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In this website, we have shown you tons of different collections of email signature templates, each one having their own theme or purpose, but if there’s one thing that most people want in their email signatures, it’s creativity. Thankfully, we also have a huge collection of creative email signature templates gathered for people who are looking for this.

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While functionality is the most important aspect that we can put on our email signatures, and by functionality, we actually mean informative and relevant. But we can actually add a little something to our email signatures to really help it to stand out a little bit more, and that’s adding creativity to it. This way, it’ll be almost impossible for people not to notice it on an email.

Judging by the fact that you are currently on this website, we assume that you yourself are in need of a creative and responsive email signature, then feel free to look around the templates we have laid out for you below. By the end of this article, we will also be providing you with some guidelines on how you’ll be able to use these templates, so be sure not to miss it.

Creative Business Email Signature Template

creative business email signature template

Creative Design Architect Email Signature

creative design architect email signature

Art Director Email Signature Template

art director email signature template1

Photographer Email Signature Template

photographer email signature template1

Emaily Creative Email Signature Template

emaily creative email signature template

Allow us to start the ball rolling with this first stunningly creative email signature template. The great thing about this template is that it allows you to change the color scheme of the design, while still maintaining the gradient effects on its background. However, you can also find a few simpler designs within this template, wherein instead of a gradient color-filled background, you’ll get a design that leans more towards a cleaner look by utilizing a solid white background to put more emphasis on the content. If you prefer the simpler look, we also have a collection of clean email signature templates for you.

Creative Business Email Signature Template

creative business email signature template

Here are ten different variations of professional email signature designs that you can choose from in this single template. In other words, you’ll be able to make multiple email signatures for the price of one, and every single design in this template are creatively made to suit every creative individual’s preferences. As you can see from the samples above, some of the templates are bigger in size than the others, and these ones are better at keeping the information easy to read regardless of how many you want to include. But if you wish to write only the most active contact details, then you can always opt for the more compact designs.

Venture Creative Email Signature Template

venture creative email signature template

If you’re looking for something modern, flat, simple, clean, but most importantly, creative, then you might very well be interested in the template above that you can use for making your own modern email signature. This template consists of ten creatively-designed layouts for you to choose from. If you go to the source of this template, you will get the chance to see all ten variations of the design, and you will notice that while most of the layouts follow a dark color scheme, some are also on the brighter side. The best thing about this design is its choice of colors for most of the graphical elements—which is red—because regardless of which layout or color scheme you’ll be using, red is able to contrast with either light or dark-colored backgrounds.

Vector Creative Email Signature Template

vector creative email signature template

Here is another bundled template that consists of eight creatively-designed business email signatures that we got from Shutterstock, and if you liked the other template from the same website that we have shown you, you will most likely be interested in this one as well. However, unlike the other template the consisted of ten layouts, this one only has eight, but is already more than enough for choices for you. Also, across all the layouts in this template, all of them follows the same color schemes which consist of the colors red and blue, but of different shades.

HTML Creative Email Signature Template

html creative email signature template

We keep on using the abbreviation HTML, but do we really know what it stands for? Fun fact: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is the standardized form of language used across the internet. Whether you’re building a website or designing elements that you want to publish on the internet, HTML will always be involves. For the template above, there are over twenty-two (22) different email signature designs that you can choose from, and over forty-four (44) HTML codes that you can use on it. Each and every single design under this template have a flat and minimalist theme, utilizing a lot of white space to keep it from looking cluttered. The most notable difference between these designs is in the arrangement of the elements, which is purely dependent on the user’s preference. Whichever design you wish to use from this template, you are guaranteed to have an awesomely creative HTML email signature that will never fail to attract attention.

Tips for Making a Stunning Email Signature that is Worth Showing-Off

Simple and Consistent Colors

This is highly applicable if you’re designing an email signature for a business because it helps people to associate your email with your business. The brand can easily be identified if the theme is consistent across the different tools, and this already includes email signatures. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the entire theme, but you can incorporate some colors from your business’ theme to your email signature design just to add an identifiable factor to it.

Hierarchy of Elements

What this means is that the elements included on the design should be prioritized depending on its importance. For the most relevant details, it should be placed on the top-most section of the email signature and should be in a bigger font than the details below it. This way, readers will unknowingly take notice on those details that are being emphasized while also being able to digest these information easily.

Apply White Space

Adding white space is already self-explanatory, especially in designs that are meant to convey information. The reason behind this is because white space allows breaking up of various information for easy reading, and also to keep the design clean and organized.

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