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Email has far exceeded letters written on stationary as a way of business correspondence. Doubtless, it is the most widely used form of daily correspondence within an organization. No matter the industry or company, email surely plays a part.

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In the field of education, communication is a daily occurrence. Between teachers, school directors, principals, and school board members among others, all of the people related to running the school need to communicate to ensure that things are run smoothly and that the kids are getting a proper education. However, these people also have lives of their own. Aside from correspondence related to the industry, they also expect to receive personal emails. With the high volume of communication that happens day to day, keeping track of which emails are for work and which are personal could lead to a lot of confusion.

Education Email Signature Template

education email signature template

Teacher Email Signature Template

teacher email signature template1

Postgraduate Student Email Signature Template

postgraduate student email signature template

Now, there are a lot of ways to avoid this confusion. One surefire way is, of course, to make separate email accounts for both personal and professional purposes. Not only does it avoid potential confusion, it also makes sure that no personal stuff would get lost among work things. In fact, everyone should separate their work email accounts and personal email accounts. You can also like email signature generator.

That being said, you cannot really stop non-work related email from straying in your work email. Spam and promotional emails still find a way to trickle down in your inbox. There are also emails from people who are new to work and you don’t know. These emails may be as easily discarded as spam and you risk losing important correspondence because of this. It is for this reason that email signatures are a must for your work account.

Education Email Signature Example

education email signature example

Standardizing Email Signatures

It is easy to dismiss email signatures as just some accessory to an email. They seem so small and unnecessary when you examine the big picture of identifying your organizational identity standards. The amount of work and effort put into making one may seem so excessive for such a small thing. These efforts might as well be put into other things that ensure brand identity like video presentations, website design, presentation templates, and so on and so forth.

However, just as much effort should be exerted when considering these things as designing the email signature. Failing to develop a standard format for an email signature can lead to employers being amateur artists with obnoxious signatures. Remember that obnoxious email signatures are a no-no in any professional field, even in education. You can also like outlook email signature templates.

To help you with standardizing email signatures within your company, here are a few tips:

1. Add Basic Contact Information

One of the best advice for designing an email signature is to treat it the same as you do with a business card. As such, your email signatures should hold the necessary basic contact information. It can be infuriating when people sign their email with just a name. There will be times that a person would need to contact someone else through phone or mobile as email would not make it.

Things would probably go rather swimmingly if he or she has the necessary contact information. As such, make sure you have the necessary identifiers in your email signatures such as Name, Title, Company, Phone, and Website. You do not need to enter your email address. That would be redundant. You can also read college student email signatures.

2. Keep it Simple

Simplicity is key in avoiding obnoxious email signatures. You might think that the space for email signatures can be turned into a freedom wall or some kind of mini-museum, such things are not for your work email. The purpose of the standard is to obtain uniformity across the organization and identify a format that services all email clients, operating systems, and mobile devices. Keeping it simple also make sure that your email signature is readable across all formats.

3. Have a Standard Format

You can not really put up a standard if you do not have a standard format in place to follow. Parameters should be set in order to make email signatures across the organization. The font used in your email signature should e carefully selected as well as its height and width. The format can serve as a guideline for all to have that consistency in your email signatures. Some recommended parameters for the height would be probably to go for 4 lines or less for your height unless you are adding social media links.

The width can be between 72 characters or less. A great idea for identifying the width would be to take the staff member with the longest name and test it. As much as possible, try to select a font that is available across all operating systems with 10pt to 12pt as size. The Arial font and other Sans Serif fonts like Geneva, Helvetica, and Avant Garde are some the recommended fonts you can use. What you want here is legibility.

4. Use of Images and Logos

Images and logos can emphasize the branding in your email signatures. Images can give it personality. That being said, careful consideration should be done when using these elements. Some email clients treat images as attachments and appear chaotic. Some block the appearance of images and others even go as far as directing that email to the junk folder. You would not want that, would you? Lastly, images can bring an increase to the size of email inboxes. You can blow a lot of fuses that way especially if you are communicating with people whose inbox has size limits. You may also like corporate email signatures.


As small and insignificant as they seem, email signatures serve a significant purpose in business correspondence. They can serve as an extension of an institution’s branding. This is the reason why institutions should have standardized email signatures across the board. Failing to do so gives a slight chance of employees having obnoxious email signatures that may hurt an institution’s reputation. You may also like formal e-mail signatures.

Careful consideration should be observed when creating email signatures as these are an extension of the whole email. Remember that there is a chance for anyone in your institution may have a correspondence with a very important person and you would not want that said person to receive an amateur museum in his or her email. You may also see personal e-mail signatures.

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