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14+ Business Manager Email Signature Templates – PSD, AI

If you want to create a lasting impression from any digital correspondence that you send out to friends, colleagues, employees, clients, and bosses, creating a personalized email signature is an effective way to do that. And in this article, we will help you do just that.

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Scroll down for more information and tips on how to create a business manager email signature using pre-designed email signature templates. More specifically, we will also share template selection hacks to make sure that you get the best HTML template design for your personal or corporate email signature.

Take a Look at these Business Manager Email Signature Templates

As promised, we start off this article with multiple examples of email signature templates that can be used by any business manager. Note that most of these email signature templates are available either as HTML or PSD template files so make sure that you have a compatible software tool installed on your computer to edit these templates correctly.

Blue Business Manager Email Signature Template

Business Director Manager Email Signature Template

Business Manager Support Email Signature Template

What is a Business Manager Email Signature?

A Business Manager Email Signature is just like any kind of email signature. What sets it apart is that it is created primarily for individuals who work as the leader or top honcho but is not necessarily the owner of the business. Business managers take on a level of responsibility for a business that is greater than that of any of the other employees.

People who hold this kind of job needs to differentiate themselves by using a unique yet complementary email signature design in order to help attract new customers and also as a way to be accountable of any business decisions that they make.

Basically, email signatures are pre-made digital files that contain a creative and more professional representation of your personal and/or business details. These are typically the formatted footer messages found in most emails and will replace the most one-liner signature line of a letter or email.

Email signatures will usually include most of the following pieces of information: your name, business name, business address, business website URL, social media accounts, pictures, business logo, other graphic design elements, and even a call to action.

With the multiple examples of email signature templates curated in this article, you will surely find a business manager email signature template that uses the best template formatting or layout style fitting for your business or business role. Check them out below.

Business Team Lead Email Signature Template

Clean Business Manager Email Signature Template

Company Business Director Email Signature Template

How to Choose a Business Manager Email Signature Template

Most email signature templates can be modified for anyone’s business role, position, or a job at a company or organization. Despite this, you still need to make sure that the signature template’s built-in design will suit your position and the company that you are working for. And this is where the problem often emerges.

So if you want to make sure that your email signature as a business manager creates the best impression for you and your company, you need to pick out an email signature template that will help convey that story. To do that, we have listed down the top factors that should be considered in choosing an email signature template that will match your business branding identity designs. Read more about them below.

1. Business Type and Image

When looking for an email signature template, the first thing that you should consider is the image and type of business that you are operating. To illustrate, if you are a business manager for a boutique digital marketing agency, your email signature as the business head should best show off a unique level of personalization. This way, current and potential clients will somehow associate this with the level of service that your company provides.

As a rule of thumb, you should select an email signature template design that will not only tell your audiences what kind of business you have but you should also choose a template design that will creatively show your function or position in the team.

2. Knowledge of Graphic Design

If you are looking into creating (or at least customizing) your own email signature, the next factor to consider when choosing an email signature template should be your own knowledge of graphic design. This is an important factor to consider because the end-users of these pre-made templates will still need to minor changes to the signature template.

For example, after downloading a business manager email template, you will still need to change the text and some link placeholders with your own personal and business details. You will need to add your name, position, contact information, and even social media links. As the template’s end-user, you need to determine if you can do all these back-end things before you commit into purchasing any kind of email signature template. Most of the time, these pre-made standard email signature template files will also include an installation or how-to guide on how you can add and personalize these templates. But, if you are busy and do not have to learn these template editing skills, you may ask another person to do it for you. Or, you may choose an email signature template that can be automatically added to your own email client.

Corporate Manager Email Signature Template

Creative Business Manager Email Signature Template

Elegant Business Manager Email Signature Template

Choosing a Business Manager Email Signature Template (continued)

3. Preferred Template Format Type

The next factor to consider when choosing a business manager email signature template is your preferred template file format. Most email signature templates are available in either PSD or HTML file formats. There are advantages and disadvantages to both file formats. But what is important is that you choose a template that you are most comfortable with.

Knowing what specific type of template format you want to use will also allow you to cut down the time in searching for a compatible email signature template file.

4. Project Timeline

As the end-user of a digital template, it is also important to keep in mind your project timeline before you commit in a specific business manager email signature template. For example, if you need to start using a new business manager email signature right away, it is best to choose an email stationery template that can easily be embedded in all your outgoing emails. It is not advisable to use an email signature template will still require a lot of behind the scenes editing and customization if you want to meet a deadline.

5. Template Customizability

As we have mentioned earlier, most pre-formatted email signature templates will still require its end-users to make minor edits on the base template. These edits are necessary especially if you want all your digital correspondences to include your personal and/or business information and not that of a generic signature template.

Therefore, prior to choosing an email signature template, you should first check if that given template is fully editable or not. This can be a very important factor to know prior to your purchase especially if you want to add your own business branding details (like your company logo or company name) into your email signature.

6. Responsive Design

Another important but often overlooked aspect that business managers should take into consideration when choosing an email signature template is whether or not an email signature template has responsive design. This means that you need to choose an email signature template that will adapt to any kind of screen or display that your emails are viewed on.

This is an important thing to consider since a lot of people no longer just access their emails through the personal computers. Today, people are now connected online using their smartphones and this allows them to easily access their email accounts from their devices at any time of the day. Therefore, it is highly important to make sure that your business email correspondences can be viewed in these smaller screens without a hitch.

Most template designers now make their email signature templates in responsive design. But you should still ask and check if the template of your choice is fully responsive or not. This way, you will save yourself all the hassle after the fact.

So those are the top six factors that any business manager should carefully consider when picking out an email signature template. Read and heed all these factors during your template selection process and you can surely have an email signature template design that you will not regret buying and using.

Feminine Business Manager Signature Template

Makeup Artist Manager Email Signature Template

Marketing Manager Email Signature Template

Personnel Manager Email Signature Template

Simple Product Manager Email Signature Template

Watercolor Business Manager Email Signature Template

Choose the Best Email Signature Design for Yourself

Whether you are a business manager for an IT firm or for a home-cleaning service, the most important characteristic that should be considered when choosing an email signature template design is your own personal taste. Remember that an email signature should be treated as an extension of your personality or the impression you wish to make for your clients, colleagues, or friends. As a business manager, you should leverage any form of advertising you can get even if this comes from a simple email signature.

Use all the tips and both premium and free email signature templates that we have shown in the article to help you achieve that goal. For more examples of well-designed email signature templates, feel free to browse through the rest of our website.

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