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A well-designed portfolio catalog speaks a lot about an individual’s or a company’s work. This is especially important for those who work in the creative visual industry like photographers, graphic artists, illustrators, videographers, sculptors, and even writers.

One easy and quick way to produce a well-designed portfolio is through the use of an editable portfolio catalog template. These are pre-made digital files that will allow you to create your own portfolio catalog without having to think about creating a catalog from scratch.

In this article, we provide a few tips on how anyone can create their own portfolio catalog with the use of editable catalog templates. Be sure to read the whole article to see a variety of the editable portfolio catalog templates and designs.

Check Out These Portfolio Catalog Templates

Interspersed within this article are more than ten examples of editable portfolio catalog template that anyone may use. Just remember to have a compatible graphic design software tool like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign installed on your computer so that you can open and edit the template easily after purchasing it.

A4 Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


A5 Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


Blank Editable Portfolio Catalogue Template

blank-editable-portfolio-catalogue-template BUY NOW - $9

BW Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


Customizable Square Portfolio Catalog Template


What is a Portfolio Catalog?

Among the job-hunting crowd and employers, a portfolio refers to a collection of projects created by a person or the set of documents that attests to the completion of these given projects. Portfolio catalogs may be printed on high-quality paper, compiled, and presented to a potential employer or client. In the digital age, portfolios are encoded online and uploaded on well-designed websites and blog pages.

Printed portfolio catalogs may vary in size depending on an individual’s preferences. They should be well-curated and should follow an organized catalog layout to make sure that each project or work of art included in the catalog is given just the right emphasis. In some cases, catalogs may also be called brochures. Check out this link to see examples of brochure design templates.

How to Create a Portfolio Catalog

Whether a portfolio catalog will be presented online or printed on booklet form, they will start their life in digital form through the use of editable portfolio catalog templates. These are pre-formatted digital files solely created to act as the digital basis of a digital catalog.

Portfolio catalog templates will include all the basic graphic design elements—from font styles, layout style, image placeholders, illustrations, etc. This setup allows the template’s end-user the freedom to personalize the template without having to create the entire portfolio catalog template from scratch.

Editable portfolio catalog templates may then be uploaded to web pages and incorporated as part of a website’s theme. Some individuals may also prefer to just print out the completed portfolio catalog in book form. This option may also work for those who want to present physical copies of their work to any potential employers and clients. In some cases, these printed portfolio catalogs may also serve as memorabilia. You may also see printable cookbook catalog templates.

Scroll down below to take a look at more editable portfolio catalog templates. You will also find more tips on how to pick out the best portfolio catalog template design for whatever project you have in mind.

Editable Graphic Design Portfolio Catalog Template


Elegant Editable Catalogue Portfolio Template


Fashion Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


Graphic Design Portfolio Catalog Template


Minimal Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


Guidelines For Selecting an Editable Portfolio Catalog Template

If you are a freelancer and you want to wow any potential client or employer, you need to seriously plan out how your portfolio catalog will look like and what it will contain. Just like other job-hunters who work tirelessly on their job application forms and resumes, creative freelancers also need to make sure that they create the most impressive portfolio catalogs that they can create.

But completing this simple task can be difficult especially when you are inundated with hundreds if not, thousands, of equally well-designed editable portfolio catalog templates. But fret not. In the next few paragraphs, we will share with you the top template selection tips that will help you pick the best portfolio catalog template design. Read on…

1. Preferred Template Theme or Overarching Motif

When choosing among different portfolio catalog template designs, the first thing that you should consider is how the template’s design theme matches with your preferred theme. This overarching motif should match the look and/or feel you intended your own portfolio catalog to have.

To illustrate, if you are a photographer who specializes on wedding photoshoots, the catalog template’s theme you choose should best match the happy atmosphere that surrounds most weddings. You may choose a matching sophisticated floral theme for your own photographer portfolio brochure and catalog.

When you choose a portfolio template that matches or closely resembles your vision of how your portfolio will look like, your entire project will have a unified design and become more authentic. And this is something most employers or clients will appreciate. You may also check out these portfolio designs.

2. Template Customizability

The next factor to consider when looking for a portfolio catalog template is the template’s customizability. This is important because you will need to add your own artworks and other evidence of your completed projects into the portfolio itself. Most pre-made portfolio templates will only come with the most basic layouts and blank placeholders, it will be up to you, the template’s end-user, to make changes to a basic catalog template and transform this on your own.

So before you choose any kind of catalog template, make sure that the template of choice is fully editable. Take note that some pre-made templates may only allow a few changes so double-check if the template’s original creator has granted full editing options or not. Most of the template Adobe Photoshop and InDesign templates will offer the widest range of editing and customization capabilities so choose these kinds of templates.

3. Knowledge in Template Editing

In connection with the previous factor, you should also factor in your own template editing skills. After all, what is the use of purchasing and downloading any kind of editable portfolio catalog template if you do not know how to edit it. Knowledge in graphic design software tools like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator is essential since most pre-made catalog templates are created using these exceptional software tools.

In the event that you do not know how to use these graphic design tools, you may study graphic design and editing through online Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials. Or, if you have access to a team who can do the editing for you, you may delegate the task as you see fit. You may also check out these business catalog templates.

4. Budget

Another important factor to consider when choosing any kind of pre-made graphic design template is your budget. If you are a freelancer, you may only have a specific amount of money set aside for purchasing portfolio catalog templates. If that is the case, you may have to choose a less costly pre-made catalog template. There are different price points for different types of catalog templates. Choose a template that will best suit your tastes without overspending for it.

You may also check out this article on how to create a budget plan to help you analyze and plan out your current spending as a freelancer.

5. Time

The amount of time you have to complete the entire portfolio catalog creation project is another important factor to consider when choosing a pre-made catalog template. As the template’s end-user, you are in control on how quickly you can complete this project and present it to any potential clients and employers.

As we have briefly mentioned earlier, if you do not yet know how to use graphic design software tools and you still need to learn how to use them, you may have to put off purchasing any catalog template until you have already ended your editing lessons.

On the other hand, if you are pressed for time and you already know how to edit, you may have to choose a portfolio template that does not need a lot of customizations. This way, you will have a completed portfolio template in no time. You may also see recipe cookbook catalog templates.

So those are the top five elements that should be considered if you want to select the most suitable editable portfolio catalog template for yourself. Apply this knowledge during your template selection process and you will have an easier time accomplishing the task.

Multipurpose Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


Professional Editable Portfolio Catalog Template


Square Portfolio Catalog Template


Trendy Editable Portfolio & Catalog Template


Wedding Photographer Portfolio Catalog Template

wedding-photographer-portfolio-catalog-template BUY NOW - $16

Are You Ready to Create Your Portfolio Catalog?

The internet is filled with hundreds of editable portfolio catalog templates that anyone may use for their own. It is up to you on how you customize them and fill them up with your own projects. Remember, clients will evaluate the specific projects that you have created and included in the portfolio catalog. The catalog design will come second when they make a decision to hire you or not.

Keep this in mind and focus on creating the best portfolio-worthy projects first. When you have that figured out, choosing an editable portfolio catalog template’s design will come to you naturally and more easily.

If you found this article useful, do not forget to share it with your friends and followers on social media and email list. And do not forget to bookmark it so that you can easily re-read the article later on.

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