amazed.

Interested in another type of drawings? Our pencil drawings are perfect for you.

trippy flower drawing Source

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Cool Trippy Drawing

cool trippy drawing Source

Trippy Art Drawing

trippy art drawing Source

Trippy Tree Drawing

trippy tree drawing Source

Trippy Pencil Drawing

trippy pencil drawing Source


For aspiring artists, drawings play a very important role in their lives. It is where they can express themselves more. Things which are too hard to show or say can be expressed through art. You can convey to viewers your feelings of love, anger, sadness, excitement, and so on through your art. In drawing, you can create all sorts of art, whether it is a cartoon character, a scenery, a portrait, or from your imagination. This could be something that does not contain an exact or detailed figure, which falls into an abstract drawings form, or something that is weird and extraordinary—a trippy kind to be exact.

Apart from being a hobby or talent, there are a lot of reasons why drawing is best for you. Here are some of the reasons we believe drawing is good for you.

  • It relieves stress.
  • It clears the mind and soul.
  • Boosts creative thinking.
  • Increases self-esteem and accomplishment.
  • Helps to improve memory.
  • Enhanced your communication skills.
  • Provides more positive outlook in life.
  • Helps to improve your senses.
  • Becomes more keen to details.
  • It helps prepare kids to be better for the future.
  • Increases brain connectivity.

These are just some of the reason what positive traits drawing can give to us. It is never too late to learn. So go ahead and start to create one.

Black and White Trippy Drawing

black and white trippy drawing Source

Trippy Ghost Drawing

trippy ghost drawing Source

Trippy Cloud Drawing

trippy cloud drawing1 Source

Trippy Butterfly Drawing

trippy butterfly drawing Source

One of the best art types that I personally like is trippy works of art. This type is best for those who love weird and eccentric art. It does not contain a definite image or shape—rather, it consists of a bizarre and indefinite figure. It also consists various colors and formations.

Since we are talking about drawings, if you are looking for something artsy and eccentric at the same time, our trippy drawings are the best for that. We’ve created a list of 8 trippy drawings that you can choose from. Each comes in a high-quality resolution for a better and clearer image pattern. You can edit them according to your preference as they come in PSD, JPEG, or even PNG formats. You can also download them straight to your computer or laptop and anywhere at your most convenient time. These are also printable.

You can make use of them in so many ways. You can make use of these drawings as an inspiration of getting a new tattoo; a website background; an artistic cover for your notebook or book; or as a laptop, computer, or mobile wallpaper/screensaver. You could even use it as a unique Facebook cover photo. Are you someone who loves strange drawings? Check out these creepy drawings from our website.

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