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Any product of mass media would not be perfected without the aid of art directors. They oversee the artistic aspects of films, theater plays, television series, video games, advertisements, and other mass media products. Publishing, marketing, fashion and other industries need art directors to finalize the overall look of the product before its release. Art direction is all about translating emotions, moods and messages into visual imagery.

An art director takes client transactions through emails. An email signature is needed for art directors to show more information about themselves. It is put at the end of the email and mostly contains contact information. Email signatures are the more professional way of making your brand aware to the people you send your emails to.

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 Art Director Email Signature Template

art director email signature template

Innovative Email Signature Template

innovative email signature template2

Making A Good Email Signature

An email signature is more than just a sign-off at the end of your email. It is so much more than that. Good email signatures don’t have to be flashy and all. It just needs to be simple and true to its purpose. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

1. Choose one area to highlight

In email signatures, there is always one thing that’s highlighted well. It stands out from the rest of the email signature. It can be your name or the name of the company you work for. Make sure that the thing you highlight grabs the attention of the readers. You may also like content writer email signatures.

2. Add a photo

A photo can be added to make the email signature look more aesthetically pleasing to the readers. The photo should be related to the content of your email signature. Most of the time, it is the company’s logo that is being used as the main visual. Use the appropriate dimensions for the photos so it can fit in the entire email signature.

3. Add some color

Just because email signatures are put at the end of emails, it does not mean colors should be sacrificed for the name of simplicity. Colors have to be used according to your preferences when you want to add it up on your email signature. Know the right kind of blend for the right kind of font. You may also see education email signatures.

4. Ditch the inspirational quote

Since we are talking about the simplicity of email signatures, inspirational quotes are not needed anymore. They are best reserved for greeting and birthday cards. Inspirational quotes take so much space in the email signature as well. It’s better to ditch them early on.

 Sample Art Director Email Signature

art director email signature

What Art Directors Do

An art director does a multitude of jobs in his field. He is not solely confined to overseeing artistic aspects of creative outputs. These are just some of the things art directors do:

1. Talk to clients

Art directors do the talking to the clients for the artistic and visual style of the campaign. They need to know the client’s wants and needs before the actual designing begins. Art directors and clients should have the same vision when it comes to the design of their visual campaign. Any conflict relating to the vision of the concept can result to the cancellation of the project. You may also like sales manager email signatures.

2. Determine in presenting a concept

It is the art director’s job to visually present the concept in the best way possible. He must meet with the creative team and have a brainstorming session on how to present the concept in visual elements. Ideas are thrown in. Some are accepted while some are rejected. The final idea of the concept to be produced visually is then decided. You may also see fashion email signatures.

3. Determine the photos to use

In art direction, photos are the best things to use. Photos hold so much visual quality and can convey a thousand stories all at once. Art directors pick the best photo to be used and incorporate it with the overall concept of the design. Photos have to be edited well before it can be used. You can also like marketing email signatures.

4. Develop the overall style

Art directors serve as the head developer of the overall style of the design. He sees to it that the visual concept is developed in the same tone that has been agreed on from the start. Minimal changes can happen but it depends on whether these changes are helpful in the overall style or not. You may also like business email signature templates.

5. Coordinate with the creative team

The creative team is the team art directors closely work with when it comes to the designing process. They need to supervise how the design is made before the final cut is delivered to the client. The creative team is subjected to endless and sleepless nights of designing and brainstorming. They are also the same team who manages all the revisions dictated by the client. Art directors need to supervise the designing process to ensure that quality is still upheld well. You can also read mobile e-mail signatures.

6. Review and approve designs

When the initial design is done, art directors review it to see if there are errors and lapses in executing the concept. The approval of the design lies on the art director’s choices. He sees to it that the design is done well so the client won’t be disappointed. He also gets to decide if there are still last minute revisions to be made. You can also like IT email signatures.

7. Make detailed budgets and timelines

In every project, there is a budget. Art directors do the budgeting and making of the timeline. The timeline estimates on when the project will be completed and how each of its phases is done. The simple budget should also have a breakdown on how it is spent. Art directors don’t go beyond the budget, and spend every resources in the most effective way possible.

8. Present designs for approval

It is the art director’s responsibility to present the final design to the clients. They get the artwork of the creative team to the client’s lap to see if it can be approved or not. Basically, the final approval of the design is decided by the client. This is a decision that cannot be controlled by the art director. Presenting a pitch to the clients is a matter of luck. When the client likes it, he will approve the design. If not, then better luck next time. You may also see personal e-mail signatures.


Art directors spread so much creativity even in the smallest and simplest of designs. They make sure that everything we see visually makes sense and packed with a striking message. You may also like formal e-mail signatures.

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